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A couple of Noob questions


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First, I want to say the I LOVE the Reaper line of miniatures. It was only after seeing some pics of the painted figs on another site that made me decide to try my hand at painting them. I have painted 3 figs so far, and I think they are a not bad start, but definitely way off from the level of the painters here! (Just have to keep practicing!) I will post some pics if I every get my camera to take a picture that isnt fuzzy!


Ok, the questions...


1. I noticed that some of the miniatures' swords get bent during the shipping process. Is there a trick to bending them back without breaking them?


2. I am on a tight hobby budget, (2 kids and all) I have read about all the perks of using Master Series paint, but does anyone have any suggestions for cheaper paint for beginners to play with?


3. Any suggestions on specific figures that are noob friendly?


Thank you for time and hope to hear from you all soon!

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3. Depends what you want to do. If you want to attempt blending or layering, bigger can be easier. To work with washes and drybrushing, smaller might be more effective.


A fun figure to try everything on is the Warlord Lupine Lord. The fur likes a wash and a drybrush, and the leathers like wet-blending, and the face likes layering with a touch of dampish drybrushing here and there. It's non-humanoid so getting skintones right isn't a problem and the eyes are big enough that you can get some good colour on them.


2. Reaper Pro Paints are cheaper. I don't use art-and-craft paints personally, I really like Master Series and am on a fairly tight budget, so I try to pick and choose the best colours to get the most work out of them. You might be able to get very good results from four to six colours, depending on what you want to paint.


For example, I did the Lupine lord with grey fur, red leather armour, and some metallic trim. I used bone-tones for some trim and his teeth, and gave him yellow eyes. I reckon you could do a good job of that with six to eight RMS paints:


black, honed steel


an earth brown, and white AND/OR ivory.


a bloodthirsty red and clear red (clear-bright red is optional but recommended, its an odd, partially transparent but very very bright red good for highlighting)


a medium grey OR blend all greys from your black and your white (very easy)


a bright yellow


The Pure Black basecoats the steel and metal, drybrush it with Honed Steel. If you buy some Pure White, then it and Black can make greys very easilly.


The Earth Brown (or Muddy Brown if you want it very dark) shades red, ivory, and is used to make the greys look more "animal".


Carnage Red is your red. You can blend it with white to do the bared gums of his snarl, or use the Clear Bright Red for mixing, and for highlighting your reds. Just Carnage Red should do if you want to save a few bucks.


Creamy Ivory does duty as white for worn or dirty cloth, bones, teeth, etc, etc. Pure White can be used to highlight it. You can buy both or whichever one takes your fancy, but usually just using white doesn't look as good to me.


Sun Yellow gives you a fairly useful yellow, you can mix it into your red to make an orange-ish highlight if you didn't get the Clear Bright Red.


1. Yeah, really really really hot water and a slow, steady hand. My wife has some jeweller's pliers, they're just like a small pair of pliers but the bit they grip with is perfectly flat. They're magic for straightening swords. Failing that though, just be slow, be careful, and preferably hold the mini in some hot-as-you-can-take water.

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2. I am on a tight hobby budget, (2 kids and all) I have read about all the perks of using Master Series paint, but does anyone have any suggestions for cheaper paint for beginners to play with?


Some people do use craft paints, but know that craft paints aren't really very good for painting minis given the lower pigment density and the fact that they have to be thinned more to flow. If you are going the craft paint route, Delta Ceramcoat is probably your best bet. Wait for Michael's or Hobby Lobby to have a sale though (once every month or two) to lower the cost some more.


Also, Michael's and Hobby Lobby have sales on brushes from time to time as well as 40% off coupons fromt ime to time.


Another option would be to go with one of the Learn to Paint kits that comes with paints already. Or, if you want to take a really big plunge, go with one of the Deluxe Starter Sets from the Warlord line which come with 9 minis and 9 MSPs suited for painting those minis. If you go that route, you'll probably want to go with the Necropolis, Nefsokar, or Reven sets: the Crusader set has Justicars which have a fair amount of detailing on the armor (if memory serves).


Finally, you might be happier if you go with a small set of well chosen MSPs. They are more expensive at $3 a bottle, but if you restrict your initial paint colors to a certain theme (for example, painting orcs), you can get by with a relatively small set (9-10) to start and expand later.


3. Any suggestions on specific figures that are noob friendly?


I would suggest something that doesn't have much detail or isn't very ornate. For example, prefer a man at arms in chain over a fighter with fluted and detailed plate. And, as smokingwreckage said, larger can be easier (ogres over dwarves).


That said, some of grunts and solos in the Warlord line are pretty friendly for newbies. Some that come to mind (from my collection) are:

  • Lesser Orc Spearmen
  • Lesser Orc Fighters (or is it Warriors)
  • Dwarf Swiftaxes
  • Crusader Unforgiven
  • Crusader Knights
  • Overlord Warriors
  • Bull Orc Archers
  • Skeletal Breakers
  • Wraiths
  • Braug (the Ogre)
  • Gurm (the Ogre Hunter)

Bull Orc Fighters are also easy to paint, but the assembly is a little daunting at first since you'll need to drill and pin to get the shields on. I definitely suggest taking a look at the minis at the store (or a close look online) before you buy.


I haven't painted much of the DHL line, but Garnuk (the Ogre), and some of the Townsfolk series (maybe the bandit set?) are also newbie friendly.


Finally, you should see if there is a Black Lightning rep in your area who is holding a Paint and Take sometime soon. Gives you a good chance to try some of the Reaper paints as well as pick up a free mini (and some advice).


Finally, welcome!



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First of all, welcome to our highly addictive hobby! Good to have you aboard.


