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Dungeon Magazine--Savage Tide Adventure Path Play by Post


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ok, tomorrow is my day off & I'll have the actual starting adventure parts up for everyone in the posting. On here I'll have what I wanted to give you guys before we started playing, basically background stuff & such, nothing overpowering, more or less story element stuff & such


so I promise tomorrow for sure (dang NVN2 & CoH's newest update, ha ha + all the other stuff)


at least with this delay it gave me some ideas for stuff outside of the published stuff.......





just a quick edit--I'll have this up tomorrow (Thursday), totally forgot about a in-home appointment tonight & such. thanks

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ok some background items to help with spicing up the characters + rewarding for some great backgrounds from everyone



also note, everyone has no cash to start the game, only a few coppers & some silvers but no real wealth.




life as a sailor has been ok for yah, some odd jobs here. Upon deciding to leave your family behind you found you grandfather's pistol inside an old sea chest that he kept, your grandfather was a very successful sailor, thou some say he may have been a pirate, but the truth still about that is only know by a few individuals in Sasserine, mainly the reason why your family was so well off & such. Also unlike the rest of the party, you do have some cash, from your life as a sailor thou as you stated some of it to your mother, + a taste of the a local liquor has taken most of it as well, but a recent trip/job has netted you 20 gold & you are on the docks waiting for your pay when you notice a well dressed female gnome approaching you.................


Outkast Samurai---


You feel more comfortable in the ocean or outside the city then you do among the dwellings & such, thus you spend alot of your time on Parrot Island among the many trees & the serenity of nature. You have befriend a sea elf Mirtara Deepwaters from a close tribe that does trade with Sasserine on a regular basis. He is also a druid of Procan & decided to take you under his wing, not a student but as fellow worshipper, sorta a big brother. One day out of the blue he gave you a waterproof scrollcase with some scrolls with the following druid spells ---- 0 level- Create Water; light; Detect Poison ---1st level Produce Flame; Kuo-toa Skin. Also he gave you a potion of water breathing & said that he would be back with something more reliable to travel to his city so he could show the wonders of it & also meet his mentor, but that was a few weeks ago & you haven't seen him since then.


Today, you are sitting out on one of the broken arches of Teraknian's Arc (Terk's arc), contemplating the Ways of Procan & just enjoying the feel of the ocean against your skin, when you see a a small rowboat with a couple of riders, one being a female gnome approaching from the city.............





Life in the arena was good for yah, you made money to live on, made friends, but also made enemies as well in & out of the area, particularly a half-orc named Mootagh that was was heavily favored to win a match that you resoundly beat him senseless & in a short time as well, but did not kill. Upon the end of that match the half-orc vowed he would strike you down no matter where you stood & he wouldn't be so merciful as the Arena bumpkins. The High Lord of the Arena, banished Mootagh, to this day you have not seen him or have felt any of the threats he spat out on the arena floor. After trying to fit into the higher ranks of social life among Sasserine & seeing that the some people can be blind to what they see, you decided to return to your previous life of daily routine of fighting & violent ways, something you see nothing wrong with cause hey your good at it & it does bring the gold in.


You decided to use what little gold you had left on some good ale & a few games of chance at a tavern you've grown found of; the Catapulter (building #27 in the Champion's District in Sasserine). You like the people at this tavern, they treat you like you want to be treated, they could care less who you are or what you are + helpless people tend to come to these places for people like yourself & they usually have gold or other items of interest in their belt pouches that you know you'd like to have. Speakin of which sitting at a table, enjoying a local flavor a female gnome appears at the doorway, a tad bit overdressed to be in the part of town, thus you kinda perk up a bit upon seeing she is staring & you & walking over to your table.....




Upon waking & see the slaughter of your parents at the hand of the raiders, you manage to gather some items, some personal items from your parents, lucky the raiders did not find a chest your father kept that had the a simple map to Sasserine + some supplies, including his Elven Double Bow (new weapon, stats for it will follow after this post), something you knew he would pass on to you when you he felt you were ready to carry, handling the bow now makes you really feel the passing of your father, also his quiver of regular & trick arrows (again what's in the quiver will follow).


