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Faction Specific Uniques to Non changes


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I dont have the book with me, so I decided to do a search to see if the Hill Giant becomes non unique in an all reven army build. I tried a few different word combos in search but just wasnt able to find a thread that answered that. So, I decided to start a new thread on it.


But, figured if I am gonna start a thread on it, might as well open it up and use a good title so others can find it again later when searching.


So, this thread is for listing those models that become non - unique when fielded in an all faction list.


Could someone please help me out here....



I know:



The big Cow




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Hill Giant is always Unique, unless there has been a radical change.



For Reven, Gaaguk becomes non-Unique in a Tomukh sublist.

Crusaders - Hound of Judgement becomes non-Unique in the Army of Justice sublist.


Those are the 2 off the top of my head. I have all the rest (Adept>nonAdept and Unique>nonUnique for every faction/sublist) at home

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Elves: Centaur and Mossbeard (I want to see the army design that actually has success fielding two Mossbeards! :lol: )


Darthiir has made a pretty nasty one with 2 Mossbeards.


They are absolutely brutal if there are any choke points, because he just plants them there (ha ha, get it, plants them, they are trees, ha hah hah ahhh) and forces you to go through them. Additionally, if you try to engage one, often the other one will come lumbering over and splat you. It's a rather fearsome combination.

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