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A Tide arrises......

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"... I SWEAR I know nothing about it!"


"Nothin' except for WHEN it happened, right mate?" Vieta says with a slight grin.


"Well, everyone. Since introductions are being carried out... the name here's Vieta. Pleased to meet all o' ya..."


With that, Vieta adjusts his belt and scabbard, resting his hand on the rounded hilt of his cutlass.


"So... when's the food bein' served?" he asks casually, reassured that any of his potential "crimes" are not being mentioned. Nonetheless, he keeps his ears open for any important information. Still, people speak more at the dining table then before the reception. Especially if wine is served...

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At Vieta's remark, Tolan's eyes glow a bit redder and sparks seem to crackle around his fingertips. "Unless you plan to back up your words, do not presume to accuse me of that which you have no proof. I was not there and know nothing about that event and unless you have proof, do not accuse me of it again!"


He then takes a couple deep breaths, seems to steady himself and the crackling stops. When he looks back up the redness in his eyes seems to have disappeared. He looks at Vieta and says, "I am sorry my friend. I know you were not accusing me of anything and meant your comment only in jest. I have too much experience with being accused of things and sometimes my temper gets away from me. Please accept my apologies."

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Ah hells, two fights in one day...


As soon as he saw the sparks on Tolan's hands, Vieta's hand clutches the sword by his side, ready to draw blade. Not even a thought of calming down the situation crossed his mind as every part of his body readied for a fight. He felt himself wishing for his gun by his side and not in his pack.


However, the man cooled down, and, simultaneously, so does Vieta. He reassumes his original casual stance and leans against the wall or the nearest piece of furniture, hands on his belt.


"No problem, mate." he says with a shrug.


This lubber's got himself a temper, don't he?

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"Alright, let's not all get worked up about the reason that we've been summoned here before we even know what that reason is." Malrae says reassuringly. "I'm sure that all will be made clear in good time."

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"Easy folk, please not in the manor, this house has seen to much pain the last few weeks!!!" Jared (which btw if you have seen Robin Hood the Costner version, Jared resembles Little John, but with hair pull back & a bit bulkier) says in loud but firm & calm voice. "Please Lavinia will explain thing at dinner" he adds. "Ah yes dinner!!! Excuse me kinda sirs but I must see how things are going in the kitchen" Kora says. "So if you'll excuse me, I'll be on my way." she puts her small hands to her chest & bows slightly, then she walks calmly down the hallway & out of sight.


"Ah Kora, she really cares for Lavinia, like she was her own granddaughter, never has wanted a bit of coin for her services here in the manor & abroad" "Now the explosion that got everyone all upset was a terrible incident for this family, Lavinia's parents Arik & Larissa had just purchased a new caravel, the Wild Wave they named her, it was to be it's maiden voyage the next day, Arik, Larissa decided to spend the night aboard the ship so they could cast off early the next mornin, when all of a sudden she went up in a ball of fire!!" "City investigators never found any foul play involved, really didn't find much, Hells, they even sent a billing to the Vanderboren estate for the damage caused to the pier she was moored at!! Of all the dirty low minded things to do." Jared clenches his fist at this, but calms down "Arik & Larissa were good friends, best friends I've ever had, Arik & I travel abroad actually even got caught up on a wild adventure or too, funny how things like starin at dragon while your eyeballin it's treasure & such pales in comparison to losing your friend, your brother in arms" with that his tall frame slouches a bit, but he stands tall as he says "They had no enemies, they were good friends to all, man, elf, dwarf, gnome, even the Olman tribes that live in the Amedio Jungle were good friends of theirs, heck Larissa even had friends in the forest, the animals. I don't see who could have done this to them or this family, but who knows what lurks in the shadows. There is always rival nobles jealous of others, or others, but don't come forward with this enmity"


"Malrae, it was good to see you again, glad to see your wounds have started to heal from that dreadful night, but now about dinner, I need to go wash up & help Kora myself, as we are the only people here to help here with the work around here, dinner will be a choice of roasted pheasant or silver swordfish, freshly caught this morning & bought as well, & yes my young swordsman, Vieta, there will be wine among the beverages + others choices as well!!!" "And with that, I bid you a fare ah do & I'll see you all at dinnertime" Jared gives you a clenched fist pound to the chest salute & turns & walks away.


As he is leaving you hear "Thank you Lady Vanderboren, I'm sure we can work something out, I know your parents, epically your mother, Larissa would have agree to something like this, just think of all what we could see & learn!!!" & you see a scholarly-looking gnome dressed in ruffled green clothing come out of a door Urol-vi.jpg.

"Please excuse me, I'm sorry to keep Lady Vanderboren tide up, but my business with her was hopefully for the better pursuit of science & exploration!!!!" he says as he comes through the party. He opens the door & leaves as he came.