After burying your parents in a unmarked grave in a glade in the forest & singing a soft, sad lament for their passing, something catches your eye now that you've had time to recover from the events of the previous night, what appears to be severed hand of one of the raiders with a ring with the following symbol on it-- a mullet of four points of wavy sable. The symbol is black on a red background. That was 2 years ago, your father wanted to travel to Sasserine to see a old friend, a dwarf of all people, & you are there are now, after seeing your father's friend to tell him the dreadful news, you've decided to make a name for yourself & also you've discovered who the symbol belong to, the Scarlet Brotherhood.


The Scarlet Brotherhood is a caste society, valuing the Suloise race and culture above all others. Full citizenship is granted only to those of pure Suel blood who adhere to the Brotherhood's philosophy of Suel hegemony. Those who are of mostly Suel extraction have some rights, but not nearly as many as citizens. The lowest tier of Brotherhood society is occupied by its slaves, made up of non-humans and humans of "mongrel" blood.


After hitting the streets to look for work, you spot a female gnome walking toward you, she is well dressed & appears to be interested in talking with you......




It's amazing what you can find out about other noble houses when they do not know who is looking upon them, but you tend to block each job out in the past as not to interfere with a current job & such. Spying for noble houses & other operations in the Noble District in Sasserine was a great way to make a living but you desired more, espically arcane lore & such & alot of the missions you were sent on, did have magic but it wasn't enough to satisfy your cravings of arcane art, thus you decide to strike out on your own & see if you could hook up with a band of adventurers or even maybe a thieves guild specilizing in magic & such.


Upon, leaving your last employer, one that you grew fond of even thou you didn't attach yourself to employers, that would leave trails & more information that might prove useful for enemies & such. Your last employer knew of your interest in the magical arts & being a small time wizard himself, decided to give you something for later on if you decided to join the ranks of the arcane. He gave you a ring, but he said he would tell you what it was or what it did, he said for you to figure it out on your own, he also gave you a silver dagger, saying some beasts might need different materials to defeat or hurt.


That was a couple days ago, today you are at a curio shop called the Dancing Monkey (area #4 in the Merchant District) when a female voice says "Greeting Sir, my employer may have a opportunity for you......."


& the the adventure will start now...............



Again sorry for the lengthy delay in getting this fully off the ground. Thanks for hangin in there with this one.


Randy M

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(pardon the intrusion)


I've been reading through..and the game sounds really good.


CuCulain isn't the only one unable to read the letter. I've tried for a few days unsuccessfully using several browsers. You might want to check that link again, Haldir.


MUCH looking forward to seeing this story unfold! :)


*resumes lurking silently*

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sorry about that


it's coming off my fotki site (free account btw) & maybe that's why


I'll post the link later


thanks Spike, I hope I do good as well, not just to say I still have as a DM, but for the enjoyment of the players & spectators as well.


btw I'll post a couple things later that I said I was gonna in the prelude stuff like the elven bow & oddball spell & gave OS.



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Ok some game related stats & stuff I'd said I'd post


Kuo-Toa skin spell from that scroll (spell was taken from Stormwrack by WOTC)



Transmutation Level: Druid 1, ranger 1, sorcerer/ wizard 2

Components: V, S, M/DF

Casting Time: 1 standard action

Range: Touch

Target: Creature touched

Duration: 1 hour/level

Saving Throw: will negates (harmless)

Spell Resistance: Yes (harmless)


The subject's skin, as well as clothing, armor, and other personal effects (including worn magic items), take on an oily sheen like the slippery skin of kuo-toas. For the duration of the spell, the subject gains a +8 bonus on Escape Artist checks and cannot be snared by webs (magical or otherwise).

Arcane Material Component: A kuo-toa scale.


Elven Double Bow (taken from Dragon Magazine #349)


This double stringed longbow can be used as a longbow by anyone proficient in that weapon. Characters with Exotic Weapon Proficiency (elven double longbow) can use the bow to fire two arrows at once. Nocking a arrow on the second string requires a move equivalent action. Once the wielder has taken an action to load the second string, his next attack is a double shot that launches both arrows simultaneously at the same target. The wielder makes one attack roll at a -2 penalty to determine whether or not both arrows strike the target. If the attack is a critical hit, only one arrow deals the extra damage. Extra sneak attacks, sudden strike & skirmish damage is also only applied once.


Elven Double Bow

Dmg (s) 1d6 Dmg (M) 1d8

Critical X3

Range Increment 90 ft

Weight 3 lb.

