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A Tide arrises......


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Hearing Heleger's response Tolan turns to the guardsman and says, "The men inside are probably armed, but will be guarding one of the thugs that took this ship from Lady Lavinia. We definitely do not wish trouble with the guard and will assist you in any way we can." He then leads the guardsman inside to where Heleger and Zaak are guarding the thug.

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Vieta thanks the man and takes the keys. He walks upstairs, going down the the hall until he reaches his room. When there, he unlocks the door and walks in, closing it behind him.


Taking a few moments, Vieta walks to the window and looks out over the streets below (or, if his room is facing the docks), the ocean. He opens it, to let in some fresh sea air, and looks around again, taking notice of where things are, before he throws his canvas sack onto the bed and stands again by the window, observing things outside.


[ooc- whats the time difference between me and the rest of the group? Would it be better if I pause until they catch up?]

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"Ring?, heh, sounds like you guys are thieves too me." the sgt says to Gil as he comes over to the group. "So this Vanderboren, spill the info on this one, is he some sorta guild leader of your's, noble or ehhh?, (yelling over to his men) You find something?? his attention now to the guard. "You might want to come over here, sir!". the guard says.


"Alrighty then you, err what is your name again?" the sgt looks to large eyed guard. You can see now it's a elf. "Ereinion, sir" "Yah, I knew that, Airy-er, you stay here & watch these guys", flustered the sgt makes his way away from the group to over where the guard is at.


"Sir, I don't know him, but look at his clothes" the young guardsman say "Well now, this makes things a bit interesting. Come with me" the sgt says. "Yes sir" the guardsman says. Returning to his original spot he says to the group "So which one of you decided to kill a Merchant District guardsman?"




Opening the door, you see Heleger has bound a man dressed in plain clothes & is saying "Oh come on let me have my rum back, I ain't gonna do nuthin, honest!!" the man says "You!" Step out onto the deck now! Holding his sword out to Zaak "As for the rest of you, stay there!" "Sir, I have found the bowman!!"


"Ah, good, since I don't see any crossbows or bows on any of you & now a bowman turns up, our lead has a answer to it. You see the man was shot in the leg & now the apparent murder of a guardsman to boot too, boy you guys better star spinnin some tales" the sgt says to the group.



(your about 3 hours ahead of everyone else, their time is 3 am)


Actually with all the events that you've had the past 24 hours & the little bit of sleep, you've had, you start to feel a bit sleepy. The sea breeze, thou humid does feel good & the bed is probably one of the nicest you've seen recently. With the view of Sasserine's graveyard, Ancestor Island, across the channel, you decide to lie down & take a nap. As you drift off, you wonder if everyone was ok or where they would be this early in the day.

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Heleger finishes securing the bandit and leaves him on the floor. He visbly takes offense to being ordered about, as his face reddens and his beard seems to bristle.


"An' joost who might yoo be, mister?" he asks of the guard. "Ah'll not be ordered aboot bah tha likes of yoo, ya big goob! We're here unner orders from Lady Lavinia Vanderboren herself, an' this is her property, an' these hooligans stole it, an' we took it back! So away w' ye an' yer accusashuns o' murder! Mebbe yoo should get yer head outta yer arse an' go ask her aboot it b'fore ya start throwin' things like that around, yoo self-important jackass! An' annoother thing....."


He continues his tirade for a few more minutes, acting just like the pissed-off dwarf that he is, referring several times to the guard's mother in an insulting manner.






[OOC] Heleger is attempting to intimidate the guardsman. [/OOC]

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Heleger & group


"Please, calm down, sir. I'm sure this is a misunderstanding, all I'm asking is the elf to please come out here, we have reason to believe that a crime has been committed on this ship inside Sasserine's waters"


the guard appears to be visibily shaken up by the tirade.


"Hey whatabot me, I have something to say in all this!!" the man says from the floor "All I want is me rum & off this ship, I hate being out on the water like this. I didn't even want in on this, but Vark threaten me & he kill my brother & would do the same to me. Said cause I'd seen to much with that noble lady. I don't know what he was talking about there, all we were doing was getting my brother's boat ready to go fishin for dinner & next thing you know I'm shacked up with a bunch of smugglers & my brother is dead!!! "Don't go in the hold if you know what is best for yah" Vark said!! I just wanna go home!!"


"Look, last night me & Alwan, that be some dark skin cat, kinda weird & spooky, were playing some cards & havin a few drinks, when Rictur ordered us out on deck for something, well I didn't want to go, told him I only took my ordered from Vark himself, well that ticked off Rictur said when the Vark was busy, he was in charge, I told him to go suck a goose egg & shut the door on him & just kept to myself, next thing I know I open the door & that guy & this guy (pointing to Heleger & then to Zaak) are here, telling me that Vark is dead & they are takin this ship back for some rich lady, which I'm sure if the woman that Vark was with when he threatened me!!


