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Entropy is ecstasy - RP Female Doomguard

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Not *quite* finished, still have some minor things to do when my new 20/0 shows up in the mail (along with a proper base), but she's close enough that I thought I'd share my fifth properly painted piece. I've got about 200 minis painted... erm... pretty badly, but since I've gotten the first 3 learn to paint kits I'm slowly making them look like they weren't painted by a brain-damaged monkey.


So here she is:



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The picture looks a little over exposed, like it was taken with flash. I would suggest mocking up some kind of light box. The should be links on the boards somewhere.


Photography aside, she looks pretty good. The blacklining looks good, nice and thin. I can't tell if it's the falsh and metallics or paint, but the metal breast plate looks good as well. I would suggest a bit more definition on the hair, and maybe take up the highlights a bit. Most people's hair irregardless of the colour does reflect white at certain points. It might be just the picture, but the white looks like it could use a little more depth of colour. I'd try giving it a light glaze of a bonish shade or a grey-blue, then re highlighting.


All in all a nice mini, far superior to those I've seem painted by brian damaged monkeys. ^_^

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Yes, that picture is terribly over-exposed. And darkened a bit in photoshop, no less. I don't know what happened, the camera used to need something like 4 different bright light sources just to pick up anything... and now for some reason it overexposes with a meagre 40-watt yellow bulb.


I'm experimenting for better pics. There are actually no metals on that mini except on the small dagger and the sabre hilt. The breastplate is actually gray with highlights and shadow. I agree on the hair, that actually came out a somewhat purplish red and is being re-done.


I find that painting Planescape minis is the most difficult because I try to match as closely as possible the Tony D artworks... which are often rather loose illustrations and have a gritty, ashen look. For Planescape characters, I want to try and keep the essential texture of that setting. When I figure out what's making my camera do what it's doing (which is overall good, I just need to learn how to exploit it), then I'll share some of my "normal" works. ^_^

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