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What happens if an order goes MIA?

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I'm waiting on an order that's taking a very long time to arrive. Based on previous orders, once processed and ready for mailing, this order is now 2 weeks past due. I'm starting to think it isn't coming.


Does anyone know what the process if for reporting an order if it doesn't show? And/or has anyone else had an order be mysteriously very slow but show up ok even if it's a bit late?


Normally it's five business days from the email that it's being shipped out to arrival, but it's closing on 15 now.

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I chose the USPS shipping, and there was no tracking number in the email.


I already wrote to [email protected] some days back, but have received no reply. A tracking number is actually what I'd like, as I could use that to get some info and maybe find out where it went/is.

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Ok, that's actually pretty helpful. It means I'll probably get some answers soon. At least I emailed the right place. The lack of a reply had me concerned, before you mentioned the turnaround time. Now I feel better.


I'll just wait and see, then. If the package doesn't show an email should appear in the next few days.


Thanks! ::):

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It showed up today, actually. It had been held up by customs. Previous orders hadn't gone through this and that's why they had come so fast. When this one did, it came as something of a surprise. However, now I know how long to allot in total in case it does get processed this way, and won't begin to panic so soon.


Thanks for your replies, it's all sorted out, and I let Bryan know that all is well with the order.

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