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A Tide arrises......


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Looking off in the direction of Vark, Zaak hears:


"AGHHHHHHHHHH git off me, ye nasty bug!!!!!!" He swings at the pedipalp but his swing is wide & the blade catches the wood near the hole & whatever has him pulls him down into the depths of the ship, his sword is ripped from his hand as he goes under.


"AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" he screams as he disappears from sight "Help me, you swabs, nooooooo, AGHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!"


Thinking to himself, "Now what?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! ........... whatevers got him going to come back up shortly......"


Zaak keeps the bow drawn and aimed at the hole of the ship.


Zaak immediatly whispers to Malrae, "What in the nine hells...?????"

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"Ah yes I do know those songs!!" & as he hears the clunk of the coin into the pot he says "Also thank you for you generosity as well."


He starts to play the fiddle, the tune "Fisherman's Bane" start to play but for some reason the notes & tune sounds a bit different afterwile, almost to the point, that tune makes you drowsy (Make a save vs Will)



Rictur sees that his parley is granted for the time being & says "I'll right ye, Vark & my brother & I run a animal smuggling ring her in Sass'. Funny what people will buy with their gold, really--monkeys, parrots, big cats like Panthers, Ocelots anything out of the ordinary, I guess to stand out from the crowd, since "illegal" animals don't sell cheap, heh take a leopard, them damn things can go upwards to 100 gold crowns!!" he pauses a bit as he looks into the hatchway & kinda takes a cautionary step away.


he continues "A few weeks ago Vark & I came "upon" some goods(you take it he is talking about animals) from a load that came from way south of here, anyways we jacked the cargo from these merchants who we found out had a contract with the Scarlet Brotherhood up North here, I guess they are animal lovers as well, he he so we decided we needed to set ourselves up as those merchants & collect the booty those monks were offering."


"Anyways awile back we almost were found out by the local district law, Dumas (he points toward the man Malrae & Zaak killed) was the one that found us, but again funny what the promises of gold will do to a man & such, heh. So we had our stooge in with Merchant D's law, but still our trail was hot, + Vark's "normal" job was working for Old Man Keltan Islarn, you know the Harbormaster here in Sass'." So with his position we decided we needed to move our ops somewhere out of the ordinary, like say a ship, well Fharlanghn be with us, this rich broad comes up to acquire her dead daddy's ship, so we told her that we'd get the ship ready for her, we took the cash & when she came back, she had to no claim to it due to there was no one else to witness the transaction, the ship was ours for the taking." "The way I see it you must be her enforcement to get it back, hmmmm??"


"Anyways, what we have in the hold are or were from the sounds before, some exotic animals & even a few mundanes ones, you know cause even those damn things can fetch a price, but whats makin all the noise & what took Vark is something I've never seen before, it kinda looks like a spider, but it has 10 legs, it's 2 front ones are larger & have thorns or barbs on the end that are good for grabbin, not the first time I've seen it take a crew member like the way it did Vark. The nasty part of it thou is it's head, or more or less it's mouth, two large mandibles strong enough to bite yer leg in two if you let it."


At this point he stumbles a bit, his wounded leg giving out a bit & he sits down onto a crate that was near the cargo piles.




You cast your spell about the same time, Rictur finishes talking, the lights dance & wizz over the opening, but the creature doesn't show itself, more or less it's a eerie silence compared to what just happened a few moments ago.


Anyone peering into the hatchway, sees a ladder that leads down into the cargo area of the ship, a bit of blood can be seen on the floor (no doubt Vark's), but Vark can't be seen nor the creature.

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"Yoor damn right, we're here ta get back tha lady's boot!" Heleger replies. "An' Ah don' like yoo riffering too her as 'soom rich brood'. Yoo show respect! Noo, as ta ther strange beastie in tha' hoold, Ah don' knoo a thing 'bout aminals. So Ah'm open ta sooggestions aboot wha' ta doo aboot it."

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Tolan listens to the description of the beast and thinks back to his days of tutelage and tries to figure out if he knows anything about an animal similar to what Rictus is describing. He turns to Rictus and asks, "Just how big is that thing and can it get out that door?"

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you think for a bit, but nothing comes to mind about the creature in question, nothing you've ever come across in your arcane or even mundane studies & such. After a bit Rictur turns to you & says


"It's not to big, about the size of a pony or so, but the way it can "squish" it's body together I might be able to get through that hatchway here" as he stands up regaining the strength to hold his weight up again.


"I will say thou, the magical lights probably made it skitter back into the shadows thou, from what I've noticed it tends to be more nocturnal then anything, thou not to the point that light hurts it in anyways, just it's habits."




"Pardon me manners, dwarf, I tend to spit on the high society, since I'm just one of their pawns in their little game they play with

common folk, like myself" he says to response to your words.



Rictur turns to you & says "I have no objection to killing the thing, I'm in a bind as it is, but it appears that my boss & the rest of my business partners (oops, forgot to finish this part) are dead or in the case of my brother, scattered to who knows when, thou knowing him he's probably be at some bar drinking his weight in ale or something, he he" he says with a slight laugh.


"Thou not sure how the Brotherhood might react to a bum deal thou, I wouldn't wahna cross em." he adds.




Your eyelids & your head gets heavy after a bit, as the old man "fiddles" (ummmm yah, ha ha) along, apparently weaving a spell or sorts in his playing. You teeter a bit & then your body falls over, the effect of the spell still taking effect on you, your eyes close but your ears are still open & you hear amongst his notes, "He He all to easy, the Slaughtermaster will be pleased......" & the music stops & you hear a flick of a blade from a scabbard......


