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The 25% Merc rule


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No, it is not official yet. As I understand it, the 25% Merc rule states that a faction army would be able to spend up to 25% of its total points on Mercenaries and not lose faction abilities. Whether or not this is a good thing has the board kinda split right now.


Some of us believe that incorporating this rule would do nothing but create a choice that is a no-brainer when put up against the faction troops (the prime example being Merc Crossbows vs. Ivy Crown Archers/Khamsin Rangers). In other words, why would anyone not take the Mercs? Also, we believe that it would allow for too much min/maxing of army lists.


The other folks believe that this rule would go a long way towards fixing the weaknesses of each faction (ie range poor, melee weak) and it would also go along with the fluff of Mercenaries.

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I really don't see the issue of merc troops being absorbed by another leader within a faction army being a major issue (after all, there must still be room in the new leader's troop to absorb the mercs, and no faction abilities would be gained regardless), but I don't have a problem with them being unable to be absorbed either.


I do, however, think that any further modifications are a bit extreme and unnecessary. After all, once the leader is dead, if any mercs from the unit are not within the 2" continuous line for cohesion, then they are out of cohesion anyway, and subject to the effects of Beast and Shock regardless. If they can't be absorbed, then it isn't going to be all that difficult for a smart tactical player to quickly break any cohesion that might exist by eliminating a model or two, subjecting all remaining models to the effects of being out of cohesion.


This really isn't a big issue, one way or the other, so let's refrain from complicating something that really doesn't need it.



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