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What warlord minis do you own?

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Ok I'll start.


14022 Lysette (converted so someone else though)

14024 Eredain Dark Wizard


14004 Ymrilix the False, Anti Paladin

14005 Lord Ironraven Justicar

14007 Minotaur of the Maze

14014 Artemis the Huntress

14017 Naomi, Vampire

14018 Arnise, Half-Elf Warrior

14021 Colin Cloakshadow

14023 Sigurd, Viking

14025 Kyla, Bounty Hunter

14029 Razig, Undead Pirate Lord

14033 Wraith Lord

14037 Templar Lightbringer

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we own:

14002     14004    14005  

14007 14008     14012 14013     14014     14015

14017     14018     14019     14020    14021     14022

14023     14024     14025     14026 14027 14029

14030 14031 14033     14034     14035     14036

14038     14039     14040     14041    14042     14044

14048     14049     14054     14055    14056     14059


only the minataur, both lupines and shad coalshadow, thief are painted



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Let's see, the owned, but not even primed:

Elandaria the Sroceress Code:14001

Grundor Hoardtaker, Barbarian Code:14002

Lord Ironraven Justicar Code:14005

Artemis the Huntress Code:14014

Arnise, Half-Elf Warrior Code:14018

Kyla, Bounty Huntress Code:14025

Sigurd, Viking Code:14023


The Primed Group:

Minotaur of the Maze Code:14007 - will be used in a diorama

Crypt Bat I Code:14009

Ashkrypt the Lich Code:14003

Crypt Bat II Code:14010

Gauntfield the Scarecrow Code:14012

Judas Bloodspire Code:14016

Naomi, Vampire Code:14017

Lola, Female Thief Code:14020

Wraith Lord Code:14033


In Process:

Crypt Bat Lord Code:14011

Lysette Code:14022


And the Painted Group:

Nirodel, Elven Archer Code:14015

Syphrilla, Succubus Code:14006

Khadath the Mummy Code:14026

Gargoyle Code:14028

Lupine Rager Code:14031


:oo:  :oo:  :oo:

E-Gads I have a lot of work to do!!!

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Primed and painting started:

14040 Necromancer


Still in blister:

14029 Razig, undead pirate

14033 Wraith Lord


Yes, I have some buying and painting to do if I'm going to field an undead army...

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I have all of the Warlords put out to date.


I'm ashamed of how many I don't have painted or that are "in progress"


What's even more shameful is:  The couple of 'em that have been given the Simple Green treatment and re-primed, just because I didn't like the woork I did...

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I have picked up about half of them.  Heck, I even created a database to keep track of them.  Here is what I have to date:


14004   Ymrilix False Anti Paladin

14005   Lord Ironraven, Justicar

14008   River Troll

14013   Beastmen & Champion (3)

14014   Artemis The Huntress

14017   Naomi Female Vampire

14018   Arnise Female Warrior

14020   Lola Darkslip, Female Thief

14021   Shad Male Thief

14022   Lysette Sorceress

14024   Eredain Wizard

14026   Mummy

14028   Gargoyle

14031   Lupine Rager

14033   Wraith Lord

14034   Arganox Gladiator

14035   Balthon Evil Priest

14036   Halbarad Good Priest

14040   Malek Blackmarrow Necromancer

14041   Warlord Familiars

14044   River Troll

14048   Fatima Female Mummy

14049   Narg Bloodtusk Orc Warboss

14055   Marcus Gideon, Undead Hunter

14056   Warlord Weapons


Out of all those, I have the Wraith Lord, Eredain, Lysette, Ironraven, Halbarad, and Shad Coalshadow in process.  Only the Lupine Rager and Ymrilix are actually painted.  I am thinking of stripping Ymrilix, Lysette, Ironraven, and Shad Coalshadow so they can be repainted.

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14002: Grundor Hoardtaker, Barbarian


14010: Crypt Bat 2 (next in line)

14022: Lysette


14020: Lola, Female Thief

Still in Blister

14024: Eredain, Dark Wizard


I'm trying to take it easy on purchasing, till the rules are out.

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I don't feel like looking up the SKU#, so here's the list-





Wraith King







I imagine once the rules are finalized, this number will jump significantly.

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14001 Elandaria;

14003 Lich;

14005 lord Ironraven;

14009 and 14010 crypt bats;

14012 scarecrow;

14017 vampire;

14019 drawf;

14020 Lola;

14022 lysette;

14023 viking;

14024 dark wizard;

14025 Huntress;

14035 evil priest;

14037 lightbringer;

14011 crypt bat lord.


Painted: iron raven

Primed: lola

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I have:

14002   Grundor Hoardtaker, Barbarian

14017   Naomi Female Vampire

14021   Shad Male Thief

14041   Warlord Familiars

14055   Undead Hunter


None of mine are completely painted.  They are all in various states.  Naomi has had the most work but, I started in on the Undead Hunter tonight.  I really like this mini for some reason and plan to finish him up this week.


My local game shop doesn't get that many Warlord Minis unfortunately, I had to special order Grundor and Shad.

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Um... painted, but not owned:


14002 - Grundor

14003 - Ashkrypt

14004 - Ymrilix

14005 - Lord Ironraven

14006 - Syphrilla

14008 - River Troll

14011 - Crypt Lord

14014 - Artemis the Huntress

14016 - Judas

14018 - Arnise

14021 - Colin (a few times now)

14022 - Lysette

14023 - Sigurd

14024 - Eredain

14025 - Kyla

14026 - Khadath

14027 - Orcish Warriors

14033 - Wraith Lord

14036 - Halbarad

14038 - Braug

14048 - Fatima

14049 - Narg Bloodtusk


Owned, but not painted...



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