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Dungeon Magazine--Savage Tide Adventure Path Play by Post


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ok OS reminded me of after stat acquistion, ha ha as I told him so use to pen & paper D&D I spaced it off. Don't really worry about the really oddball stuff like for spellcasters dont worry about spell components unless it's a GP value or a really oddball item (like demon from level 12 of the Abyss wings, thou I doubt any 1st level spell has something like that, ha ha). Make sure you note if you have 6 torches or rope or essential items that might be required.


note your armor, weapons & other items. Also Divine spellcasters do need a focus like holy ymbols, something I've used since I got involved with D&D, then again divine caster have full access to their spell lists unlike arcane, you just choose which ones you want that day.


make sure you give your character a name & a little bit of background. If your not familiar with Greyhawk, please let me know. If you want to be from Sasserine (the main city of the campaign), by all means go ahead & use it. As I want to try & make the posting feel like your in the World of Greyhawk.


Let shoot for a max of 2 weeks on this, so around NOV 14th, let try to start up. That'll also give me time to get things posted on my site (still actually got to get things up & running on that thing anyways, ha ha.) + Give Kit a ring on a start as well.


& please send me the characters after your done creating them. PDFs are fine, also I'll take Word characters as well (I use OpenOffice anyways)


my email for sake of ease is [email protected]




Randy M


(party so far--


human druid (critter companion??)

Elf ranger

gnome thief

human? barbarian

??? Fighter



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not a problem


ok just testing some things here




can everyone see that??


having some oddball problems on my website, so I signed up with Fotki.com & I'm gonna transfer the pics there.


& here is the party that will turn back the Savage Tide..............or at least look while trying, he he


human druid

wood elf ranger

gnome thief

human barbarian

human Fighter




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ok cool


right now I'm on the trial membership with Fotki, & I'm thinking of going premium so I wasn't sure how the linking would work.


As it is that is how the game will go, I'll post a link to a pic over the course of the adventure when it arises.


so far everything is looking good.



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Also Rylek,


need to find my Greyhawk poster maps to find out a forest for yah, there is a small surrounding area map in the 2nd adv, but it's not as clear as I thought. I know the Imedio Jungle is near, if you want to go that route (would be kinda interesting...)


I'll email yah later tonight on a forested area



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I think they do have rules for them, I think it give extra to parrys or something to do with fencing. They might even do d8 damage.


Today, I'll look up stuff for everyone, last few days, been back at work after having a week vacation last week, finally getting caught up with things.



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cost 15gp

dmg s 1d4

dmg m 1d6

Crit 19-20/x2

Type Slashing


special rules--heavy basket hilt gives wielder +2 circumstance bonus on any checks to resist being disarmed


Also Rylek--forest, while digging around the net I came across some info on the forest i thought might suit yah, but it was described as being "highly tainted evil, even the squirrels are evil there" ha ha ha ha so I gotta rethink some things for yah.


Also not sure who has Stromwrack, but if anyone wants to "look" at the feats let me know I have them typed up (as part of the complete listing of WOTC 3.5 feats (work in progress)



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An evil forrest eh... Very kewl ---- that would put a very unique spin on the character background. I could use it as a base if you wouldn't mind. Just need to know the name of it and any population around it.





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