A few minutes later from the same doorway a group of adventures four in all, similar in appearance as yourselves, comes through the doorway, lead by a tall rugged looking but handsome man with long hair & a short cropped beard wearing a polished breatplate with a bastard sword strapped to his back, a blonde half-elf dressed in leather armor with a bandoleer of daggers slung across his chest + daggers at various locations on his body, a balding dwarf with a full grey beard dressed in chainmail with a battle axe slung across his shoulder lastly a attractive but haughty looking female with straight long black hair dressed in a purple with teal accents robe. She taps a staff to the ground as she walks, you notice she has a crescent shaped tattoo on one cheek, running to catch up with the group is Kora.


The lead human stops in front of your group, he looks you over & says "Hmmm, you must be the help Lavinia's bringing in to do the chores around here, don't worry leave the rough stuff to us, my band can take care of the nasty stuff, but best of luck to yah, ha ha!!" Kora gets to the door in time to open it for the group, the leader you assume leaves the manor, the half-elf, nods to you as he walks by & leaves, the dwarf looks upon you, but looks to Kora "Moradin bless you & this family, Kora, may you take his blessing." Kora smiles & says "Thank you, Kaskus, blessings are needed in these times" & he takes his leave, the woman give you look over but really don't give any eye contact with anyone & leaves.


"Anther party on Vanderboren buisness." "Now, it's time for dinner, please follow me" Kora says & walks to the door to the library, then through a north door which goes through a gallery ,which you notice is pretty dismal for a nobleperson's home, there looks like there use to be dozens of works of art on display but there are gaps in between photos, even "ghost" paintings, ie where a photo use to hang, only the light colored wall now on display, most of the paintings that are left of are 2 humans, a man & a woman embraced together, Arik & Larissa you assume. One painting catches your eye, a family portrait, with them are two small children, a girl & a boy. There is also a bit of dust on things in this room as well.


Kora leads you through a door in the Eastern wall, you enter a Trophy Hall, many hunting trophies, all well perserved by taxidermy are in this room, great saber-tooth cats, a crouching deinonychus, (deinonychus), a bloated toad the size of a pony, & a strange badger-like creature with gold fur & eight legs round out a menagerie of more mundane leopards, wolves & bears. "Arik was quite the hunter, him & Jared had some great adventures together back in the day" Kora says as she leads you into this room "It's kinda funny, but Larissa really never cared for this room, with her beliefs very understandable, but she let Arik have it as she knew he was proud of his trophies." "Larissa did get her own area to relax in as well, as Arik dearly loved her & saw that her way of life was to be included in their home, in the middle of the manor is a open courtyard with trees, beautiful flowers, fresh grass & a stream that ends in a small pond, ah when Larissa was in there, sometimes the birds would come around & sing like there was no tomorrow, ahh I miss the sound of that....oh excuse me for letting my mind wander a bit" she embarrassedly says.


"Now if any of you would like to wash up before dinner, a washroom is there", she points to a single door to the east. "And now the dining hall." She opens a set of double doors in the southern wall, revealing a spacious room filled with comfortable looking upholstered chairs, a few bookshelves & a large dining table, that is set for a party of seven. On the table is part of the dinner that will be served, mostly appetizers stuff & some leafy salad in a couple big bowls. A window in the southwestern part of the room overlooks the manor's courtyard, the red carpet in the room is thick & soft as you walk on it. The courtyard that you see must be the one that Kora explained, but it looks nothing like she explained, some of the flowers have died off, a bit of the trees are unkept & a large portion of the grass is dead or yellowed. The pond has a bit of mossy green look to it, if not for the stream that runs to it, it probably would be even more of stale state.


A large painted portrait hangs on one wall above a fireplace in the southern wall, a fine work depicting a handsome young man with a short cropped beard & a sneer on his face Vanthus-vi.jpg & standing beside the fireplace is a young, very attractive woman. She is wearing a long flowing, fine blue dress which appears to be made out of satin, it is accented with gold piping around the ends of the sleeves, on the shoulders, her chest & along the bottom of her dress. She is wearing large gold hoops in her ears & a couple rings on her fingers. She had her hands clasped in front of her Laviniavi-vi.jpg


"Welcome, adventurers to my home, I am Lavinia Vanderboren, please, sit down & help yourselves to the appetizers & pre-dinner foods Kora & Jared have prepared for you. The main course will be serve later. I hope by you deciding to come here tonight both you & I can help each other out." she says in a noble tone.

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Unphased by the other group of adventurers, Tolan follows Kora to the dining hall, paying close attention to his surroundings. Once Lavinia speaks, he tears into the food voraciously as if he had not eaten proper food in weeks. In between mouthfulls, he keeps an eye on his fellow diners. After a few minutes of eating, he pauses for a while to allow the food to digest a bit.


He turns to Lavinia and says, "My Lady, may I enquire as to whom that painting is?"

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Vieta notices the green-clad dwarf and the passing group with a fairly non-chalant glance, although he does give a second glance at the haughty lady amongst the adventurers. He glances her up and down shamelessly as she passes, leaning back with a macho flair and a grin as the woman nears him on the way out.


Not bad... Vieta thinks, staring at her as she leaves.


