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Dallas Warlord Tourney


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Wow, you guys in Dallas are pathetic. I'm not even at a computer, and I'm the first one to reply to Craig? ::P:


Anyway, John (drjallison) took first, Jason (stubbdog) took second, Darin (sorry man, don't know your ID on the forums) got third, and my protoge Angie (dragonpynk) took fourth.


I personally had a rough day with my new dice from the Asylum, but I still had a great time. I played some very tough opponents in some very good games, and even learned a thing or three.


Thanks to Paul for the work to organize the event and get is there to play. Thanks also to Jason for providing all the excellent terrain to battle on. The staff at GameWyze were gracious hosts (though I think all of us were feeling a little warm back at the tables), and obviously welcomed our presence.


I think that pretty covers it! This is your roving reporter, posting from the road back to Houston...



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I believe 14 came out, 10 played and a whole bunch of people popped in to say "Hi" and we attracted alot of good attention.


Darren doesn't post much, but he goes by Sparky. I didn't get the pleasure of facing him or Vince or Angie, but my game against Wildbill was an absolute blast. He didn't bring his Dwarves, but most definately didn't disappoint. Thanks for the challenging match ,Bill.


I was really shocked to see how many freelance armies were there. I figured I should give a try at playing a shooterless army and it worked out fairly well. I only hope I didn't win on account of it being my birthday :bday::blush:


Paul did an awesome job organizing the tourney, and Jason provided some of his finest terrain to make the event that much better.


Lastly, since it will probably come out soon anyway, and everyone there found out.....


Nefsokar was the only choice for me to play as I built my list out of what was currently in my game bag. I had the misfortune to lose all my other gaming stuff - yes, the lizards too- in a fire that destroyed half my house a little over a week ago. Me and my family are doing well and all that was lost can be replaced. God definately was looking out for me amd my family on that one.


Lastly, thank you to everyone who came out to show your support for the tourney. This tourney seemed to have the highest level of sportsmanship I have seen and was a great time. Thanks also to gamewyze for the place to play. If you have never been to Gamewyze, go and play some of their games or check out their Warlord or CAV nights.

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I apologize for the lateness of my response. I didn't have time yesterday. Now that I am at work, it's a different story. :lol:


In all, there were three of us that drove down from Tulsa on Saturday to play in the tournament. Myself, Marlin and Brian. Brian does not have internet access, and Marlin never posts on the forums, though I think he might read them?


Anyways, I will go ahead and post my army list for everyone to see. I played Razig's Revenge. So, yes, Stubbdog was correct when he stated earlier that I was bluffing with my Dwarf list I posted some time ago. Of course, based upon my performance, maybe I would have been better off with my Dwarves... ::D:


Captain Razig + DF+ LAU + GMA + MMP

Jackie Bones + LAU + GMA + MMP

Clarissa + GAU + GMA + MMP + Fear (x1)

Soul Cannon + GAU + GMA + MMP

8 Bone Marines

4 Zombie Recruits


Totem of Battle


Totals: 1,501 Points, 16 Models, 1 Troop, 1 Initiative card


Yes, that's right: 1 troop! :devil:


The first round I played against John (aka drjsallison). We're figuring up init cards for the deck and he's like "I have 5 troops and every model in my army has tactician. Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!! How many cards do you need?" Then I'm like "1 card baby!! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!" Then John just kinda looks at me in silence for a minute, totally stunned. That was priceless. :devil: It was a REALLY close battle. What sucked was I was winning when time was called. Then we had to figure up the Scurvy Dog points because I wasn't able to wound his Warlord. :down: So, I lost by 45 points because of that. :down: That's ok, though, because at the start of the game my Soul Cannon was sitting on top of a Level 9 hill looking down on everyone. That rocked! :lol:


