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Painting the undead


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First, thanks for taking the time to look at this for me.


I'm getting ready to start painting some undead minis. I've been looking on line and in some books at pictures of minis that people have painted up and there seems to be millions of different styles for getting the undead look.


The ones I am working on are some figures for a gw tomb kings army and I have very few paints so I was looking for some suggestions on what I should need to pick up. I would rather not buy the gw paints as I have to order most of then and I would just as soon order the reaper ones as the few that I have I like better.


I have hopes to get a final look that is a bleached out bone color with brown shades for the skeletons and a greyish flesh for the undead flesh. I looked through some of the color charts, but am not sure what would give me an effect like that.


So if anyone paints undead, I would love to hear what colors you used and how they look.

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I had a similar problem when I was looking for a good color for Tiefling flesh. They come in all kinds of colors too, but I was looking for a pale slightly yellow flesh with just a slight hint of ashy green tinge.


It was easier to mix than it is to describe.


If you're looking for a specific color, you could do what I did and experiment to work out a good base color. Write down the formula (I used master series droppers) and you'll always have it handy. Then mix up what you need and experiment making it darker and lighter for shades and highlights. Again, make sure you write down the formula.


I don't see colors anymore, I see ingredients. Brew, brew, magic stew. I've got a nice Doomguard ready to leave for duty soon, custom colors top to bottom. With two more in the wings, those formulas will be very handy.


Somebody else might have more specific paint and color suggestions, I haven't gotten to my undead hoard yet so I can only offer the limited advice above.


EDIT: You might want to check out the bone triad MSP 9720 and Ivory bone triad MSP 9748 for those skeletons. They look good for skeletons and maybe mummy linens.

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For a warm look I'd go with one of the Ivory Bone triad (highlight or midtone: 9143 yellowed bone and 9144 creamy ivory) and maybe thinned brown liner to wash. Brown liner may be a bit too dark though. Can anyone recommend a particular brown? I like VMC flat earth which roughly translates to RMS Earth Brown ( 9029 ).


For a grey flesh, try your choice of greys, maybe highlighted with one of the (Not Ivory) Bone triad.


For a rough guide to colours look here: http://www.reapermini.com/Paints/master

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Yes, but our undead flesh triad went greenish, and you sound like that's not quite what you're looking for...


One trick I use when I want a greyed skin look is to make my basecoat (shadow color; I always basecoat with my shadow when painting skin) Rainy Grey with a little bit of the skintone I want to highlight with mixed in. This gives you a greyish foundation which will definately give an "off" ashen tone to whatever you put over it for base and highlight. ::):


As noted above, a bleached-out bone color in brown shades (warmer) would be the Stained Ivory/Yellowed Bone/Creamy Ivory triad, probably with Earth Brown or Shield Brown for the wash. ::): The greyish bone triad is Bone Shadow/Aged Bone/Polished Bone, which does produce a weird skintone--if you look in the showcase gallery (follow the link in my sig line below) and go to the ReaperCon gallery, then to 2005, you will see the Best-in-Show winner unit of dwarves painted by Mengu. He used the greyish Bone Triad for the skintones on those. ::):



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