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The Perfect Size Demo Army?

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For the convention I did last weekend, I decided to use one troop, 300 pt armies for the basic demo unit. This troop consisted of a Captain, a couple archers, and grunt warriors. My thoughts were that this would be perfect for the guys who stop to look, but don't have a lot of time. With one basic troop I could show them the basics in less than half a hour. If they like the simple troop, I had a second, 500 pt army that just added a few new minis. This small addition would expand the army up to two troops and a solo.


For example, the Crusader troop was Sir Conlan (No spells, basic SA's), two ICA's, and 7 skirmishers. The expansion was Halbarad with bandage spells, Malcolm, Garr, and reducing the skirmishers to 6. (This is from memory, so it may not be perfect). If they enjoyed the 500 pt army, I also had 1000 pt armies that included a Warlord ready to go.


After the event I'm very happy with how it worked. The real small armies, with only three types of troops and no spells, kept things simple and easy to understand. From there I could expand things based on what the player wanted to do and his/her level of general gaming experience. This is probably going to be my standard demy system from now on, so I thought some of the rest of you might like to know about it.



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I started to do something similar, but around 350 pts and with two troops each. I did at least two troops because I wanted to showcase the "random" initiative. So far, everyone has really loved it. I also have a higher 500ish pt expanded list for each army for those who would like to get into magic and SA. I tried teaching SA in a the smaller demo, but that seem too convoluted for a fresh beginner.

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My demo armies are at 250 points and 500 points. For the 250 point ones, the forces are usually a captain, 3-4 warriors, 1 reach guy, and an archer. Often, I'll run the archer as a solo. Seems to work pretty well.


The 500 point armies are usually 1 main melee troop with a spell caster, an archer troop, and possibly a solo (depends on the faction).


I've only got one demo army full painted (drawn from my own Tomukh army), but the Necropolis (Crypt Legion) demo army is almost done (Nivar and 2 archers to go).



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Hmmm, an ideal demo army ....


a Captain not bogged down with Special Abilities

an Elite to show how spells work

2-3 melee grunts

1 archer

1-2 melee grunt with Reach


It can be played out in a half an hour and can easily be played on a 2'x2'.

Obviously the Elves get screwed with this setup.


and best of all ... only 8 models per army! YEA!!!!

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