Type Piercing




Arrow Dmg(S) Dmg(M) Critical Range

Increment Type

alchemical fire 1D4 1D4 X2 X3/4* Fire

blunt 1D6** 1D8** X2 X1/2* Bludgeoning

flight 1D6** 1D8** X3 X1-1/4* Piercing

signal 1D6** 1D8** X3 as weapon Piercing

smoking 1D3** 1D4** X2 X1/2* Bludgeoning

swiftwing 1D4** 1D6** X3 as weapon Piercing

thundering Special Special --- as weapon Sonic


*Round the range increment up to the nearest 10-foot increment.

**Weapon damage are assumed if using a long or composite long bow, If using a short or comp short bow reduce the damage die by one step (1D8--1D6--1D4--1D3--1d2)


the quiver your father had has these arrows in there


(30 cap. of arrows)


10 flight arrows

2 Smoking arrows

2 Swiftwing arrows

1 Thundering arrow

2 Blunt arrows

1 Alchemist Fire arrow

2 Signal Arrows

10 regular Player's Handbook arrows



light shaft & special design of this masterwork arrow increases a bow's range increment by 25 feet



The front portion of this arrow is made of the same substance used to make smokesticks. It is commonly used as signaling device. When lit & fired within the same round, it leaves behind a trail of thick, black smoke (too thin to obscure sight). When the arrow hits it deals no damage but fills a 10 foot cube with smoke a a smokestick



These arrows are made slightly longer then normal, with a small aerodynamic head & enlarged fletching for extra stability & accurracy on long shots. A swiftwing arrow incurs only half the usual penalty for attacking at range (-1 per range increment rather then the usual -2)



Thundering arrows are tipped with thunderstones (PH, 129) A hit from a thundering arrow triggers the thunderstone's sonic attack. Thundering arrows that miss should be treated as an attack with a thrown splash weapon (PH 158)



blunt tips wrapped in leather instead of pointed arrowheads. They have shorter range increment then normal arrows & deal nonlethal damage.


Alchemist's Fire

Each of these projectiles carries a deadly load of alchemist's fire in its hollow shaft. When it strikes a target, the arrow's shaft shatters, releasing the alchemist's fire directly onto the target. One round after impact, the alchemist's fire ignites, dealing 1d4 points of fire damage. The target can use a full-round action to attempt to extinguish the flames before taking this damage. It takes a successful DC 15 Reflex save to extinguish the flames. Rolling on the ground earns the target a +2 bonus on the save. Fully submerging in water automatically extinguishes the flames.



specially desinged to emulate a bird's call when fired. A successful DC 20 Knowledge (nature) check determines wheter the sounds comes from a bird or anther source. The intricate carvings on the shaft makes it clumsy in flight, imposing a -2 penalty on attack rolls.



Randy M

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it probably has something to so with my old fotki.com site. I just upgraded to premium (ie gave them cash), so hopefully pic links won't be so FUBARED anymore. I noticed the Dragon Mag Savage Tide start cover is back up, thou the 1st note isn't hmmm.


Will have to play around with that later when I update the story. Thanks for checkin, I hope it's been entertaining.


Also later today for players--I'll post some suggestions & let you guys take a shot at what needs to be rolled & such. I know for a fact that damage will be rolled by me, kinda gives that element of surprise in the way it's shown & such, but everything else is up in the air at this point.



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Ok to my players, what do you want to roll & what should I roll


right now I have myself rolling all the damage, as that'll give a more realistic convey of what you'll do. I'll try to explain how to gauge the number rolled from say "you barely knick the guy but you do get him" (ie a 1 or 2 on a standard (longsword) 1d8 damage) to "You jam the blade in so deep you see what he had for dinner last night" (8 or more) & the description will be even more with crits & such. Figure right now to let the players roll their initiative checks, to some Skill Checks, those will be determine by in the story, like I did with Vinny's Knowledge Check on that tattoo.


Saves I say let you guys roll

when you guys level I say let you guys roll the hit points (1 always reroll unless you have a d4 HD with +1 or more Con bonus).


Anything else? I'm open for suggestions.




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I like the suggestion as well, I kinda did that already, I beleive it was either a spot with CC or Vinny but there really wasn't anything major but it still kept the flow going


so I like that one. Really only I need you guys to roll is Init checks, just PM me your result & such.


later we can refine whatever needs rolled & such.



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