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Hey, just an update. We were scheduled to close on the house yesterday, but there were some issues with the bank that postponed it until this afternoon. We're not going to be doing a full move for a couple weeks, so I shouldn't have any major lapses in activity until the week of February 15-21, but even then, it should only be a matter of a day or two while we switch our comcast account from one address to the other.


Woo hoo, 4 hours until I am so disgustingly in debt it hurts.


But I will have equity! :lol:

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Did I say 4 hours? I was mistaken, I meant 74 hours <_<

Friggen underwriters at the bank are dragging their heels. In large part because the bank's appraiser sat on his arse and didn't submit the appraisal report until 2PM Friday, when we were supposed to close at 3PM Thursday, no wait, 3PM Friday, no wait, maybe 3:30 PM Monday.


So, there's a little frustration here at home, understandably so.


We're going to be staying, in Lowell, but moving to the other side of the city in one of the nicest parts of the city. It's also .25 miles from where Mary works and about .5 miles from 2 major highways. Nice and convenient.

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So, we're almost there. But still haved signed the mortgage.


I really hate banks currently. Apprently, the underwriters are done with their stuff, we just have to wait for HUD documentation since its an FHA loan, and a call from the closing attorney.


More hurry up and wait. :angry:


I feel really bad for the next monster we run into. :devil:

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Yeah, we have a back yard.


<grabs a tent and a sleeping bag>


Have a blast :lol:



IT'S QWYKCON 2010!!!!!


(hey I gave yah at least till '10 to prepare)


should get a update today sometime. Just had a couple things (ok 1 mainly LOTRo) taking up my free time at home.



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Since I had my action readied, and by undead, it's clearly not friendly to me (as far as I am concerned), do I get to shoot it with my crossbow now, or after initiative?


Not that ANY of my weapons other than my boots will be effective against a skeleton. Stinking spiked armor/gauntlets not having bludgeoning damage. So I reckon I am happy for improved unarmed strike so I can throw him in a thai clench and drive a few knees and elbows :lol:


Initiative was 22: 19+3

And now I will not make a to-hit roll for the rest of the battle since I blew the good roll on init. <_<

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