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A Tide arrises......

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Following at a distance behind Tolan & Gil & Helegar, Zaak tries to utilize darkness and shadows to his advantage. Zaak will stay about 50' behind the group looking to see what actions are being taken in case he may be needed. :ph34r:

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Ah don' like tha boot not bein' where it's s'posed ta, Heleger thinks to himself as he walks down the dock, eyes peeled. How good're this group, then? How manny of 'em have been in a real scrap? Ah hope they knoo how ta follow battle orders.

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"Place isn't too full now, just a few other people, so no worries on the space." He gets out a big book & a pot of ink & a feathered quill, dipping the feather into the ink, he says "For official business stuff, I need to know the names of your party, You said there was seven of you?"


"My name is Malrae Rilynnlylth," He responds. "The rest of my party are, shall we say, a bit on the unique side. There is a stout dwarf named Helegar Unglefsson, a human with a flair for the magic arts who goes by the name of Tolan, Yarrin McKeern who has close ties with Nature, a gnomish fellow called Gilhurst Slickhand, an elf of the woods Zaak Moonshadow and a boisterous pirate-looking fellow known only as Vieta."


"I'm not sure when the others will be arriving this evening," he continues, "but I would be surprised if all of them are present much before the morning breakfast."


Following that Malrae squares away any other business with the innkeep and heads to one of the rooms with his gear in tow. Upon entering, he gets to work servicing his armor and weapons and getting mentally and spiritually prepared for the following days assignment. Once finished, Mal retires for the evening and falls asleep fairly quickly.

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(sorry for the delay, haven't felt too good the last couple days & such, btw nice to have yah back on Uglef)




After telling Jim the names & giving him some sorta description of the other party members, he notes them down in his book, sets it aside & hands you a semi-rusty key "Room 20, just go upstairs & it's toward the end of the hallway, figured I'd give you a view of the open sea, ha ha. Hope your stay is a pleasant one" Jim says with a smile & hands the key to you.


You climb the stairs, as you head up you notice for the first time anther patron sitting in a dark corner with a frothy mug in front of him, he nods his head to say hello to you as you pass. You walk down the hallway & come upon your door, the #20 on a plated metal plaque on the door. You insert the key & open the door, it doesn't creak much, as the hinges are pretty well oiled. You give one last look outside & enter the room & close the door (do you lock it?). The room is simple but it'll work, there is a bed, a wooden chair, a small chest with a lock & key on a small chain & there is a small table. Also in the room is a lantern. You set your gear down, light the lantern & proceed to work on your armor, all the wile thinking how your gonna take on Sollar Vark & his men, a good hour or so passes before your down. You set your armor on top of the small table & your weapon, on top of that. You also set your gear up for quick readiness for tomorrow.


Upon getting everything set up, you proceed to set yourself down for the night, like your elven heritage you set yourself into a deep trance, as you lay down, thou unlike full blooded elves, your human side requires you to "sleep" (Elves do not sleep in my world in the traditional sense, they enter a deep trance, they only need to be in this for 4 hours, which is equivalent to 8 normal hours of sleep, half-elves do the same, but their trance isn't as deep & you "sleep" for 6 hours which is the equivalent to 8 normal hours, normal being what a human would require to be fully rested.).


You drift off into the dreaming realm....




"Eh, oooh yah I remember that one, ha ha yah the Harbormaster was PO'ed royally that day :lol: :lol: :lol: " "I recall one thing jumped into the bay & was never seen again, probably living off sailors now, :lol:


"Don't think it'll be anything major this time, mainly some foodstuff of that nation & some textiles" he says "Nothin major just alot of hard labor, were down in numbers for workers right now."


(you too noticed as you get down the dock, your about halfway in between the end & the Pier #5 sign, there is no ship called the Blue Nixie docked here)


Helegar, Gil


The two of you pass Yarrin as he talkin to a dockworker, seems like they know each other. You look at the boats docked on the pier, but there is nothing that resembles the Blue Nixie moored here, the two of you walk all the way to the end of the pier. (Both make Spot checks-I'm rolling your's Helegar, will make post the result next post)




You stay 50 feet behind the group & nothing happens to them, as they make their way down to the end, they pass each ship looking at the names, figureheads, etc but nothing. As you stop outside a torch's light a couple of workers, drunk from the way they are walking, pass you without taking much notice of you, they get into a small rowboat moored to the dock & row off into the darkness off the bay (make a spot check)




As you pull away from the kiss, she drops the mug that was in her hand & grabs the back of your head & pulls you back to her & returns the kiss, it feeling like fire from her warm breath & the achohol on her lips.


It seems like forever before she "comes up for air" so to speak. "Well now, your adventurous. Do you really want to get involved with a Kellani, Veita?" she says with a sly grin on her lips, as she licks her lips.


"You might get burned."


With that she does a wild spin with her arms in the air, dancing to the music, all the wile staring at you with her ice blue eyes that seem to glow in the night air, & doing a giddy schoolgirl laugh.

