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Necromancer SA and Animate Corpse Spell


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Guys, I sent a request to EE for some information on the new SA and spell in the event that he hasn't seen this thread. Let's give him some time to respond please. ^_^


[MOD] Thank you for keeping ths thread on topic and keeping the speculation to its own thread. [/MOD]

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Guys, I sent a request to EE for some information on the new SA and spell in the event that he hasn't seen this thread. Let's give him some time to respond please. ^_^

Sorry guys,

Been working on CAV.


Allright, standard EE disclaimer as follows: These are previews of the rules. Actual text may change in final printing.


Necromancer SA: Model may be fielded in a Necropolis Default list or the Crypt Legion Sublist. If so, change its alignment to Necropolis/Evil.


When not being fielded in Necropolis Default or Crypt Legion Sublist, the model may still purchase Necropolis Faction Specific spells (but not equipment) as if it were a model being fielded in a Necropolis army.



Animate Corpse

Casting Grade: 2 (Non Attack spell)

Points Cost: 25

Range: 6"

Area of Effect: NA

# Models Affected: 1

Damage: none

Notes: Causes one corpse model to reanimate as a Zombie. This Zombie uses the Datacard "Zombie" from the Necropolis Faction. Its actual affiliation matches the caster of Animate Corpse. The Zombie is considered a grunt, and activates with the caster starting with the caster's NEXT activation. The target corpse must be from a model that was on a standard base (regardless of its Size Value). Also, the model may not have had the Undead SA (you may only animate models that were alive at the beginning of the battle).



Couple of things that have not been worked out yet are:


Whether a model with the Necromancer SA should be allowed to purchase generic spells, or be limited to Necromancer ones.


Whether summoned zombies should count for victory points or not (a hotly debated topic on Spectral minions).


Whether or not the spell should be able to be cast from a Gruesome Familiar (also a sore subject for Spectral minions).


So anywho, now you all know the working prototypes. Hit us back with feedback. ACTUAL ingame experiences tend to hold more weight with me than raw opinions, but feel free to provide both.


Happy gaming!


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Thank you Michael for following up. Sorry for pulling you away from CAV2 for a bit.


Fairly obvious, since it's been discussed earlier with Vampiric Feeding.


Summoned Models, i.e. any model with SA: Summoned(X), since they lack corpses, cannot be animated, correct?


I kind of like the idea of requiring a Necromancer to cast only Nihilisms.


Can Animate Corpse be cast by any Mage? Evil or Neutral only? It wouldn't really make sense that a Good aligned model can use this. This seems to be a perfect spell for Evil Clerics as well.


Can you cast Dispell on the Animated Dead vs the Model's MD to destroy it since it's a lingering Spell Effect.

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Curse you reaper for making a Necromancer, I was doing so good at not spending money recently. Guess that trend's over. *runs to store to buy zombies and evil models so I can have a necro army*


re: Necro specific spells only, or necro plus generic spells:


The Mage SA allows any generic spell to be cast, so I'd say let Necromancers cast anything. It's not like there's any unique advantage to being able to iceshard, since every faction has mages. Necromancers are typically said to be very powerful mages (since they can raise the dead and all of that jazz!) so I'd think they would have a mastery of the "basics" of magic, given that they started there and then moved on to deeper, darker, more potent magics.

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Thanks for the info, EE. This is a cool ability and something that some of us were looking forward to for a while: a necromancer being able to create hordes of undead minions on the spot. Actually, one zombie per spell doesn't qualify as a horde, but it's still cool.


A couple of questions:


1. Since a zombie costs 24 points, does it make sense that Animate Corpse costs 25? Wouldn't the points be better spent instead on "regular" zombies (when playing Necropolis) or on other soldier models (when using this spell with factions other than Necropolis)?


2. Wouldn't the cost of the Necromancer SA change depending on whether or not it allows the model that has it to use generic spells (that is, cost more if the model can still use generics)? The reason I ask is because the only model with this ability so far (Jos Gebblar) has a definite point cost, so I figured that this sort of thing would've been hashed out already.

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question, if the corpse in question was an enemy with lots of equipment, even tho it ceoms back as a grunt, does it get to use that equipment?


Same type of question regarding spells. If it were a spellcaster before, would it have any ability to cast spells that were not cast before it died?


so this is the 25 point mage version of a 10 point bandage spell, except that you can include enemy models and when it gets healed it does not get its stats back but rather the stats of a zombie.


Just like a cleric's call lightning is to the fireball and firestorm. More expensive and questionable on the results, but it opens up the unexpected possibility that that type of caster did not have before.


Not bad, not good, only time will tell.


Have to admit tho, the Necromancer part is disapointing, I was looking for it to be something really cool, not just make it more linkable to a different faction.

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