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A Tide arrises......


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The woman's eyes are wide as the bullet bursts from the barrel with a small blast of smoke & she moves her head ever so slightly as the bullet smashes into the bone of the man's head, his blood splattering the side of her face as she falls away from, but the dagger no longer pierces her skin. The man's body goes limp as he falls back & hits the street, his dagger flies out of his hand as his arms & hands hit the ground.


The woman is in shock from what has taken place, looks at you, looks at the man, feels her neck where the dagger was pointed at & her hands come away bloody & just starts to scream hysterically as she see them, a bunch of lights come on from around the neighboring buildings & there are couple of "SHUT YER HOLE!!" & worse type comments from around the area, from formerly asleep citizens.


You notice a couple of doors are starting to open up to see what the noise was.............


FINAL Initiative listing (All involved)


Yarrin 23



Zaak 22

Gil 22


Helegar 16



Malrae 15

Rhagodessa 15


Tolan 3



Rd 3




you kick the half eaten torch out the way enough to give yourself a clean area to fight in & take a lunge at the Rhagodessa, the scimitar slashes the beast across the abdomen for 8 pts of damage. The creature shrieks as the scimitar pulls away.




Scanning the combat zone, the Rhagodessa is in the middle of the combat you see Malrae is on the right side of the creature, Helegar is on the left & Yarrin would be directly in front of you but the creature is in front of him. Tolan is next to you using his blasts of energy to fight the creature from afar. All around there is junk such as creature cages, cargo & various other stuff on the floor making it cramp & hazardous to fight the creature. The only light source is the sunrod that Malrae is carrying.


After assessing the area, you fire a arrow but the arrow sticks somewhere into the distance, as your carefully aiming your shots to prevent hitting your teammates.





At the last moment you see Rictur's boot & slide down the ladder to avoid the strike "DAMN G......!!!" is the only word you hear clearly as you end up in the hold, the impact of hitting the floor of the hold, knocks you down, but out of his reach. Your hands are red & bare many wooden slivers,but other than that, no worse then you were when you were topside.


Helegar (note Malrae gives you flanking bonuses)


Regaining your combat stance you again swing at the creature again & your axe bites deep into the creature for 8 pts of damage. The beast shrieks at this & turns toward you.

Malrae & Rhagodessa (TIE)


The Rhagodessa turns away from Mal & faces Helegar after the damage he caused by his axe. The creature swings both of it's front legs with the hooks/suckers at you, trying to catch you with them. One reaches around & grabs you from behind, doing no damage but you are stuck to it & the other one smacks you across you head, if your wearing a helmet it's knocked off as the creature pulls you toward it's gaping maw, again doing no damage but draws you to it's mouth.


The creature opens it's mandibles & clamps down on you for 13 pts, (you dead??) but releases after it does the damage, thou your still stuck within it's grasp.

Malrae (note Helegar gives you flanking bonuses)


Surprised a bit that Rhagodessa turned toward Helegar, you seize the opportunity to strike the creature. You readjust your grip & plunge it downward into the creature, striking it for 10 pts of damage!!


The creature shrieks as you plunge the trident into but doesn't release the dwarf.




Seeing that Zaak is with you now, you feel a bit more confident with your blasts (anther body just in case the creature goes after you, anyways..) & you carefully aim & fire, but the blast only does 2 pts of damage, thou you notice the creature struggles a bit after the energy dissipates into it's body. They are hurting it, just not the killing blow.



The way the 2 warriors are fighting side by side

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Oh, hells...


Vieta quickly holsters his pistol and pulls his tucked shirt out from his pants, letting it drape loosely over his belt and cover the weapon. The feel of the hot gun barrel against his skin makes him grunt. He quickly makes his way to the screaming woman, kneeling before her and clasping her tightly, shaking her until somehow he can shut her up.


"Stop! Listen to me, you'll be ok! STOP, I SAY!" he orders her, and, if necessary, he will clasp his hand fimrly but not unkindly against her mouth and will keep the grip on her until she calms down.


To the onlookers, he looks around and shouts:


"What da y'all scallywags lookin' at? Sod off! Haven't you ever seen a duel before???"


Bluff: 5 (3+2)


After the woman is sufficiently quiet, he stands up and walks over to the corpse, riffling through the body and whatever possession is on it. Vieta keeps an eye out for any documents or paper that might indicate who the would-be assassin is and who might have sent him. Than, he walks over to the dead man's donation pot and recovers his coin before kicking the pot a good 3 feet down the street. He does the same to the fiddle, shattering the damned instruments to splinters before returning to the woman's side, taking her hand, and telling her:


"Follow me, we have to get out of here. There might be more of them..."