The second round I played against Angie (aka dragonpynk). She was also playing Razig's Revenge, but was fielding a more traditional army. ::): She did take the Grave Horror, though. That was pretty cool. She totally cleaned my clock. The highlight of the game for me was when having my Razig being surrounded by her Dark Maiden, Razig, and 2 Crewmen and me killing off her Razig, one crewman, and putting a wound on the Dark Maiden before croaking. Alas, such a brilliant performance by Razig did not translate to a brilliant performance elsewhere. :down:


The third and final round I played the Vince-man (aka shakandara). He was fielding Freelance Good. The name of his army was totally cool and appropiate: Mine goes to 11. :lol: He only had 3 models in the game that didn't have DV 11: 3 Elf archers. :blink: Yeah, that sucked. Plus, not to mention the fact that I had like 85 billion shots with my guys against his and only score one hit!?! :down: I almost made up for it later by making over half of my tough checks throughout the game. Razig tried damn hard to win the game by himself. He took out almost all of the Shieldmaidens, and a good portion of the Templar Knights before finally falling. That's ok. Clarissa held up Uru in hand-to-hand combat for like 2 complete turns. I was happy. :bday:


All in all, good times were had by all. Brian did complain that he felt John "cheated" (he was joking!). Brian claims that in one turn, like every model John had was on the ground with tough, and then all but one stood up again. Then they proceeded to put the smack down for revenge. :lol:


At the next tournament I come down too, I want the tournament organizer to make sure I play against Jason (aka stubbdog) during the first round. I have yet to play against him in two tournaments!! ::):


Thanks to everyone for a good time! Maybe some day we'll be able to return the favor here in Tulsa. :wub:


Wild Bill :blues:

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Feedback I have gotten from people related to the Dallas tourney:

  • Negatives
    • room was a little warm with so many players
    • people halfway understood the reason for it, but still had no one agreed with spells cast giving points to the opposing player without a dead caster to go with it.
    • that the food court was a 10 minute walk on the other end of the mall.
    • it was a little fuzzy on clarifications for winning the overall tourney (some players played more defensive scoring less overall points but still winning their individual games).


    • For the most part the travelers didnt end up driving 4+ hours just to play against themselves. There were a couple of games, but overall people played against a wide variety of other people.
    • Some of the best sportsmanship and least number of arguments of any tourney I have ever participated
    • Many comments on how the army build rules had people playing builds that they had never really tried before and really enjoyed the change of pace.
    • a majority of the games came down to the last die roll to determine winners, which says a lot about both the level of players playing as well as their army builds.

On a personal note, I was a little disapointed that a few more of our local players did not come out. But, that feeling disapeared pretty quick as the games started playing and all the competition raised the tempurature in the room.


We did everything by random draw and it still worked out great that I would say of the 12 total games played (4 games x 3 rounds) maybe 2 included games where the travelers ended up playing against people from the same place. I did end up playing 2 games against local players, but they happened to be against 2 of the guys that I respect most in the game so I considered it a real treat to be able to do so.


I am glad people liked the terrain. I do apologize that I did not get as much diversity in the terrain as I was hoping to. Though, they each had a different shape to them, I did not intend to have so many with the same topology. That is something that will change by the next time. But, one thing people will always know is that if I am involved in helping with the tables, terrain will always play a huge factor. You wont get many flat tables with just a building or two on there.


A huge thanks goes out to Paul Ogletree and Reaper for organizing the tourney and providing the awesome prizes (including multiple copies of the OVERLORD BOOK).


I'll give more account of my games soon. I have a bunch of pictures to sort thru and then I will post them.


Oh, lets see by the way, tourney stats:


8 total players (though as mentioned we had about a dozen cameo apearances thru out the day from people that had hoped to play but just werent able to)


Factions played:

  • 2x Razig
  • Reptus (I think Brian played Reptus, otherwise it was a freelance with a strong Reptus influence)
  • Nefsokar
  • Darkspawn
  • 1x good freeelance
  • 2x evil freelance

The one out of faction model most used:


Rathouros (I believe there were 3-4 in the tourney)

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I think you are correct about Brian, Jason. From watching him play against Angie, his models were all Reptus, except for Rauthuros as one of his 200+ point models.


