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Offical "trogdor the burninator" online petition


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I'd buy a Trogdor Mini!


I don't know if I'd buy a full size 50 dollar Trogdor mini, but I might buy a smaller one.


But, if you got the time, a Dremel, and some green stuff, hows about this: Start off with a Nachtluft mini (#02069), cut off his arms, and put Blorg Mudstump's (#2579) arm in the middle of his back.




Burninatin' through the NIIIIIIIIIIIGHT! :laugh:



*Note: This was a dramatization. No Reaper miniatures were harmed in this post.

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is strongbad's creator here in portland? or is there just a wonderful artist w/ too much time on his/her/hir hands lurkin' at my favorite restaurant?



I believe the Brothers Chaps are located down south somewhere...Georgia, maybe?


And they could probably sell them, but the key would be to market them on the Homestar Runner website, not the Reaper site.


You know, a pewter Trogdor keychain would probably sell great...hmmm...



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