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A Tide arrises......

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"You adventurers (looking at your weapons & armor), all are all alike, go kill your dragon & see me when your ready" she replies taking a big drag of her cig before tossing it into the street & going back into the building. After the brothel encounter, the rest of the journey is pretty unexciting, quite thou you can hear the lapping of the ocean as it splashes against the shore, a few yards away. Making your way you reach the Strumpet's Excuse, a 2 story building with a overlooking balcony, you kinda experience some deja vu, as the building looks similar to the The Minx Market, albeit no ladies hangin off it thou. You see the sign, you kinda chuckle when you see it, a bent over woman's backside with a leather boot "booting it out to the street. You enter the saloon style swing-doors & a elderly man wipes a bartop & looks up as you enter, "Ehh, oh hello there, welcome to the Strumpet's Excuse, my name is Jim Crackelbarrel, sole owner of this establishment, do you need a room for the night??"




Kn Ck-Nob: Kellani, Kellani, the name is right there, ah yes, living in Azure for a bit, you've heard of the name, The Kellanis own a rather large manor on the middle isle in Azure District, thou a minor noble like Vanderboren name the Matroness of the family, Heldrath was known to be a adventurer like the Vanderborens. You recall that she is old & her health has taken a turn the past few years, you also recall she has a couple daughters as well, Rowyn must be one of them.


"Well now that's more like it!!!" she lets you take her hand & before she turns, she slams the mug down her throat before doing a 360 spin, then tossing the mug into the street, it shatters upon hitting the ground. "Surprised?" "ha ha you might find I'm full of surprises tonight!!" "Smeed!!! A couple of Gutbusters!! I found myself a dancin partner!!" As you get to closer to the light, you see a sparkle coming off a diamond that she has on her nostril, also her diamond earrings flash in the light, you also get a better view of her face & judge her age to be around somewhere in-between 22-25 or so, she isn't as small as you think, she looks to be about 5' 8" or so.


As the bartender slides the mugs down the bar, she catches both with quick skill showing that she is quite agile, even with the alcohol in her system, which with this many in the bar, she seems to have had quite a bit before you showed up "Here yah go, sweetie, so what brings down the street tonight, or was it destiny calling you, ha ha." She takes a drink from her mug & dancing slowly around you while you drink & talk. As she comes around the front, she touches your lips with finger & asks with a sly grin on her face, "so you got a name, pirate?"

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As they approach the docks, Tolan looks at the ships to see if he can find the Vanderboren ship. He strikes up a conversation about the price of ale and costs of shipping by boat with Gil and the others to throw off anyone listening in on their conversation.

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"Takin' a night's walk on dry land, tis all." Vieta says as he takes his drink.


As she comes around the front, she touches your lips with finger & asks with a sly grin on her face, "so you got a name, pirate?"


Pirate, eh?


"My name, says ye?" Vieta repeats.


With one hand, he gently takes her hand and moves it slightly away from his mouth, then, with the other, he jerks the entire mug down his throat. The warming liquid burns from his mouth and down into his stomach, a feeling he is quite used to. Then, putting the glass bottom up on the counter, he takes the girl's other hand, and stands up.


"Name's Vieta." he says simply, an equally sly grin on his face.


Holding both of her hands by the palm, he stomps the rhythm of the song currently playing, then leads her into the dance. around the inn floor, through the crowds, and even onto the streets if the momemtum leads them there.


Kellani. She's a noble born... He thinks as he looks into her face, a smile on his lips (a grin or a cocky smirk in all essence, specifically).


As equally interresting to him as her physical appeals are the diamonds she is wearing, although he doesn't let this be too obvious and forces himself not to stare at her jewelry. Nonetheless, he faints a touch of ignorance and asks...


"So, Miss Kellani... What's a fair lass like yerself doin' among heartless sea dogs such as us?" he asks lightheartedly.

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He strikes up a conversation about the price of ale and costs of shipping by boat with Gil and the others to throw off anyone listening in on their conversation.


Walking with the group Zaak keeps his eyes peeled for anything out of the ordinary.

[spot 13+ (mod 6) = 19]

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"Ehh, oh hello there, welcome to the Strumpet's Excuse, my name is Jim Crackelbarrel, sole owner of this establishment, do you need a room for the night??"


"Actually, Mr. Crackelbarrel, I'll need several." Malrae replies politely. "My party is currently in the employ of the Vanderboren family and we were told that we could get rooms in your establishment. Lady Lavinia says that our lodging will repay the outstanding debt that you owe the Vanderboren family. There are seven in our party, so whatever accommodations that you have for at that would be suitable would be a blessing. We will need at least two or three nights here and some sort of morning and evening meal each day as well."

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"Yes, but the best gnomish ale is going to come by wagon before you can load it on a boat so you'll have to add that cost into it too. It would have been handy to know which slip we were looking for now wouldn't it? Anyways that boat there is just totally unsuited for ale shipment." Gil gestures at a small lithe looking sloop, " you need somthing with a broader hull, especially if you need to navigate rivers as well as sea."

(Bluff check=17, for anyone listening in)


Gill will also keep his eyes peeled. (Spot=20)

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Yarrin goes with the others as they head out towards the docks. As they near them Yarrin speaks up, "You guys can go ahead and take a look from further up. I'm going to head down towards the water and see if I can hear anything from down there."


Yarrin strolls down towards some of the smaller docks looking at both the water and the faces of the workers wondering if there is anyone he might know.

