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tourney ideas (themes)...


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Ok, tourney ideas, take 2...


Ok, first




It is understandable to think that by including new ideas, conditions, objectives, restrictions, and/or any other influences into a ruleset will have an affect on one model, army build, faction, etc... more than another, due to a particular person's style preference, build preference, play perference, etc... As there will always be one model or another that is better at one thing than another. That is exactly how Warlord was created to be. But, Warlord is balanced enough that all armies should still have a decent chance under any circumstances if the player behind the models is able to adapt accordingly. Again as this is exactly how Warlord was created to be.


Although this thread is for adding and commenting on the ideas presented within (positive or negative), it is not for the argument of the overall aspect of having said new ideas, conditions, objectives, restrictions, and/or other influences is a good idea or not.




Ok, having gotten that out of the way, lets concentrate on coming up with new and exciting ideas for people to use to captivate their imaginations, grab new players attentions, and test our tactical skills...



Here are a few ideas to get things started:

  • What about 1500 (or 1501) point armies where all models must be at least 50 points or more (after upgrades of course)?
  • Or 1500 points where there must be equal number of solos as there are leader led troops?
  • A night fight, where you'd have something like for every 10 inches away the target, RAV and/or spells would have a -1.
  • The all cement fight... basically doubling eveyone's movement the entire tire
  • Maybe weather related battles, windy or cold that causes affects on ranged or spells, or movement

Warwick and WB, please repost your ideas. Thanks.

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A world gone MAD....


At the beginning of the game, just after deployment, but before any game play has started all players with faction based army builds will make a dice roll.



Even roll - result is player to play game under normal guidelines, no change

Odd roll - result is 2nd roll using the following chart:


1. mercy

2. bane

3. feathery sky+shadowy

4. warcry+rage

5. sokar is near+cross the river

6. scoundrel's luck

7. aura of jade thorns

8. paincage

9. dark energy+fear

10. do your duty+discipline


That's right. If you get to where you make the second roll, then whatever you roll that is the special ability your army will play with for that game instead of your usual army special ability.


As more sublist special abilities are added, you could optionally make it a 1d20 type roll and include those other abilities as well.

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The Stones:


This is one that I actually posted in the scenario contest a while back, but reposting again cause I really really want to play it sometime soon in a larger game atmosphere (like a tourney type setting).


It promotes strategy on several new levels and breaks away from some of the standard approaches to gameplay. And it promotes using the entire table instead of just the clash in the middle. It really is better suited for a large table with multiple players, not so much for the one on one style tourneys (though it could work for that too in a larger point game)


Game Setup:

This is a game of teleportation portals. Either a larger sized single table (4 x 8 or larger) with a number of portal devices spread around the play area (say 1 portal for every 3 sq ft of playing area), or several smaller tables each with a portal device mixed in its terrain. To maximize the effects, each area where a portal is, should have a slightly different topology type. There needs to be enough play area to have a minimum of 3 portals. Its just not very fun with less.


Overall Concept :

Take advantage of the mobility of the portals to collect points by destroying enemies and collecting their hidden loot, including the stones.


Stones :

At the beginning of the game, each player will be given one “stone” marker (or more if only a two player game). Each player must assign one model to carry this stone. At the beginning of the game, the player needs to write down which model will be assigned, but does not have to reveal this information to the other players.


Models with SA: Summoned may be assigned as holders of stones with a couple of caveats. They must start the game deployed, not summoned later. Also, when killed, the stone is immediately revealed since the remains of the summoned model disapear and there is nothing to loot. A token is placed on the table where the summoned model was at the time.


Stones can be traded from one friendly model to another. If a stone is traded, it is immediately publicly announced of the new holder (note the holder does not have to reveal any as yet unrevealed stones that the new holder may already be holding, only the stone that is being traded). To trade a stone, only requires the two models to be in base to base contact and the giver to invoke a non combat trade action. During the course of the game, the maximum number of stones a model may carry is based on the size base of the model (regular 1, large 2, huge 3, gigantic 4).


