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Warlord: What Annoys You?


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Reaper could probably print a booklet that contains Warlord's core rules and the data cards for about the same price as their catalog of models - pretty inexpensively.


I think the powers-that-be at Reaper should consider doing that, and then pass out the booklets at game clubs and conventions, and make the whole ruleset downloadable on-line. With the increase in interest in the game, Reaper could make up the profits on sales of minis.


Then, for those of us who like having fancy rulebooks, Reaper could put out a nice binder with replaceable, magazine-quality pages.



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Interesting thoughts from everyone. Doesn't change my opinion that Warlord needs a few changes here and there, and in my opinion a major re-write (not to change the rules, but to clarify and compile them to help the game grow). Still at least this thread shows that the vast majority of us fanboys and girls love Warlord and Reaper.


As for actual playtesting on my previous thoughts. I have used low level Mages many times, rarely to great effect. As with Scrye shot I find them best used as mop up units on models whose MDs have become reduced and more managable to overcome for CP 3 and 4 casters. I'd still like to see such casters become more effective in other situations (and we've had several threads discussing about how to possibly do this without tipping the balance).


All in all, as much as I gripe (and I know I do gripe alot around here), the game itself is fairly solid. I just want changes made that help allow it to expand and be more easily promoted. Currently I feel that the 1.2 cards, plus a somewhat unclear rules set (my biggest gripe being LOS), and a fair amount of erratta denotes that a new printing should be undertaken so as to help the game grow. It is difficult to promote a game that has undergone a fair bit of growth in terms of its rules set, without such rules being put into print. Just my opinion of coarse.


Still, as I have always said, I'll continue to support Reaper...in fact they havn't put out a Warlord faction book yet that I havn't picked up and ended up buying an army to play around with. I put my money where my mouth isn't, supporting Reaper with my wallet.

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