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Question about sheet styrene

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How about a modular payload system like the old Skycrane helicopters had?

Basicly, you got a carrier for a supersized con-ex box.


I'd almost leave the cargo area vertical wall to maximize the interier.


Looks like it could be double decked as well.


Possible gun pods on the box as well as the carrier. The box becomes your fortress/defense point.

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Eh, the kids keep destroying my reduced scale paper models. I've got some plastic (for sale signs) just need to get some stock for internal support. That and I've gone completely off my rocker and ordered some 6mm stuff, been sick, picked up a new class, blah blah blah excuses excuses excuses. Probably won't work on it this weekend, want to get some stuff painted that's been sitting waaaay too long.

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Well, not feeling like painting today, I started building this monster out of foamcore and realized that I need at least another sheet of the stuff as well as various shapes of styrene stock. I'd show a pic but all I've got so far is the container and the top of the fuselage cut out with no details added yet. I'm hand cutting rabbet joints in the boards, but still will need to do some gap filling with GS. I'm also having doubts as to just how square my drafting square is.


Anyway, I'm going with kind of a skycrane style like Spartan suggested. It's also going to be much smaller than what I originally planned. It's going to be about 15"x15"x5" and the container will be large enough to hold four superheavy CAVs. I'm going for a smaller assault lander. Will probably buy some vernier thrusters and engine bells from Starship Modeller because I'm too lazy to sculpt them. Still deciding on weaponry.

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