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you separate from the group & head for the docks to see if any of your old dockworker friends are around. You look down the piers that you use to work & almost an hour goes by & your about to head back to the group, when you see someone familiar, a middle aged man. "Yarrin!!" "Holy crap, it is you!" the man says, "so how's that druidic thing workin out for yah?" it takes a bit to recognize the man, but then you recall his first name, Carl or Carol, you can't remember exactly.


"Funny seeing you down here, so you wanting to work around here again, ha ha gonna need some help down here soon, got a couple of cargo ships from Naerie comin soon, the crew will be tired from the oversea journey so we'll need all the help to unload those."





you don't spot nothing out of the ordinary other then the a few late night dock workers coming & going from the piers, + anther set of guards walking toward the party, doing their normal rounds of the Market area. Also you keen eyes do pick up the sign showing Pier #5 in gold lettering on a royal blue background, you also notice not much activity is coming off that pier.




your dark-vision helps you see a bit further then those with low-light or regular vision, but you can a bunch of ship moored to the pier but none appear to be the Blue Nixie given Lavinia's description, thou kinda hard to distinguish features in black & white, thou you don't see any nixieish figureheads, mostly mermaids or similar nautical icons. You can kinda see off the sides of the pier but if there is anything out there, it is beyond you dark-vision range.




you pretty much see what Gil sees, nothing out of the ordinary, if anyone is listening in, they are either well concealed or are invisible, as people just pass you like you were stack of crates or something physical to avoid. You too also notice that Pier #5 isn't busy either, maybe 1 or 2 people & they look like workers or a sailor, but they don't look like the type that would hang with or follow someone like Vark.




"Ah Vanderboren, yes I know what your talking about, Arik bailed my butt out of a couple scraps a few times, one in particular involved this very inn."


"As you can kinda tell the place use to be a brothel, similar to the other ones in the area, well I wanted a place for people to come & stay the night, so I ended up buying the place from the previous owner, Joril Seelwell, a elderly gentleman."


"Well the patrons of the place + the employees didn't agree with the sale, so it started to get nasty,epically from the more violent patrons, anyways Arik, Jared Teirel & the dwarf Baldwin Orcslayer were coming back from somewhere & bailed me out of a major jam."


"It's pretty funny the boot on the sign was painted like Baldwin's, he didn't care who he booted from the place, ha ha"


"Shame about what happen to him & his wife thou, they were good people"


"Of course, I'll honor the request, please tell Lavinia or Vanthus that their employed help is welcome to stay here anytime & for as long as they need too."


"Place isn't too full now, just a few other people, so no worries on the space." He gets out a big book & a pot of ink & a feathered quill, dipping the feather into the ink, he says "For official business stuff, I need to know the names of your party, You said there was seven of you?"

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As they pass pier #5 Tolan takes a good long look down the pier (Using his enhanced vision, spot check = 12) saying, "Yes, I know we have to factor in the costs of the wagons and the guards, but we have that deal with the caravan leader that if they are late we get half price. And seeing as how they are already a week late I think I can talk him down even further so the cost of the ship will be easily offset by that! I honestly don't know why you worry so much about the money. It's not like we can't afford it! The profits the ale is going to bring us when it reaches our distributers will be more than enough to cover the costs of a better ship. But what I was saying before was that I don't think any ship around here currently will be suitable. Those scallawags you brought to meet me yesterday were dirtier than the sewer and smelled worse! I don't know where you find them!"

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"Hey those scallawags were close friends of my second cousin, they're almost like family." He looks up at the sign for pier 5, "Ah, here we are. I think I saw a vessel that might suit your standards."


Gil turns and starts walking down the pier.

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Tolan & Gil & Helegar


As you guys get to the top of the pier you get a couple looks from some passerbys, but nothing out of the ordinary, mostly from dockworkers wonderin who walked by.


Tolan, you don't see anything either that resembles the ship, you see ships such as the Lilly, or the Fleeing Maiden, but no Blue Nixie.


there is about 7 ships moored to the docks right now, all are various caravels (sailing ships).


"Hmmmm there be nothin here!!!" Helegar says with disdain, "Maybe that weasel did something to cover up the ship, the markings Lady Vanderboren gave us were pretty distinctive enough to try & cover it up" "I'm gonna head down the dock & get a closer look." & Helegar walks down the dock, his dwarven waraxe on his shoulder.





"Hmmmm Vieta, has nice sound to it, rolls off the tongue well" she says with a sly smirk of her own" She lets you lead as you dance around the crowd & eventually out the door on to the porch & eventually out to the street where you first ran into her. "ha ha fair lass, hardly, I'm among friends, people I know I count on."


"I like adventure, it likes me." she says in a soft alluring voice.

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Yarrin walks down the dock and smacks the worker on the back. "I'm not likely to be heading down here for work but may Procan's blessing be on you for your duty to the sea.Naerie is it? I wonder what all they're bring in this time for over there. Remember when that shipment of exotics got busted open? We had every critter on the banned list running, crawling, and flying all over that night didn't we? I do wonder if we caught everything." He continues some small banter before tipping his head towards the docked Vanderboren ship, "What's the harbormaster and his man doing with this hull?"

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Vieta chuckles and stares into her face. Slowly, her allure claws at his arrogant attitude, revealing the nervous and shy schoolboy underneath.


"Well, I'm a bag full o' adventure, miss." he says with a grin, suddenly finding himself concious of how ridiculous the statement sounded.


He stares into her face, into her eyes, and thinks...


Ah, to hells with it!


And he gives her a kiss on the mouth.


Then pulling back, to hidehis own nervous boyish nature and to make it seem as if he felt nothing wrong in what he just did, he gives her a cocky grin, hoping deep inside she doesn't get offended.

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