"Well I'll be." Sgt Anderson says "Grant, you worthless peice of dog pile, get away from that door" "Yes sir" Grant the shakened guard says & he steps away from the cabin door "Tanner, Aryen, bring that man out here "It's Ereinion, sir" "Like I said before whatever!!!" the sgt angerly says in response" "Sir" the elf says to him in disgust & him & the other guard bring the man outside. "If what you say is true, then explain that one over there then?" pointing toward the dead guard "That man is wearing a Merchant District guardsman uniform" the sgt says to the man


"That is Dumas. He is or was I guess a guy that joined this gang a bit after I got recruited into it, from what I gathered he was Vark's ace. Said there wouldn't be any problems with the guards now & if you were wondering yes, he was wearing those clothes when he joined as well.


"Well now, so who is this Vark you keep mentioning, how about Rictur?


"Vark is Solar Vark, he was a man who thought he was a pirate, but I could see it was all a show the way he dramatize everything & the way he carried himself..."


"Yes, yes, but who was he!" the sgt says interupting the man.


"I'm getting to that, please I'm in distress about my brother now & I'm without me rum, Solar Vark was the leader as I said before while tied up & Rictur was his 2nd in charge, but as I said I never took orders from him, just a weasel if you ask me.


"So getting back to the way, Vark recruited you for this boat, again why did he put you hear & what were you smuggling?" the sgt says impatiently.


"Like I said before, we were getting my brother's boat ready for him to catch some fish for dinner, & I had the boat all ready to go & was waitin for him to get down to the docks & I turned to see some rich lady name was Lady Vanderbeer or Vandoren or something, light brown hair, lots of it, really a looker & a gnome, not that one thou (points toward Gilhurst), this one was female & old handing a bag of coins or something, I heard it jingle & Vark took it & after that Vark saw me see them & they came after me. I can even remember that scum's words "What'd you see, cur? I need men, so I'm offerin you a choice, join my crew or bleed at the bottom of these waters" & that is when he threated me with his blade. Of course I had no choice, I mean I don't wanna die or nothing. That is when my brother arrived & Rictur didn't even give him a choice, he knifed him right there & tossed his body into our boat. Vark was mad as all can be, said he wanted men, not bodies. So they covered his body up & took me aboard this ship & then they moved the ship out here, said it'd be better & no intruders to interfer with the operration.


"As I said, these men were smugglers, animals from what I take of the sounds I heard from the hold. I never went down there, as I didn't want to make Vark mad. Said the transaction would take place tomorrow night. Something to do with the Scarlett Brotherhood.


"The Brotherhood you say, hmmmm, well now, that makes this interesting indeed. As I said before, but no one bothered to speak up, who is this Vanderboren? I'm sure they are same person, at least I know she is a she, but that is all I know about her. Someone speak up, you (points to Yarrin), tell me something about her." the sgt says.

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Zaak slowly lets the draw on his bow go back to a non firing position however he does not unknock the arrow just yet. Taking his drawing hand he pulls his cloak hood above his head and sinks his head back inside. He recalls the situation from earlier to day and has a very deep seated mistrust in the city guard. Listening to the story he waits for Yarrins response.

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Yarrin turns to the sergant and calmly begins, "The Lady Lavinia Vanderboren contacted each of us to ask our assistance. I cannot speak for the others as to how they were contacted but the gnome you have spoken of, Kora Whistlegap is the one I had contact with first. I met the others," gesturing to his comrades, "at the Vanderboren estate where the Lady told us of the problems that she had had in regards to the Blue Nixie, her ship. She had paid the four months of docking as well as the fines to the man the Harbormaster had put in charge, Soller Vark," Yarrin tips his head in the direction of Vrk's body. "But when Lady Lavinia came to claim her ship she was told that the fines were never paid and she could not have her ship. We were hired to find out just why her ship was still under seizure and to prove that she had already paid this man the monies due."

"It looks like Vark was using the Nixie to smuggle illegal creatures into the city to sell them on the black market. If he was caught he could just then shift the blame to Lady Vanderboren since this was her ship. Vark dabbled in theft, deception, and murder. He killed this man's brother and threatened him because they were witness to the fines being paid. Procan has watched over us and delivered justice to these defilers."

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"I may patrol the harbor, but I'm no sailor. You'll have to hire some of those if you want to get this ship back to dock, thats if your free to go of course" the sgt says to Gil. He then turns to Heleger & says "Unnatural, you say??" the sgt has that "you gotta be kidding me" look. "Well so far we have this guy's story & we have your party's story, who I want to hear from is this noblewoman, Vanderboren, if I can get her story & it matches up, then I guess you & your group are off the hook here. Thou I'm not to keen about seeing a guardsman dead on the deck of ship."


"Also, I need to find out who the actual owner of this ship is, which requires looking into the registry books that resides with the Harbormaster. I'm not sure how long that'll take."


