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A Tide arrises......


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Coming over to the wooden crate, Cha'laa hops out of the way, to give you room to work with. Getting to the crate you see it' a normal wooden crate with nails holding the lid on, apparently Cha'laa accute sense of smell picked up scent through the holes. You analyze the crate & see that you can wedge the back end of your warhammer between the lid & to the rest of the crate-jamming the 'hammer in you push down & with your strength lift the lid up in one push. You repeat 3 more times & the lid comes out enough that you are able to pull it free. Inside is a few bags, but there is one that is open, revealing in some fruits & such.


"Ahhhh, thank you kind longlegs, once again I'm in your debt" Cha'laa says as he reaches into the crate, pulling out a mango & banana, offering one to you, if you don't take the fruit, he happily chows into both. Between bites he says to you, "So longlegs, how do you come aboard this craft?"






you see only one craft off the port side of the ship, apparently Rictur got away with the other one & started to set things on fire, apparently not as wounded as he made out to be.




you are able to hold the small craft from getting any closer to the ship with the gaff hook, but that is about it.



You dive into the water & are able to grab what is left of the rope, with you grabbing the rope underwater, the singed parts while hot don't damage your hands. Getting in between the the fiery craft & the ship you push off with your legs & start to move the craft away from the ship ever so slowly, the flames all the while engulfing the craft, your not sure how much longer it'll stay afloat or how much longer you can hold on to it, as the wood feels warm to touch + with the heat of the flames above you.


Helegar (now being played by the DM, till Unglef gets back)


"Now, that's settled, what else did the Lady want us to do? Me, memory is a big vague right now, musta been the whop on the head I took battlin that bug." Looking around "hey where is that half-elf, Malrae? He could be helpin us right now!!"



"No not really, I live in this district, I can find my way home, unless your not busy?" Emma says, here emotion under control now, she seems to be the young woman you met in your room earlier.

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Tolan holds the craft away from the ship until Yarrin can get it moving. He then collapses to the deck for a brief rest from the stress of a near death experience. He takes a moment or two to recover and then turns to the others saying, "Didn't she want us to get her money back or something?"

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"We're taking possession of this craft back in the name of it's rightful owner." Malrae says, a small bit of vehemence creeping into his voice. "The men who piloted it of late were nothing but common thieves and murderers, apparently smugglers as well!"


He looks around the hold while speaking trying to see if there are any more dangers or anything else needing assistance.


"How long have you been held captive by these beasts?" The half-elf asks.

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You sit down (more or less all of the action of the previous hour or so from the rowing, fighting & now the interaction (cage bashing, crating opening, etc with Cha'laa) to listen to what Cha'laa has to say.


"Ahh, good to hear that you are not with them" Cha'laa says.


"I'm not sure how long I've been on this craft, but the animals including the Click-Clack & I were aboard anther craft. Many days & night across the great water we traveled" at this he kinda bows his head "some of the animals did not survive, nor did Nora, my mate." & with that he sits down & looks around, looking at his food & again bows his head "the men just took the ones the didn't survive I heard them say "these might bring a few coins." I'm not sure what the meant, but the dead ones were never seen again."


"We arrive here & the ship hasn't move other to where you found it, not sure where is, different men run about the craft now. The one the Click-Clack ate had one job & that was to burn us if trouble came looking for us, the ugly one said. "He he, ugly got it in the end as well. " Cha'laa points to the large cage that served as the Rhagodessa's home, you see there are two mangled bodies in there, a woman missing her arm & Soller Vark, or what you can recognize of him, it appears that the Rhagodessa has torn of his face & part of his chest.


after awhile you hear one of your companions yelling for you from topside.


"Sounds like your friends need you, go to them, I'll be ok now" Cha'laa says to you & take a big bite out of anther






"Well, I guess I'll be seeing you around town, eh?? Emma says with a crooked smile. "& no I don't mean that way, ha ha" her laughter lightens the mood a bit, you watch her walk away from you & disappear around a corner.





you are about to give hope of finding a skiff, but then you recall the one the drunks used that lead you to the whereabouts of the Blue Nixie in the first place. Going over to the starboard side, you see the small dingy held to the ship by ropes. "Well at least he didn't burn this one" you think to yourself.


Yarrin & Tolan


Yarrin you are about to push the burning craft away from the ship, with Tolan helping as far as the Quarterdeck with the gaff hook preventing it from getting any closer to the ship, the gaff hook simply won't reach when Tolan moves up the stairs to the Q'deck, but the craft is clear of the ship, still burning & wood is getting hotter to hold on too, but you've done you job.


Tolan you notice from the direction of the harbor is a light coming toward the ship, your not sure of the distance thou.


Helegar (now being played by Unglef again)


Yes, that was it, you recall Lady Vanderboren wanted you to get the ship, whether it meant talking to Vark or as she put it "your way", to get back the platinum pieces she paid with & of course her father's signet ring. Using you darkvision you make you way back across the ship to the door that Vark & his woman came out. The door isn't locked & you make your way through it, you come into a 15 x 15 foot square room, , In the rear left corner is the quarter mast (not sure of the exact terminology but it's the rear mast of the ship)with a door in front of it to your left, about in the middle of the wall. Also there is a door in the middle of the rear wall


In this room is a long table with chair around it, not knowing ship terminology you think it might be where they dined, as you do not see any beds or cabinents of any kind. There are dirty plates on the table as well, you figured the smugglers weren't too tidy as you make your way through the room.

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I'm sorry to hear of your loss and the hardships that you have faced small one. I'm sure that my benefactor will help you in any way that she can. Her family has always treated outsiders with respect and kindness. Since you seem to be feeling better, I will take my leave of you and see what is going on topside.


Malrae trots over to the ladder and begins to climb it.

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Too distracted in his own thoughts, Vieta does not notice the girl leave until she rounds the corner.


"Uhhh... goodb-..." he says, but she was gone and probably didn't hear him.


Shrugging, Vieta gets his bearings and begins to walk out into the main street, his attitude casual and seemingly calm, despite his mind raging.


They tried to kill me... Who tried to kill me?


Deciding he has a job in mind, he takes more care and asks someone the direction to the tavern Lady Vanderboren had directed him to. He takes care not to reveal too much information and occasionally, but subtly, checking if he is being watched or followed.

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Zaak peering around the ship gets a very uneasy feeling inside of his stomach. Thinking to himself, "What in the nine hells is goins on? No answer from below.......... No what?????"


Catching a glimpse of Helegar making his way down the ship Zaak yells out, "I'll back ya up!!!!" and takes up immediate pursuit.


Thinking to himself as he follows, "Wonder what ever happened ta the fella downstairs.?.?.?.?.?.?.?"

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