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ToT here was good for the kids, my daughter dressed as a vampire (due to this summer her 2 front teeth (baby) got chipped by a swing accident, so she thought she looked the part (even thou she used the teeth that came in the make up kit, ha ha) & my son was Bob the Builder (which was a step up from Elmo, he doesn't even WATCH Elmo!!!) ha ha


trick or treaters were out but it didn't seem alot, costume of course were minimal, like Qwyk said a mask with clothes isn't a costume. It also seemed like houses here weren't giving out as much as well or no one was home, but maybe that's just the way I looked at it.


We took the kids to the grandparents, great grandma & a to a few houses, but right now there is or was a cold spell that has moved in, temps drop severely at night, that night it got down in the 20s, so my son didn't really want to be out there now were having rain (warmed up thou), a big Pacific storm battered western WA, & I think this is it after it has moved inland & over the Cascades.


at least this year I didn't see any 20 year old T&Ting............


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I'd never heard of a T&T curfew, but I now wonder if that's what happened here too. The first few years in this neighborhood I found it impractical to even close the door. I would sit at the top of the stairs on my porch and dish out the goodies from my largest mixing bowl and the kids would line up at 6 pm and keep coming steady until past 9. It was nothing to go through four or five bags of that cheap 200-ct Kiddit-Mix assortment. I live in a lower income street where houses are close together and the streets are liad out in blocks so the cars just dump the kids off at one corner and pick them up when they finish circling the block.... but apparently not anymore.


Maybe this street's gotten "rougher" or maybe it's because not as many houses give candy, but for the last few years I've had less than a hundred, mostly large groups of smaller kids with a parent or two accompanying. For what it's worth though, all the kids that visited us this year were very polite and almost all of them said "Thankyou".


What I always look forward to is seeing the littlest kids picking on my skeleton. He's just one of those stuffed Porch-Kids decorations, but EVERYBODY seems to think he's real. I tell them all he's my little brother. I call him Bony-Tony. In his six-year residency here he's been pinched, tickled, poked at by light sabers, pirate swords and magic wants...and he's been kissed on his stuffed head by two little girls.

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