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Comparing Warriors


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Some of us actually prefer working with the factions, rather than grabbing any old mini that has nice stats.


Are you making some sort of accusation? If so I'm not sure why, but I do take offence to that sort of statement/poor attitude being directed at me.


1) I've never played a freelance force in my life. If I was interested in the Sisters I would buy and field the Shadowsisters, I own plenty of models that are far from cream of the crop when it comes to their abilities, but they fill a particular roll within their faction so I own them and use them.


2) Hellsgate seems to view the Nagendra, a 2 attack Ranger model, within the faction he plays, as sub-standard in comparison to the SHadowsisters, I was simply attempting to alleviate his concerns, as I don't feel this is the case (and as far as I can tell neither do you). I've never seen him play a Freelance for either.


3) One doesn't need to remain withint he scope of a faction to play a theme army, and certainly if you were a power gamer and making a freelance build neither the Shadowsisters, nor the Nagendra would come even close to making the grade. As I doubt many perceive them as have particularly 'nice stats'. Both are fun/cool, and both are useful, but both are far from being very cost effective models someone making a power army might use.

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Play Nice.

If there is a misunderstanding between anybody involved in this thread, I ask those involved to please resolve it politely via IM so this thread may remain on topic. Let us please not escalate the misunderstanding here. This is Arguments - Escalation is down the hall.

That is All.


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