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Mini's display case

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Before my wife bailed and took it...I was using an antique printers drawer. It was excelent because the slots were of varied sizes to accomidate many different miniatures.


I use a printers drawer as well. They are very nice for displaying minis. I've thought about running some wiring and LEDs to make it lighted.


heh, as soon as I saw this thread, I was going to suggest a printers drawer!

My grandfather is a typographer / printer (antique printing presses, hand cast lead type and everything), so he gave me one of his spare drawers to use to display my stuff.

Mine has several small compartments, that fit a normal sized mini very easily, and has one larger compartment, which would fit a taller one (it isn't deep enough for a dragon or anything like that though) I just have it sitting on the back of my painting desk.


I've seen them in antique shops, and they're usually pretty cheap.


I like the LED idea.

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Yah, I've been anxiously awaiting Ikea's opening here so I could get a Jarna (when I looked into ordering it online, it said it wasn't an item they'd ship), and now the store has opened and the display case is discontinued. sigh. I wish we'd gotten more than one of the kleerkases when they were still available!



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I want one.


I can cut plexi with my router, but where did you get the hinges?






They also have a few other acrylic hardware options. Good company, good service, fast shipping. I've been using them for several years now.


I've got pictures of a few different things still that I need to go through and sort out as well (been busy dealing with a few other issues today still). They may (or may not be helpful for you if/when you decide to do one up for yourself.


BTW - I did this one up as a bit of a test of different things...one of them was adhesives your average hobbyist might have sitting around. Tenax 7-R works fair on acrylic. The joints were solid, but not nearly as strong as I like them to be. Ambroid ProWeld gave strong joints but for some reason it left more bubbles in the joints (the bottle I have is a bit on the older side so it may have gotten some moisture in it). The Industrial acrylic adhesives still seem to work the best by far.


looks great Joe. I'll refer friends to your site when it's all posted.


I think so. What is really nice though is that acrylic is so flexible to work with. If you have a bunch of normal minis (25-32mm humans), you can have shelves spaced fairly close but not so deep. If you have stuff which is bigger, like dragons it can be setup to take those into account. If you collect the big humans, you can set it up for that.


More often than not though the best thing is to be able to mix it up a bit. I did one last year for a friend which was setup to look like one of those Chinese shelves. The back was mirrored acrylic and the sides red. The different sized compartments worked well for his dragons, large scale and small scale minis. I need to get in touch with him again and see if he can snap a picture or two of it.

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Michael's Art Supply sells a golf ball display case that I've considered getting for my action figures, but it wasn't deep enough. It is ideal for character miniatures tho. Just fill each pit with whatever (flock grass, or whatever suits each figure's fancy), and voila. :) They do sell small cases for individual miniature displays, which should hold up to 55mm.

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