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The Story of Reaper....where did you come from?

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I've been to that spot in New Mexico. It probably takes so long to deliver anything due to the stench. There's a feedlot right next to the highway that's nearly a mile long. Imagine tens of thousands of cows, and the associated smell.


I wonder if the spot in South Dakota is a similar type thing.

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the spot of the 5 days (orange) in the butt end of California is odd as well, due to it's closer then the 4 days (maroon) to me & I'm right on OR/ID border.


kit, is that true or is that a funny??? if so ha ha



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There should be an orange spot in Rochester also, since I NEVER got a package from Reaper in less than a week at my last address (and according to the tracking info, I was never supposed to). Frosch lived about 2 miles from me and got stuff faster...


My new house took 5 days for the first delivery attempt (9 days until it was actually in my hands due to signature thing and a weekend), so that's in line with the 4 day shipping (and I'm only 5 miles from my last address).

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I remember working at a comic shop when the first DHL's started coming out. I was a die-hard Ral Partha man. RP or bust!


The DHL looked ok, I thought, but they were no Ral Partha!


Now it's more like: Ral who? What DHL grew into from those early days is something truly spectacular (truth be known the early stuff is very cool too and I'm pleased it's available on special order now).


Of course at the time I didn't realize RP and Reaper shared sculptors. *cough*


These days I've softened a bit, but now there's so many fine minis from different sources I'd have a job just getting ONE companies stuff. So I restrict myself mainly to the three R's... Reaper, Ral Partha, and RAFM.


Every now and then, though, I'm compelled to add some Dark Sword stuff.


I am never gonna finish painting all these. I'm gonna wind up like the crazy cat lady, only with a house full of minis. Minis everywhere. Enough lead, pewter, and white metal to make certain Superman never learns about my supervillainous escapades on the side. Mwahahahahaha.


Hey, where do you think the money for minis (and Igor's upkeep) comes from?


Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go place an ad in the paper for a new henchwench.



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On the Company info page, I think this line sounds funny, "2002 we launched our Warlord 25mm fantasy miniature line that is today the fastest growing fantasy miniature line in the market today." Too many todays. Great link none the less thanks Heisler

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