I was the Neutral/Good Freelance, and as Bill mentioned, my list was called "Mine Goes to 11." Here's the exact stats of the list:


Troop 1

Lupine Lord w/IP, LMW

Ssudai w/IP, LME, Firestorm, Ice Shard x2, Bolt, Scare

Nai-Khanon w/DF, GMA, LMW

Templar Warriors x5

Vale Archers x3


Troop 2

Odd Audt (ask my opponents about Odd Audt and Even Audt :;): )

Tomb Guards x6


Troop 3

Even Audt

Shieldmaidens x7


Troop 4

River Troll


Troop 5

Uru w/LMW


As you can see, the Vale Archers are indeed the only models without a DV of 11 or better (technically, Ssudai only qualifies for it vs. Ranged attacks, where the Deflect from the IP gives him a DV 11), though not that it did me much good that day. ::P:



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I think you are correct about Brian, Jason. From watching him play against Angie, his models were all Reptus, except for Rauthuros as one of his 200+ point models.


Brian took advantage of the rule that allowed you to field one model from outside of your faction while still retaining your faction abilities, should you so choose. Angie also did the same thing with her Razig army as she fielded the Grave Horror. I had that sucker on the ground stunned and it made it's Tough check!! :grr: Then it burrowed!! :grr: Stupid Grave Horror... :devil::lol:::):


Wild Bill :blues:

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I went mage heavy with my evil freelance. Trying to play with a style that I have never done before as magic and I have never really done that well.


My list:


troop 1: 11 models, 829 pts, 2 cards

  • witch queen (imprvd prtn, divine favor, dispel, firestorm, lightning bolt, 3x life transfer) 373
  • Ssudai (imprvd prtn, dispel, firestorm, lightning bolt, 2x ice shard) 220
  • 2x Overlord Crossbows 60
  • 5x tomb guards 130
  • 2x reptus warriors 46

Troop 2: 9 models, 427 pts, 1 card

  • Black Knife Tom 63
  • Arik Overlord Inquisitor (imprvd prtn, lesser CP up, dispel, firestorm, 2x life transfer) 205
  • 6x Overlord warriors 126
  • 1x bone marine 33

Troop 3: 1 model, 149 pts, 1 card

  • Nefsokar Walking Avatar 149

Troop 4: 1 model, 96 pts, 1 card

  • Reptus Uru (mod magic prtn) 96

Total: 1501 points, 22 models, 5 cards



The idea was use the ranged attack to see if I could score a hit or two against the enemy casters, use my AOE spells to wipe out troops, and then life transfers to keep my two big solos upright while they finished the job.


In reality, I ended up using the life transfers just to try and keep my mages alive, as they were the obvious targets of enemy attacks from the get go. I thought I could protect them a little better than I did. But, hey at least I had them to use.


What did me in in the last game, was partly the fact that I was playing against Nefsokar's beer, but really just cause John taught me some new wrinkles of how to be very affective with Nefsokar tactics.


I actually remember my points of each game I played:


game 1 vs Sparkey's Darkspawn

outcome: win 1499 to 1157


Looked I was gonna lose for a long time, then luckily his dice went cold.


game 2 vs. Ashford's Necropolis

outcome: win 271 to 224


Ashford played very defensively, and the terrain helped him take me forever and a day to get to attack him. Then when I finally got off a few spells, about half his guys made their tough rolls.


game 3 vs. DrJSallison Nefsokar (Lord Abbot)

outcome: lose 821 to 857


My witch queen stood back up at the end, otherwise the points would have been a lot more one sided.

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Well have to say since it was my first Tourny and I didn't suck as bad as I thought I would, I had a blast.


Learned a few things....


Lightening bolts SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Terrain can be your friend.... was a little indimitated by it at first... and the snow kept attaching to my clothes.... I think I still have some if you want it back Jason.=o)

ZOMBIES... I like them.


Had a blast and hope to come back up with my army painted and maybe my other army painted and try them both.


I will bring Cake the next time.... yummmmmmmm

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