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Reaper Halloween Sophie (01416) Painting Contest


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Wow... talk about a forced lesson in wet-blending and last-minute dark-lining. ^^; That's what I get for trying to finish Elise the Witch, too. Well, I picked up a soft-box, have three lamps with my sunlight bulbs I use to paint, and my Canon G3 and a nice tripod for mini-photography now. I just need time to figure out how to take a good pic. (Not that it'd help much here anyways... I'm not used to wet-blending and rushing always sucks.) :upside:


Well, here's my Halloween Sophie playfully leaping off the much better painted pumkin. ^_^ I really enjoyed painting the pumpkin as I did that first (i.e., I wasn't rushed). It was fun though! Thanks for holding the contest.



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