Stones are collected from opponents via successful loot actions. If a model that carried a stone is killed and succesfully looted, then it must be revealed to the player that they just collected a stone, unless they already have a stone and their base size is such that they cannot carry another one, in which case a marker is placed on the table to represent the stone for the next available model to pick up.


Stones do NOT affect a model's combat ability. There is no penalty for holding a stone or multiple stones.


Important note: Successful loot actions performed against “tough”, stunned, or otherwise not completely terminated opponents will also successfully collect any stones from said unit. (ex. An elf loots and coup de’gras a Necro crypt legion skeleton to lessen that skeleton’s chances of getting back up, but also finds out the skeleton was holding a stone, and now the elf gets it, even though technically the skeleton still has a tough roll to make).


Portals :

Portals teleport players' models on a troop by troop basis, at random, to other portals in the playing area. To activate a portal for a troop, any one model from that troop needs to move into the effective scope of the portal (3” radius) and invoke a noncombat teleport action.


All troop members, no matter where on the table they are located, are immediately teleported to the new location of one of the other portals. If any units were in base to base contact with enemies at the time of teleportation, they still must roll a DIS check like normal for breaking B2B contact. They will break contact either way, as they are teleported, but if they fail the roll, they will have a shaken token when they arrive at their new destination.


To determine which random portal the troop is moved to, roll a dice with the nearest number to the number of portals and discarding any rolls that include the remaining numbers (ex. If there are 5 portals roll a 6 sided dice, re-rolling if a 6 is rolled). The player may deploy the troop anywhere in the effective scope of the newly arrived at portal (3” radius). Yes, it is possible to roll the same portal.


If any models still have actions available for use after the teleportation, those actions are still available to use at this point.


If there are any models already in the effective scope area of the destination portal, newly arriving models cannot arrive in base to base contact. But, if they have actions still available, they could move into b2b with said actions. If the AOE of the portal is so jammed up with miniatures such that a newly arrived troop cannot deploy without having some form of B2B contact, then the AOE is temporarily doubled to 6"radius to allow for the new arrivals.


Any models that were burrowed at the time of the teleport will be surfaced in the new location. Any models that were considered flying at the time of teleport will be landed in the new location.


Any battle totems used will remain un-teleported unless it was being carried.


A troop may teleport from the same portal from which it just arrived, but only after a full turn in that location. (troop A teleports into a location, some units still have action abilities and take them. Their next activation, they cannot teleport out so they carry out normal actions. The next turn, the portal becomes available to them again if they so choose to use it).


Collecting Points :

Obviously the main objective and focus of the scenario is to collect and keep as many stones as possible. Each stone will be worth 200 points. But, regular looting and kill points are also tallied for each player, so if it is a multiplayer game, it will be necessary to keep track of which player mortally wound which models.


Winning the Game :

The player with the most points at the end of the declared scenario time limit, will be declared the winner. Suggested time limit is 30-45 minutes per 500 points worth of troops involved.

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Drop a 2 inch square in the center of the board. I use a statue of a knight on horseback. This is the objective. At the end of the game, the player with the most points of models touching flat side to flat side to the objective wins. The game has a random ending, though. At the end of turn 2, insert a Joker into the draw deck. From now one, when this Joker pops up, roll for end of game. Turn 3, you must roll 10+ to end the game. Turn 4, you must roll 9+. Etc, until you roll end of turn. Some games might not roll end of game before one side is wiped out. That's okay, too. Then you know who the victor is without counting points!

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The old Chainmail manual had alot of cool scenario rules in it. I actually used alot of them in Warhammer scermish scenarios. (Sorry I only paint the reaper minis right now, never played any games of theirs...) I will dig out the scenario book when I get home later and recap.


Stubbdog, This is a great thread with a great conceptual form for people to share. Thanks for bringing it back...sorry the last one bit it before I could chime in.



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Assuming play is on a regular 4'x4' table. Using tape measures and tokens, disect the table into its four 2'x2' quadrants, and then again into sixteen 1'x1' areas (like the drawing below). Kinda looks like a big checker board.


