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Dungeon Magazine--Savage Tide Adventure Path Play by Post


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This thread is still here, just nobody posts in it so it goes away!!



he he yah wasn't sure about that, thought maybe this part had a set # of posts (then again you did bring up the Football season 2 one :unsure:


anyways, thanks!!


here the post for this one then, gonna erase the one in the Playing section after I past it here


with my Gathering post pushed off that part of the forum, gonna post here



as of 135pm I've yet to pack anything for Rcon so I really need to do that!!! So as of this moment, your friendly DM will be AFK for good reasons!!


Probably won't post anything till next Tuesday (I get back Monday night from Texas). Also just wanted to post a BIG THANK YOU to everyone involved with this story/game/post/whatever, your really helping the no gaming group at home guy out by posting to this one, & from the postitive comments I've gotten from everyone in the game, I'm glad everyone is enjoying the game as well. You guys are great rpgers. Again thanks!!!


Randy Mendoza

Savage Tide DM

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just wanted to update--


hopefully got most of the Rcon reply posts out of my system (thou not like Sonic "Out of the System" ::D:), gotta love having to come back to a helll hole at work worst then what when I left for vacation, anyways, gonna update later today or by the end of the weekend.




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hey now!!!


that's just for you Styates :devil::lol:



Also thought I'd post, no worries on delays, I understand that life has it's hiccups & such. I mainly took over Unglef's character just to push the scene till he was able to return (more or less it was a combat situation, so simple stuff).


In normal circumstance like role playing or important parts, I'll just wait, as I would rather have the player know what was goin on then to use the ole "Oh Johnny isn't gonna be here this week, so will turn him into a NPC till he gets back, bla bla thing"


if possible just PM or email me if your gonna be out for awile & we'll work around it.


again thanks to all that are involved in the game!!!



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