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Dungeon Magazine--Savage Tide Adventure Path Play by Post


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(note just changed the title & descrip to reflect current status, thanks, Kit, thanks Reaper)


Hey guys


I would like to try the play by post game as a "DM" so to speak. I would like to use the upcoming Paizo/Dungeon mag Savage Tide adventure path coming up in the next few months.


thought I'd let people know about it, if not that I would like to do the Age of Worms Path they had.


this would help me get back in the gming again before my actual game group gets going next month sometime (funny haven't had a regular D&D group in years but October seems to be the month I always start in........... :ph34r:



Let me know by posting here, not sure how many players I'm gonna need but the first whatever postings that want into the game, get's into the game so to speak.


here is a link to the player primer pdfs or if you want to, buy it of the players primer from Paizo


Savage Tide players primer page


I'd want everyone to have that before we played, pretty much will help set the mood of the setting & such.


hope to see yah in the game

Randy M

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so far just you 2 have posted. I'm gonna go get the latest Dungeon (ie 1st installment) today, that's if my card/hobby guy doesn't screw with me like last time I went in there (basically had a bill to pay, I have credit there, but he wanted me to pay the entire bill & not a combo of things, a tad bit annoying)





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looks like I have 4, would like to get 1 more person


I've read the 1st 2 adventures & getting a feel for the adventure, so I think 5 will be a good # of players


So far I have




Outcast Samurai



pretty much just use the 3.5 PH, & the various Complete books + Stormwrack book as well for character creation. (I have all of them)


gonna try to do something a bit different with this one as well, still workin on that part, reason why no updates & such.


really the only thing I require is that pdf download I mention in the first post.


thanks for the interest!!!

Randy M

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hey Vinny & everyone


ok I've sat down a bit & decided how I'm gonna do this, it'll be by play by post & as many times as I have replies to the action & story.


Tomorrow I'll roll up some stats & send each player a set or 2 & then that player decided what they want to play up.


Setting world--Greyhawk


pretty much the basic races out of the PH + few others (tomorrow also I'll list the others, but it's nothing outrageous as there will be interaction & who knows how those people would react (makes for good rpging, but I'd like to keep it simple).


Classes will be the basic PH + the ones out of the Complete series for 3.5 + the Miniature Handbook classes & Stormwrack as well.


Also starting level will be level 1 as well.


Like I said I'll post the definite answers tomorrow, but figured I'd do some updating.


thanks for sticking with this one.



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Just to make sure...



This is a mostly naval/pirate themed game, right?

And also, how much do muskets, musket pistols, shots, and powder costs in the Greyhawk universe (cuz the pirate girl on the cover has a holstered pistol ^_^ ).


(btw, anyone know what the rules to muskets and black-powder pistols are for DnD?)

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more or less so far the overall feel seems to have a bit of piraty goodness feel to it, I will say the first two "issues" are landlocked but that doesn' mean there won't be ship stuff later.


Sasserine is a port city & such.....


I have rules for pistols & such, I'll post the rules for them here today sometime. They are expensive thou I will say that + also exotic feats needed for them as well.


feel free to talk about party organization on here, please by all means!!! ha ha


Also sorry for the delay......again. Yesterday, when I woke up my daughter wasn't feeling really well (seemed like it was something she ate at school) + some other things prevented me from posting. Will have that up today for everyone.


thanks for the patience


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