With each initiative card for deployment, players will roll to determine which area to deploy in. They may deploy anywhere within the 1'x1' area of the section rolled.


Play begins as normal after that.


Optionally, for even more fun and interest:

  1. you could say roll for each model instead of troop.
  2. Or you could modify your build rules such that each player can only have a total of 8 models (one for each starting square).
  3. could add a flag in each square and have some sort of capture/hold the flag types games..


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In the center of the battle field, place a single totem.


The area of affect for the totem is 12 inch radius. Any models within the AOE are affected by the totem. If any model gets within 2 inches of the totem, it negates the affects of the totem for the opposing player for the duration of time while said model is there. There is no damaging or removing this totem.


The affects of the totem is a random roll done at the beginning of each turn. Players alternate each turn making the roll that determines the next affect.


Chart of affects:


1. +1 MAV

2. +1 DV

3. +1 RAV

4. +1 CP

5. +1 MD

6. +2 MOV

7. grants everyone with multiple attacks warmaster

8. grants everyone trencher

9. grants everyone breaker

10. grants everyone rogue



If a player starts inside the affected area and then runs out of the AOE to attack a model, it does not include the effects.


If a player stands inside the AOE and attacks a model outside the AOE, it does include the effects.


If a player starts outside the AOE, but then runs inside the AOE it does get to include the effect (one exception, if the affect is #6 +1 MOV, it does not affect the movement value of the actual run into the AOE, but does any subsequent moves - a model uses its first move to go into the AOE, on its second action it decides charge someone, it could include the move bonus during that second move because this second move is originating from inside the AOE, likewise if one starts inside the AOE and uses its first action to move outside, if it used a second move action after going outside the AOE, it would not get to include the bonus)

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I like this one for tourneys becasue itd fast and you can get lots of people playing.


Gladiator Arena


Each player gets 2 models.

Ignore Alignment

Beast is still in affect


Beef up said models to 750 points (total per player).


Set up a 2x3 arena




These take usually 1/2 hour to 45 minutes. Unless someone is procrastonating.

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EB, I feel like there is something missing from your setup there... Can you be a little more descriptive. something about 2 models and beast?


Obviously to get 2 models to 750 points there are not a whole lot of models that can get that high... Can you dive a little more into it?

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Well for example my husbands favorite combo is Yagun Oog and Varaug. Thats 304 points.

Then give V the Greater Magic Weapon/Axe of Garuga Combo and Greater Magic Armor to hit 499.

Oog gets some Life Transfers (for arguments sake well call those 50 pts each 'cuz i don't remember), a couple of Ice Shards and an Empowerment. That brings our Orchish Duo to 739 using my (I'm sure flawed math). Then for fun give Oog a Lesser Magic Weapon to bring it to 749 and Voila -Doom!


This team works well against the Werewolf Team of the Lupine Lord and Shaman.


Obviously there are no standard unit build rules, no Elite slots, no Good and Evil won't play together.


Now we decided after the first try of this scenario that giving lets say Phil the Hill Giant access to Greater Magic Weapon made things tooooooo overpowered thus why Beast still applies. Unless the equipment says so not equpiment can go on a guy with beast.


That make more sense?

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Ok, here is a different twist to an idea...


The only way this works is if the players have an open mind but i think it could be really interesting.


All players would be limited to 1 troop.


Each troop would be assigned one extra model on top of whatever the troop contains. For the sake of discussion, we'll call this extra model the troop banner. Said banner is for a moving field marker only, and has no game influence. It cannot be destroyed, damaged, or removed from play for any reason. I guess it can be used to block LOS or block the ability for someone to get into b2b, but thats about it. The banner model has a move value equal to the average move value of the troop and must end any activation in b2b contact with one model from the controlling player. More on this in a minute.


Play would happen on regular sized 4x4 play tables. If there are 8 players, play is on 4 tables like usual.