You expect to be dead about now, but as soon as you lose consciousness you are suddenly awakened by a wave of cold water on your body "Get up, Veita!!! He has a dagger!!!!" a familiar female voice says & you come back around.


(OOC also been trying to send your sheet to you, but I think my isp is blocking it for some reason. It gets to like 99% sent & then it errors on me OOC)

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Tolan looks at the others and says, "Well we came here to recover the Nixie for Lady Vanderboren, so we might as well finish the job. We do have this sunrod here to perhaps help herd it around. I am up for it if the rest of you are as well." He then turns to Rictur and says, "What do you say mate? Are you with us? I will see that you are compensated if you are loyal to us, but cross us, and you will regret it. Another set of hands and a blade would be of use to us and you know more about this creature than we do."

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Curious as to who it might be that warned him, Vieta's curiosity dies as soon as he becomes conscious of his predicament.


He opens his eyes and blinks a few times before, with a scream ("Ahhhhh!"), he jumps to his feet, his hand clutching the handle of his rapier and drawing it from its scabbard.


He shakes the cold water from his hair with few flicks from his head and glares at his opponent, his hand waving the blades in a few arcs as he faced the "blind" man.


Then, with another, different yell ("Arrrghhh!"), he charges his opponent, thrusting his rapier towards the enemy.


Attack Roll:10 (6+4) [not sure if there's a bonus to charge, forgot... :upside:]


(OOC- Oh, your email worked [checked the wrong email, :lol:]. Everything is good! Thanks a bunch, mate!)

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Yarrin listens intently as Rictur yammers on about the animals they have captured and sold. "A bit of a bind eh? So we should feel sorry for you since you've finally gotten yourselves into a place that you can't back your way out of? Feels a lot like a cage now doesn't it, a cage just like the ones you've been trapping these animals in to sell off. Maybe it would be best if we sent you down there first. I know that most beasts are much easier to work with once they've had a good meal." Yarrin snarls as his anger builds. "Well now that we have gotten the lady's boat back I guess its up to us to clean your mess out of the hold as well."


Yarrin begins moving causiously tolds the holds opening ready for whatever may be down in there trying to see just what they've gotten themselves into this time.

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You think a bit, using your innate nature sense to see if you can figured out what the thing in the hold might be....you remember something, but it feels like it's at the back of your brain as you remember the knowledge, the creature is really obscured but as Rictur keeps giving out stuff about, what you know becomes easier to remember.


You recall a name.......Rhagodessa or something like that, you know it's a vermin, somewhat related to spiders but in way not, from what Rictur says you know it can grapple it's prey/opponents with it's front legs due to the many barbs that are on there. It's jaws while deadly is not it's primary attack.


You also recall that is it is nocturnal creature & it lives mostly underground, mostly coming out at night to hunt. It doesn't have any natural enemies. You also recall it is not from this area.


Last thing is being it's a vermin you know that is has the following traits (game terms) :


* Mindless: No Intelligence score, and immunity to all mind-affecting effects (charms, compulsions, phantasms, patterns, and morale effects).

* Darkvision out to 60 feet.

* Proficient with their natural weapons only.

* Proficient with no armor.

* Vermin breathe, eat, and sleep.


Rictur turns to you in response, "Hey look bub, everybody has to make a livin to survive in this world, I make mine by selling animals to people that want the darn things, you it appears to be a merc for some woman with money in her pockets to pay if you succeed" he says in a bit of raised voice, but he keeps calm through it. "I'm sorry if I don't fit your kosher way of life." "Like I said before, you'd be surprised at what people will do for a little bit of money."


"Funny thing really thou, if she hadn't paid yah to come down here, we'd gone on our little way, did our little deal & you wouldn't even known about it"




Rictur rubs his scruffy chin a bit, "Hmmm your offer is temping, but I can barely move, thanks to me brother's well placed shot to me leg here (pointing to the wound he is bandaging up with some cloth he found near where he was standing), I'd just get in the way, besides you all look like you'd be ok without me anyways.


"How is this, since I'm a businessman & I know when the deal is against me, I'll stay up here on deck & just sit here until you guys emerge from the hold, I'm sure you guys are up to taking this thing out, hell yah took out me partners anyways & I'm not stupid to run, epically on one & half legs of course." "You guys can turn me into the port authority here on smuggling charges afterwards, collect whatever reward they have for "evildoers" like meself & rot in some jail cell afterwards. Sound ok to you (he looks at everyone, stopping at Yarrin as he ends his words)?

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As you shake off the water & awaken, the old man is irrrate, you see he has pulled down the blindfold & can perfectly see you, he is holding a dagger in one hand & the fiddle in the other.


You notice the woman that was on the arm of the man in the room you left, has a empty pail in her hands.

(the man is about 5 feet in front of you (you fell down in front of him) so no room for a charge but you can attack normal thou, but first I need initiative, as you are in normal combat now


"Well now I see you have friends......" he says as you stand up to swing, he begins to sing a song....(depends on initiative, his attack vs your attack).

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Heleger mulls the situation over briefly, then gives orders. "Alright, then, Ah guess we'll hafta go doon an' floosh it oot. Malrae, yer wi' me in tha froont. Yarrin, yer wi' me an' Malrae so's yoo c'n try an' soothe it like wi' yer aminal empathies. Zaak, yoo an' Tolan stay back an' try ta coover oos. Gil, yoo stay oop on deck, an' keep a lookoot."


There, if they doon't like tha', they c'n choose a noo lidder, he thinks as he readies his axe in front of him and starts down into the hold. "Oh, one moor thin'," he says looking back quickly, "Innyboody has a light, make it yoosfool."

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