Then, hearing the mention of food, he follows Kora to the dining room, his interest occasionally peaked by the sight of the hunting trophies and the occassional portrait. By the time they reach the dining room, Vieta was moving to seat himself somewhere at the corner where he can observe everyone without looking like he is observing, but the sight of Lavinia Vanderboren caught him off guard. When he had heard the name Vanderboren, he had expected some old, ornary noble lady with a poodle (white, with a puffy pink ribbon, Vieta had imagined), not...


Oh, holy tides...


"Dayum!" he says. Then, suddenly, he curses under his breath when he realizes he had said it aloud.


"I mean... damn! That... that looks like some... fine food there. Hope you don't mind me helpin' myself... to the food, that is. Right." Vieta says sheepishly, his reaction this time completely different then when he had reacted to the adventurer woman.


With that, he sits himself down at the corner seat, helping himself to the appetizer, not even commenting on Tolan's eating habits, and, most importantly, trying his best to not stare at Lavinia for too long.

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Nodding courteously to the band of adventurers on their way by, Malrae dismisses their comments without a second though. Such bravado is unnecessary, my friends, he muses. I'm sure that the mistress has something more important lined up for us than routine chores, this group doesn't look the sort for that type of job.


He follows the others to the dining room, his face mostly an expression of contentment as one who has returned to a fond memory. The only time that expression changes is upon viewing the courtyard. The initial shock of seeing the state of it fades quickly, but the despair can still be seen in the Half-Elf's eyes.


Before joining the others in the dining hall, Malrae excuses himself and enters the washroom. He carefully cleans himself up a bit in the large basin, washing off some of the mess that transferred to him from Jared, and drys off with a soft towel. Feeling a bit refreshed, he then proceeds to the dining hall and sits quietly at the table observing the others and eating sparingly.


When Lavinia enters the room, he rises and bows his head to her politely before taking his seat again. He frowns at the ruffian's boisterous and bawdy comments. After she has spoken, he responds, "Your parents were very kind to me and gave me a chance in life that many others would not. That bond transfers now to you, m'lady. If there is anything that I can do to be of service to this family at any time, you need only ask and it will be done to the best of my ability."

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Gil watches the band of adventures pass and smiles and winks at them as if he knows something they don't.

In the trophy room he really admires the arumvorax, commenting on how beautiful a fur it has.


When they get to the dinning room he settles in to eating in typical gome fashion. Not too fast and not too slow consuming impressive amounts for his size.


Looking at Lavina he says,"So, how can we be of assitance, m'lady?"

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"Hmmm, you must be the help Lavinia's bringing in to do the chores around here, don't worry leave the rough stuff to us, my band can take care of the nasty stuff, but best of luck to yah, ha ha!!"


Zaak lets everyone in his party leave before he does so he can stay at the back of the group.


Zaak looks to the human and thinks to himself, "Good luck cleaning up the grounds of dog crap...... It seems to fit your skills just fine...." <then he winks> as he passes by the group. However when passing them he looks for anything that seems familiar to him (ie a ring belonging to the Scarlet Brotherhood)


Making his way through the Trophy Room he takes in all of the sights. Although the animal pelts bother him he lets it go.


Upon entering the Dining Room he looks at the sights of the human eating seeing nothing like this ever in his life. He thinks to himself, "Wow what manners he posses --- musta went to finishing school."


Seeing Lavinia Vanderboren Zaak bows slightly and begins to wander, "How am I going to get a few minutes alone with this lady so I can ask her how she knows about my parents.... I will decide that after this meal is complete." He then looks to Lady V and say's, "Well met Lavinia Vanderboren my name is Zaak Moonshadow." Zaak then sits down at the side of the table opposite of the human he recognized from earlier this evening just to be able to keep an eye on this fella. He has a interest in this person as well wondering, "Hmmm I should make contact with this person as well who calls himself Vieta. I don't think he means me harm but I can not tell for now."

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There is a tense moment as the elf sits across from Vieta. A feeling of awarkness creeps down the bucaneer's spine as he sits, leaned back in his chair, slanted to look around the table. He stares at the elf, and, after a moment...


He reaches for the closest plate of appetizers and takes a cracker and some cheese if its served, and plops it in his mouth, not messily but not politely either, bordering at casually at best.


He turns back to the elf sitting across from him and slides the dish towards the man.


"Try the liver pate." he says, as if making small talks.

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"Try the liver pate."


Zaak looks to Vieta and says, "Okay..."


With that being said Zaak grabs a cracker and spreads the pate on it. Smiling at Vieta he pops the cracker into his mouth. After he is done eating the cracker he looks to Vieta and says, "Not too bad.... Pretty tasty anyway....." With a smile thrown to Vieta he looks around for wine or ale. Looking back to Vieta he says, "How about we go get a mug before the actual dinner beings?" After saying this he give Vieta a quick wink and nod.

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Yarrin scans the Trophy room with mild distaste. "There is a distinct difference between hunting for survial and meaningless sport." He then enters the washroom to cleanse himself before the meal taking time to give thanks to Procan for the blessings of water and life.


Sitting down at the table Yarrin nods his head towards the Lady. "I do hope that we can justify your bringing us all here."

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