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As you stop outside a torch's light a couple of workers, drunk from the way they are walking, pass you without taking much notice of you, they get into a small rowboat moored to the dock & row off into the darkness off the bay


[spot 12 +mod6 = 18]


Taking note of the sailors getting into the tiny rowboat Zaak moves deeper into the shadows.

[Hide 4 + mod8 = 12]

Zaak will also try to listen in on their conversation if at all possible.

[Listen 7 +mod4 = 11]


Thinking to himself, "Hopefully Tolan, Gil, & Helegar will not move out of my range of sight. However something might be of use to us right here with the drunkards. For now I will stay and investigate for a few moments."

Periodically Zaak checks to make sure his group doesn't get too far ahead of him on the docks.

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As they make their way down to the end of the pier, Tolan keeps an eye on the surrounding areas (spot check = 18). He looks back to see how far they are from Zaak, just to make sure the fellow does not get into any trouble.

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Vieta's nervous and shy lapse disappears instantly with her positive reaction to his move. His grin becomes less sheepish and more Vieta-ish.


"Thanks for da warnin', lass."


He moves towards her, resting his hands on her hips. He gives her, this time, a more deliberately slow kiss, and then, taking her hand, he leads her inside again.


"I'm afraid," he says, feignting a playful distress, "that we haven't had enough grog to be playin' these games."


His grin remains as he takes her to the bar and calls.


"Rum, mate!" to the bartender before adding:


"Two bottles worth!"


He turns back to Rowyn.


"Burn, says ye? Well, let's fire it up. What say you?"


[OOC- Does the inn have upstairs room? :devil: ]

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"Well, my friends," he says to Tolan and Helegar, "either we misunderstood the lady as to which pier or it seems as if th Blue Nixie has been moved. I guess we can relax a bit."


Gil slides his rapier back into its sheath.

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Malrae nods politely to the other gentleman as he heads up the stairs. He does indeed lock the door to his room, more out of habit when in the city than from any sense of foreboding and occupies his thoughts with his preparations for the next day. As he settles into his sleep/trance, he briefly wonders if all is well with his new companions.

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"Well, my friends," he says to Tolan and Helegar, "either we misunderstood the lady as to which pier or it seems as if th Blue Nixie has been moved. I guess we can relax a bit."


"Indeed. Perhaps that fellow that Yarrin was talking to might know a bit about where the Nixie is," replies Tolan. He looks around for anything suspicious.

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"Yah the explosion was a bit, big one too, she was packin something when it blew. Clean up was a witch too." "She really did some damage to the pier she was moored at" "She wasn't moored on this one if your looking for that one, it was over on one of the eastern ones."


"Thou the Blue Nixie is out in the bay if your looking for that one, not sure why she is out there, thou the bosun is a bit high strung, enough that he calls himself captain when he's around others, he thinks are important, thou mostly just around his men, from what I've seen he likes to be in control."


Helegar, Gil, Zaak, Tolan


Zaak, as you keep a eye on the 2 sailors they push the craft away from the dock & row out into the bay, they don't use a light but you can make out the craft's general direction by the sound. Before they get out of hearing range, you hear them talking amongst themselves, "Why did yah go blabber yah ijut, now Vark's gonna be pissed off" "Ahoy if I hadn`t spake anythin', ye`d probably gave everythin' away, so shut yer flapper before I toss yer behind overboard" there is a bit of a pause then you hear "besides, how in th' hells would Vark know about what happpene tonight anyways" "Aye, yer starboard, Bill" & they row out of range. Also you notice something out in the bay, a dim light probably a dim lantern or maybe a small torch.


Helegar, you scan the bay & you too notice dim light, it bounces, probably a lantern or a small torch on the deck of ship.


Tolan, you turn to check on Zaak & Yarrin & you too see the 2 sailors rowing a small roatboat out into the bay, but don't hear what they were saying as they are out of range of hearing by the time they reach your spot. Like Helegar you notice the dim light in the bay as well.


Gil, you sheath your rapier, & have a look around but nothing seems out of place for you, just a muggy tropical night on a pier.





As you dream, you hear a slight "click" sound coming from the door............




The bartender looks at Rowyn, which she nods & he grabs two bottles from under the counter & he gives them to you. "Adventurous, I like that in my pirates, shall we go treasure hunting, lover? she says in a sly erotic voice, she walks away from you, walking ever so slight to accentuate her shapely form, as she get a bit away she turns her head & gives you a wink & then suddenly rushes up the staircase to the rooms upstairs, laughing as she goes.

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Upon hearing the click, Malrae comes out of his "trance" at high alert. Keeping as silent as possible and trying to maintain an even breathing rhythm, he gently slides his right hand to the edge of the bed and secures a tight grip upon the pommel of his warhammer. Rolling his head ever-so-slightly towards the door, he tries to make out who is entering his room.

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Seeing the light in the bay and the sailors rowing out on the water, Tolan walks over to Zaak and asks, "Did you manage to hear any of what they were talking about? You seemed to be much closer to them than we were so hopefully you caught some of their chatter."

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