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Dungeon Magazine--Savage Tide Adventure Path Play by Post


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Thanks for letting me know, Ben.


Have a fun two weeks.


Vinny, as noted in the new post, if the nonlethal damage is equal to your current hit points 21, then your staggered, if it has exceeded that, then your unconscious. I don't have your character sheet handy or I wouldn't even have to ask, ha ha.



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nope, the temp hp loss is just that, temporary, you'll regain them back.


Healing Nonlethal Damage


You heal nonlethal damage at the rate of 1 hit point per hour per character level.


the falling damage was taken from your actual hit points, if you take 3 more temp damage then you'll pass out.

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Hey Randy.. just noodling around in Photoshop with the map of the corridor you provided in-game. I'll have the page updated tonite.


I hope I'm right in assuming that each square on the map is five feet.




Rounding up pics for the movable tokens now..won't take much longer


(edit again)




Here's your map >> http://members.aol.com/spikepagestudio/sav.../movablemap.htm


If any of you want different faces for your tokens, let me know. I can change it for you.

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