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Probably my first properly painted Reaper miniature. I was proud of her at time I was finishing the body - now I think I could have done it better (paintjob is pretty messy and monochrome wings suck).


I'm not a pro painter nor a photographer, thus photos leave much to be desired.


***WARNING: nudity***

(that's why I'm giving just the links)







Still thinking about how to do the base, any ideas? :)

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Thanks ::):


I think you'll figure out your optimal set of colors for such effect. While I was painting the sword, a few things to remember:

1. Laszlo's site - http://hot-lead.org/. Also one relation from converting and painting Khorne Lord on Juggernaut for painting competition by some guy - can't find it at the moment, but lava effects kicked butt.

2. Glazing smoothes out patchy highlights, I used blood red glaze to correct the sword for about 3 times.

3. The mini is sealed and matte varnish also smoothes everything out - but I wouldn't count on that a lot :;):

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