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A Tide arrises......


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You swing at the spellcaster (thou you've always come to think of spellcasters as old men with beards & spellbooks), & with the swipe you connect with the caster, slashing him across his chest doing 5 pts. "Aghhh, so you will put up a fight, good, good!!" he says in retaliation. He swings his dagger at you as you pull back, the dagger barely misses your arm but snags a bit of the fabric, tearing the sleeve.






note the description, as the pic shows doors that shouldn't be open)


Malrae descends the ladder & reaches the bottom without incident, the hold is bigger then you think it appears, probably 10 feet high (from the floor to the opening), about 15 feet wide, with a door just next to the ladder on the left side, with the sunrod's light radius (which is 30 ft with up to 60 ft shadowy illumination) , you pan it around & see a large crate to the right of the ladder & there is a cage in front of that door, you stop for a bit to see what is inside the cage, & there appears to be a underfed monkey with a bright blue nose with bright yellow eyes, it stares as you & follows the light, you notice the cage is locked & doesn't look like the Rhagodessa damages this one at all in it's fury, all the while Yarrin reaches the floor as you turn around with the light.


Also the light goes out to where the large cage's right side is, the rest of the hold is in shadows.


The main mast is about 5 feet in front of the ladder. There appears to be a crate to the left of the mast & anther crate, but the door hangs a jarred on this one, also there appears to be a trail of something dark on floor near this crate. As you pan the rod over, you see it is blood, also something glitters near the mast in the light, a familiar crude hooked sword, stained with blood around handle thou not to much on the blade however. You see the trail of blood go toward the large cage.


As you follow the trail of blood you see a body of a woman lying on the floor between the 2 small cages, a dark pool of blood is under her, thou there appears to be blood on her body as well, like something was dragged over her. You hear a crunching sound as you get to the sword & a chittering sound coming from the large cage toward the rear of the hold, it's door is barely hanging on to the cage, probably where they kept the Rhogodessa. Thou the sound abruptly stops as you draw near with the light.


As you go further into the hold you see, other cages with dead animals in them, the crude cage doors torn apart in a rage or crude bars bent by some powerful force. The animals range from parrots to a black furred cat. There is even a cage that had dogs in them. All slaughtered by the Rhagodessa, in it's fit of rage. There is also a door on the far wall of the hold, on the right (lower) side of the small cage, this cage appears to be unharmed , you can't tell what is inside this cage however.

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with your enhanced day vision, the hold is pretty much daylight to you. (I think it's 30 feet, if so upon entering the hold behind Malrae & Yarrin your vision is past the big cage, but with the sunrod, it extends to the other side of the hold) You can definitely see there is a animal or creature in that far cage, it is slumped in the corner.


It's some sorta creature that looks like a cross between a raccoon and a monkey, about the same size as a halfling. Its coloration is that of a raccoon, including the dark “mask” over the eyes, gray-brown fur, and a ringed tail. It looks like it has primate hands, with opposable thumbs. The creature’s face is almost as expressive as a human’s, and its eyes shine brightly through the shadows as they reflect off the sunrod's light (like a cat), thou at the moment it appears somber & to the point of almost slipping into the afterlife as it lies there, thou it does move it's head when the light appears in the hold, but it appears to be so weak that it barely moves.


You see also there is movement near the large center cage, when the crunching sound stops.

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Ignoring the creature, Tolan continues to follow Malrae deeper into the hold (Tolan's vision is "see's as normal no matter the light conditions", so he would see as if in full daylight). He tries to see if he can tell exactly where the Rhagodessa is in the hold and whether there is any way for it to get around them.

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Taking a step back, Vieta looks at the tear in his shirt and glares back at the fiddler-assassin.


"You lubbery mongrel! This shirt is worth more than you and your mother combined!" he spits in retort, and again goes into the offensive.


With that, he puts one foot forward and darts himself towards his enemy in a lunge.


Roll: 12 (8+4)

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Zaak looks around up on deck making note of everything thats going on is general vacinity. Feeling the mending helps but still ---- he feels the pain inflicted on him this very night.


Wondering to himself, "Should I descend and provide better cover --- or provide cover from above and keep watch......"


Making his way to the ladder he chooses the latter of his decision for now providing cover from above and keeping watch. :unsure:

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You thrust your blade at the man & catch him as he is pulling away, stabbing him in the arm doing 5 pts of damage. "Aghhhhhh!! Blast so I see you will put up a fight after all!!" With that he sing a short tune & waves his fingers holding the dagger (while gripping the dagger) at you (make anther Will save :poke:), you start to feel tired & not as "springy" so to speak......All the while the woman that is standing near you, begins to feel the same effect as well.




Alright where is everybody on the map,


Uptop - Rictur is sitting on a box next to the hole to hold?


Below Deck--The bloody sword is in the square below the main mast, the body of the female is in between the 2 small cages, other then Malrae of course ::D:. Everyone needs to be behind Malrae to start this encounter.



"Ah I can remedy that my friend!" out the blue after hearing your thirsty, says Rictur. "I know we carry some brandy, as Vark was fond of it, let me go get some for yah." "Don't worry, I won't run off, it's in the captain's quarters anyways, like I said I'm a businessman & know when I'm beaten."




Other then Rictur saying he wants to go get the drink, doesn't appear nothing else in the area threatening, even with your low-light vision scanning the area, as you scan toward Sasserine you see a area by the docks is starting to light up (torches, lanterns, etc) & as you scan toward the bay you see a ship coming through the broken arches of Teraknian's Arch. Other then that nothing else.





After seeing the others go down & disappear from sight (the line of sight for the hole is pretty much straight down, really can't see what is on the sides), you make your way down into the hold, the sunrod messes up your darkvision for it to be used properly, you see objects outside the radius of the it, but that is about it.

You see the blood trail leading around the main mast & it goes to the large central cage, also Vark's hooked sword on the right of the main mast & as you get your surrounding right, a creature jumps upon Malrae from the top of cage (see Mal's entry for details) (Also make a Initiative roll, which I'll do for yah as stated --- 16).



(DM note--Devil's Sight--see in darkness or magical darkness out to 30 feet, unless you have a different power "on")


With your sight you catch a glimpse of the creature move behind the smaller cage that is near the bottom wall (like the map shown), it scampers up the cage &............ (roll Inititative)




You catch something moving away from the large cage but it disappears into the gloom of the hold, with so much stuff in here & such the sunrod's light reflects back onto itself, other then clear paths to objects & such. As you try to find the creature you hear a shuffling sound near the cage that is on your right near the wall (as before, like the way the map is shown). All of sudden the creature.......... (roll Initiative)




Holding the sunrod, your vision is allot clearer as you wave the light source to find the creature, but it does have it's limitations & the shadows creep in after you scan a area with it. You come upon the bloody sword & the trail of blood that leads & goes over the bloody woman, apparently "Mari" that Vark shouted to earlier, you prod the body with tip of your trident & the body is defeintly dead, it appears that her arm has been torn from her body, where it is, who knows.


As you look up you hear something scamper up the cage to the right of you & with blinding speed & creature the size of a pony descends upon you from above, flailing a pair of legs that are flat but barbed with wicked hooks, trying to catch you. The creature's body is dark brown with yellow stripes, it's furred legs long & spindly. The Rhagodessa's head is horrifically oversized, dominated by immense mandibles that chatter & clack as they open wide to try & take a chunk out of you.As the creature jumps to attack, the alive animals start to hoot & holler & make all sorts of noise,except the creature in the far cage. (Roll Initiative)



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