I think that smoking wreckage and Vutpakdi did an excelent job of handing out information on the hobby to you...so I wont go over much. I figured I would give it a touch from the broke redneck side of things...


1) I fix my bent parts with a pair of fishing pliers or jewelry pliers that have no grippy teeth. I have never tried the super hot water methop of heating the Valadium (or pewter or whatever) but I have used both hair dryers and butane pen torches. In a pinch I bet that a 100 watt lightbulb in a gooseneck lamp would soften it up too. When all else fails...try your hand at hacking the weapon off and doing a weapon swap, there have been numerous articles on the forum about swapping weapons.


2) I use the delta coat and cerama coat paints from Michaels for the most part. i tried a few pots of Games Workshop paints...let us just say that I don't like them and leave it at that. I have heard that the reaper paints are the best unto this earth, and I am planning on trying them out as soon as I can raise fundage that is not going into my car, apartment, or stomach. I find that the "cheap" paints work fine as long aas you keep them thinned down enough to flow and be patient enough to use several layers to get the color saturation that you are looking for.

My inks and washes are old Ral Partha inks, except for my flesh wash...I actually reccomend the GW wash for this.


3) When I started work on skin tones, I painted 5 or 6 of the "Brom Barbarian" figure. He has lots of skin area, several leather/ fur areas. He has a great sword to practice NMM or mettalic...I am actually working on a version now with an electrified Jade sword.

I also highly reccomend the non human minis, like orcs or lupine guys.



Look forward to seeing your work soon!


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In the long run, cheaping out on the paints early on will probably wind up costing you more. (that's what happened to me)


What you would want, I think, is to build a decent palette so you can experiment with techniques and different minis. By going with quality right away you can add to these basics and not have to replace them later.


Being on a budget, my top recommendation would be at least one of the Learn To Paint kits. Currently (though not for a whole lot longer) these are shipping with Master Series Paints. At a little over $25 you get 9 MSP's, 2 minis, 2 brushes, and a paint guide.


IF you can swing it, here's my ultimate recommendation: buy all THREE of the first learn to paint kits. You'll get a huge selection of colors, a solid base of basics like blacks and whites, a variety of flesh tones, six minis, and enough top class instruction for many hours of fun. Add a 20/0 Pro brush to this and the pro paint basic white primer and you'll have every kind of brush you'll need. For about $100 you can, quite literally, set yourself up for the next entire year. This is the biggest savings long-term, but a bit pricey initially.


If you can pull it off, get that while the getting's good. I did, and it's fantastic. I'd at least recommend the first 2 kits, as this will teach you metallics and flesh tones well.

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Thanks alot for all the great advice and tips!


I will definitely be looking into those Learn to Paint kits, and picking up a few MSP bottles.


I am almost finished with my 4th mini, Arianna (DHL 2793), for my wife as a present for her birthday. (Dont tell her!) I am also reading up on my camera manual so I can get some pictures up soon.


And have I missed something, because when I look at the Learn to Paint kits, they look like they come with the Pro Paints, not the MSP bottles. Or is that what you meant?

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They still have the pro paint packaging, but if you order them from Reaper right now they come with master series and have a sticker on them declaring this. It was a surprise when I got mine last month.


If you go shopping in a store, look for the big yellow/green sticker that says they have MSP inside.


These kits will be re-done sometime in the future but no definite timeline has been given. So you'll probably want to round them up sooner if you can to get the MSP versions.

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The first three are still shipping currently with all bottles, they are scheduled to be redone with the pots.


Only kit 4 currently has the pots.


I missed that part of Anne's post. In that case, the first 3 kits are a hell of a deal right now if they come with all MSPs in a bottle. Even Kit #4, with 5 bottles and the strip of mini pots is still a good deal.



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Here's a list of the MSP's that for the time being come with the first three kits:


LPTK-1 Armor and Fur


-9003 Blood Red

-9014 Grass Green

-9017 True Blue

-9136 Walnut Brown

-9029 Earth Brown

-9047 Fair Skin

-9039 Pure White

-9037 Pure Black

-9054 Polished Silver


LTPK-2 Skin and Cloth

-9135 Carnage Red

-9008 Sun Yellow

-9011 Leaf Green

-9055 Breonne Blue

-9110 Oiled Leather

-9044 Tanned Skin

-9049 Ancient Bronze

-9037 Pure Black

-9061 Linen White


LTPK-3 Non-Metallic Metal


-9070 Mahogany Brown

-9074 Palomino Gold

-9083 Highlands Moss

-9057 Ashen Blue

-9110 Oiled Leather

-9038 Rainy Grey

-9139 Blackened Brown

-9037 Pure Black

-9039 Pure White


As you can see, there's some minor repetition but overall it's a nice variety of colors and shades. With a bit of mixing these can go a very long way for additional minis beyond the ones that come with the kits. You don't get any full triads, but you do get a sweet starter palette.

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I got my first skin triad today with Kit #4 and I have to agree that the skintones triads rule.


The rest you can work around, though, like reds and such. A bit of mixing maybe, but mixing is good. And fun. Feed the tiny evil scientist who lurks in your soul. Feed him! :lol:


My budget isn't so tight since I decided to focus on only minis (really, who needs more than that anyway?) so my next step is to get the $300 set of the first 108 MSP's. Then, if I'm lucky, Reaper will have a second set of all their new ones I can snag. Then I will be very, very happy.


I haven't been this excited about new colors since my... uh... experimental college days...


EDIT: I mean focus my hobby $$$ on only minis. Wouldn't want you to think I was starving or something just to buy more things that'll probably still be in a blister three years from now when I finally get around to paintin' 'em. *cough* :blink:

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