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Main web-site log on issue


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Some time ago (years) I was able to log onto the main website and download CAV rules. That no longer seems to be the case. Local Black Lightning reps seem to be able to do it. One of them even uses the same browser that I do.



  • “Featured Downloads” or whatever the title is does not show up when I log on
  • My log-on is valid, checked it using “lost password” and peeped my email
  • No apparent issues with my browser, Firefox.
  • No apparent issues with Norton Utilities and my firewall. It is set to notify cookie or other requests from a website. No alterts have been made when trying to log on.
  • Indavidual log-ons have been tried seperately at each area "Reaper, Warlord, CAV"

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Top Posters In This Topic

Main website is www.reapermini.com.


It sounds like you are referring to www.reapergames.com.


I suggest you email your specific information to the webmaster, Kit ([email protected]) with complete information* so he can assist you with your troubles.


*complete information= your email, your log on name, browser, computer os, etc....

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