Play starts off like normal with one exception... Every initiative is timed. The actual amount of time should be acceptible to all participants so that no one feels cheated, but should be low enough to keep game play moving along. If someone finishes early, that is fine. But, if the buzzer rings and someone is still going then they finsh the actual action they are currently doing but forfeit any further actions for that activation.


So, is that the twist? No, but have to do that to be able to do the twist.


The twist is, that at the end of the full turn (since everyone has the same number of troops and same number of turns, should finish at the same time) before the beginning of the new turn, all players will be transported to the table to their left. Since people are facing each other, one person's left will be in the opposite direction from their opponent.


The transporting people, will leave behind, the "banner model" in their current position. They will transport to their new table where there will be a new deployment phase where the deployment zones are within the 8 inch radius of their new "banner" left behind from that table's transported persons. Models cannot be placed in b2b with opponents during the redeployments.


Models that were in base to base with an enemy at the time of transportation get to transport for free, no need to make any shaken rolls. Stunned models have to succed tough check rolls in order to transport.


Damage done during previous rounds stay and travel with models to their later rounds. Spells spent in earlier rounds do not come back in later rounds.


(for this reason it is suggested that all players have a paper listing of their force and be made to physically mark out spells as they cast them and damage as they take it as proof for other players).


Since time at each table only lasts one full turn, it shouldnt take long to do a quick point add up during transportation to determine points awarded.


Tourney victory points would be based on total number of points earned by killing off enemies at each table.

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Here's another idea that I thought about recently.


Have a completely regular swiss round set up tourney. Point value of the tourney would be set at whatever level the coordinator deems fun.


Only one twist.


One "generic" melee monster, will be placed at the center of each game table. There will be 2 monster initiative cards placed in the draw deck (one for each player). Assuming that players are using cards and one player is red and the other black, the red ace and the black ace will be reserved for said monster.


All play is as normal. When one of the monster cards is drawn, that player gets to control the monster in all ways for that one activation.


This means that every full turn, the monster will activate twice and conceivably attack both players.


The actual game stats for the model will be determined by the Coordinator. But, should be based on the generic cards in the back of the book and should be a significant monster based on the point value of the game played (roughly worth one third to one half the game point value). Possibly these stats could be modified by the coordinator to match the level of games being played. But, all monsters for all games in the tourney will be identical.


This monster cannot be mercied. It also does not give any tokens to pain cage. Nor any other benefit to any other faction that would gain from it, other than simply using it to kill the opponent during their control. As such, killing the monster also does not give any points to the player that finally destroys it. Only serves to keep it from hacking on themsleves more at their opponents initiative flip.

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Here's one my buddies and I have played several times and we've loved it every time.


Arena Battle

Each player builds a 400 point force using special construction rules. There are spawn points on the map - we used 6 points for 3 or 4 players, you might want to play with those numbers based on your preference and how many people you have. The spawn points should be fairly close - not on top of each other, but you don't want a long hike from a spawn point to the fight either, so use your noggin for that one. The point is to kill off enemy models (of course!) and you get points for the cost of the models you kill.


Construction rules:

Use Leader, Elite and Solo models only. Each model counts as a solo. When buying spells for mages and clerics, they count as "innate [spell]." Cut the spell capacity of casters in half (i.e. Margara Firetongue has Mage 3/12. In this scenario she has Mage 3/6). Faction Special Abilities never apply. Put 1 card in the initiative deck for each model (plus tactician)


Spawn rules:

At the start of the game take turns deploying. For the beginning, one player rolls 1d6. Place your entire force on a marker representing one of the 6 spawn points (we played with 4 models each so they all fit). Continue till all players have deployed. During the game, models will be killed. At the start of every turn, check to see if there are any dead models. If there are, each player with a dead model rolls 1d6 and places one of their models on the appropriate spawn point until all dead models have been placed. If an enemy model is standing on a spawn point, you may not place your model on that point. Reroll until a valid spawn point appears.


We played 5 turns per game when we did this, usually ending with a dozen kills all told. Pretty fun, and a change of pace from the regular game.

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