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Anwyn, Female Bard


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Long time no post :)


I recently got this figure to use in another game system, and I painted it up last night. A real blast to paint.




Additional shots:

Angle 2

Angle 3


Base is sculpted out of greenstuff to fit the rest of the army for the game system.


Any comments appreciated :)





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I like what you done here. Fantastic job on the eyes and buckles.


Suggestions, I would hit it with a few layers of dull coat. Her belly is also off. Looks like a band around her. I would suggest some shading to give her a more ab like tummy.

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This is the particular mini that I'm currently working on myself. Love the figure, snatched it up without hesitation the moment I saw it.


I agree that it's a pleasure to paint this one, it's a great little sculpt. Mine had a gnarly mold line going over her knuckles and into her hair across her face though. Took me a bit to clean it up and get it primer ready. She's got such amazing hands too, was a pity to have to file any of that detail out.


Good choice in natural colors, I'm digging seeing her as a blonde. I deliberated for at least an hour before I settled on what colors I wanted to use to paint her with. So many choices to make, I thought about making her a blonde for awhile but opted out. I like this version though, always nice to see someone elses take on a piece that you're painting.

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