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a few people just give a ehhhh wave of the hand & shut their door, other not so kindly & give yah a finger or so & then shut the door. A few just stare at what transpires. As you confront the woman, her eyes are like a deer lost in headlights, but as you grasp her hands, she comes back to reality...sorta "Ehhh, Aghhhh what??" looks at you looks at her hands again & is about to let out a scream, but you grasp her hands a bit firmer & she only whimpers & gives a slightly nod as you say "Follow me, we have to get out of here. There might be more of them..."


You check the man, & find only a few silver pieces on him, a rolled up piece of parchment & that's about it, nothing that would tell who the man is or why he wanted to kill you, only what he said to go by. "Slaughtermaster, hmmm" you let roll out of your mouth. You walk over to the pot, grab you coins & kick the thing down the street, the clanging sound is loud & echoes due to the stillness of the night-early morning air.


Finally you walk over to the violin, & with one good stomp smash it to smithereens. It would take magic to put that back together you think, finally grabbing the girl's hand you make your way off into a alleyway, as you look back at the scene, you notice coming out the doorstep of the inn, is the rich man that you confronted earlier, but he doesn't see you, thanking Rudd (Greyhawk goddess of luck) in the process.






As you step back a bit to assess the situation, you notice Helegar the dwarf, slump in the grasp of the Rhagodessa, you not sure if he is dead or just unconscious. He did take quite a bite from the creature.


You take a swing at the creature, but it's outer shell deflects your blow.




You take a quick look at the hatch, but all you hear is footsteps away from the hole, they lead over the hold, but disappear as Rictur gets further away from your position.


Knowing that the rogue won't be coming down, you size up the creature & fling your dagger at it. You strike it, the blade piercing the soft tissue of it's neck, doing 2 pts of damage, the creature shrieks & stumbles, but doesn't let go of Helegar thou, but it weakened.




Seeing the creature is weakening, you carefully aim your shot & fire at it's head, the creature moves & Helegar's limp body briefly gets in your line of sight but as the creature moves & Helegar falls away, you let the arrow loose, all you hear is the whip of the string & the arrow as it flies through the air & the sudden "THUNK" as it slams into the creature's open mouth, the arrow is halfway embedded into the creature's throat. The creature gives a deathly shriek, jerks a bit & slams into the ground as it breathes it's last breath.





the creature's grip loosens as it dies but you slump to the ground & don't move, your not dead, just out cold (your at 0 hps, thus aren't loosing hps(ie negatives), but can't move or do anything.)



As the creature dies, one of the monkeys in the cage starts to scream & jump up & down, the racoon-looking creature is standing up near the bars in it's cage & chitters something, seeing no one responds it cocks it's head sideways & then seeing Malrae says something in elvish to you "Vedui'" which to you & anyone that can understand elvish "Greetings".


Zaak you smell something smoldering from above................

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Twisting his trident once more for good measure, Malrae is finally satisfied that the beast is dead. He leaves his trident in the carcass for the moment and reaches down to retrieve the sun rod. Squatting down to fetch it, he hears the greeting and holds the light aloft to reveal the speaker in greater detail. Seeing that it is one of the creatures in the cages, he is momentarily taken aback, but responds respectfully in elvish, "Vedui', Aier. Lle anta amin tu?" Greetings, Short one. Do you need help?

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Watching the arrow strike the creature in the mouth and watching the creature fall over Zaak hurridle slings the bow over his shoulder. Looking around the room he states, "Everyone OK?"


[He takes a quick gander around the room looking to see if anyone will be in need of assistence.]

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Watching the arrow strike the creature in the mouth and watching the creature fall over Zaak hurridle slings the bow over his shoulder. Looking around the room he states, "Everyone OK?"


[He takes a quick gander around the room looking to see if anyone will be in need of assistence.]


As Zaak is looking around a whiff of smoke enters his nostrils. Immediatly Zaak's eyes peer back up the hold outside to see if there is a problem going on above deck. He shouts to the group, "SMOKE!!!!!!"

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Vieta pockets all the loot (especially making sure he takes the parchement, as that seems important) he finds at the scene and, before doing anything else, he puts a good, stiff kick to the dead body before him. Taking the girl by the hand, he proceeds to lead her quickly away from the scene. He walks fast, only slowing at times when he realized through his thought-clouded mind that the girl could not keep up to his pace. By the time he rounds an alleyway, he notices the old man he had harrased earlier this morning.


Oh, not this bastard again...


Cursing to himself, he stands with his back flat against the alley wall, cocking his head sideways to catch a glimpse of the old man without revealing himself, and, from this position, he observes the old man very carefully. He takes care to note the old man's reaction should he notice the bloodied corpse lying in the middle of the street some distance away.


Meanwhile, his hand brings his pistol up and he begins to slowly load a fresh new cartridge down the barrel. He cocks it and carefully holds it in his right hand, making sure it is not sticking out but also keeps it in position to quickly bring it up to aim and fire should any more trouble arise. At the moment, the rich old man becomes the new threat to him.


"Tell me," he whispers to the girl without taking his eyes off his new quarry, "Who was that old man that you were with in that inn earlier?"

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