Looking at one of his men, he says "We need to question that man again. Sounds like something fishy is goin on with him." turning to Heleger again "The man that came to us, came out of the bay. He was wounded in the leg, said he had been shot by a arrow. Also, he said his ship had been assaulted by thieves, managed to get away but they killed everyone aboard. He was wearing fine clothing, had long dark hair (description matches Rictur). Thought something was up, due to the injury & how far he said he swam, but.....what the hells is that!!! On your guard, men!!!


Sgt Anderson is speaking when a creature that looks like a cross of monkey & a raccoon pops out of the hold & is saying something in it's language of chirps & chitters (anyone that understands elvish here's this "Friend of Cha'laa, Malrae long-legs are you up here? long-legs?"


"You will do no harm to this creature!!" & with that, Malrae steps in between Cha'laa & whoever with his trident ready to strike at anyone that even thinks to try & cross him.


"What are you doing? How dare you interfere!!" the sgt shouts at Malrae.


"This is Cha'laa, he was a prisoner of the smugglers, till I freed him & if you harm him, you'll face my wrath."


"Look, your leader, said there was something unnatural in the hold & this thing pops up, what was I suppose to do? I mean, how is it you can even understand it?" the sgt says to Malrae.


"Reason he understand it, is because it's a form of elvish, sir." the elven guard speaks up "You know sir, if you'd be a little more open in regards to other cultures, you'd might realize that." the elf says.


"Belay your tongue, soldier if you value your job!" the sgt says to the elf "Well then sir, I quit, I've had it with you" the elf replies.


"Great, this is just great!! I should take you all in just for the hell of it, how do I know your not pulling a fast one on me with this guy (points to the man that was with Vark's party) or even if this Vanderboren woman exists." you can tell the sgt is getting fustrated every second now.

"Friend long-legs are you ok? I thought I heard voices & thought you needed some help" Chal'aa says to Malrae


"I'm fine, just a bit of misunderstanding with the local guard. I'd be best if you either went back into the hold while we got his sorted out" Malrae says to Chal'aa.


"If it's ok with you, long-legs I'd like to stay up here, it's been so long since I've smelled air so sweet." Chal'aa says "I'll sit over here & won't be no trouble"


"That'll be fine, if you need anything let me know" Malrae says to the creature.


before Cha'laa can go to his spot, the elven guard drops to a knee & greets the creature, in elvish


"Cha'laa, I am Ereinion Tasartir. Please, don't be alarmed, I won't hurt you, but I ask about your capture at the hands of the men who owned this ship"

Cha'laa replies "Bad men, very bad men, they took my Nora & me from our homeland across the great water, along with the Click-Clack & other creatures. Most of them have died, along with Nora during the journey, somehow I live."


"Nora, was she your mate? Click-Clack? I don't understand." Ereinion says puzzled


"Yes, Nora was my mate of 10 seasons, she perished due to something attacked her during the journey. She became sick & slowly died." Cha'laa says in a sad tone.


"I'm sorry for your lost" the elf solemnly replies.


"Click-clack, was a creature that the men captured, said it bring in the gold if sold to the right bidders, but it escaped out of his cage when the firestarter woman tried to burn us. Click Clack then started to kill creatures inside of cages, if not for the chieftain of the tribe falling into hole, I'm sure it'd tried for me or the monkeys next. Long-legs & friends took care of it, it is dead in the hold now."


"hmm cheiftain you say? What did he look like & his men, did they look like any of the men on the deck?" the elf continues his questioning.


"No, those are friends of Long-legs. They helped kill Click-Clack, small hairy short-legs (points to Heleger) died but rose from the dead after battle due to magic of that long-leg (points to Yarrin).Powerful freinds, Long-legs has!!" Cha'laa stomps his foot after saying that.

"Yes, I see, thank you Cha'laa you've been most helpful" Ereinion says & rises to his feet.


And with no more words, the small creature hops over to the railing & gazes up at the night sky.


"Sgt Anderson, I believe these men are telling the truth. Ereinion says to his former commander.

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"Great, this is just great!! I should take you all in just for the hell of it, how do I know your not pulling a fast one on me with this guy (points to the man that was with Vark's party) or even if this Vanderboren woman exists." you can tell the sgt is getting fustrated every second now.


The dwarf's face reddens even more at the sergeant's words. "Fast one? Yer callin' me a liar? Ah'd like ta see.....yooo......" Heleger's angry tirade drops off as he sees the other guard begins to question the little creature. When he says that he thinks the party is telling the truth, the dwarf grins.


"Finally! Soomone wi' soom sense!"

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The elf says to you in dwarven, "My former superior never had any sense to begin with" & gives a slight chuckle.


"Alright, alright, so thing look to be adding up here, I just want to talk to this Vanderboren woman, she seems to be the common link among all of this, since she appears in this guy's story & your story as well. Tanner check the captain's quarters for some sorta registry, if it turns up this Vanderboren's name, then we'll have a clearer picture.


"Yes sir!" the guard replies & dissappears with a lantern into the rear of the ship.


It's almost 45 minutes before the guard returns "Sorry sir, the quarters & pretty much the officer's mess is a mess, had to sift through a bunch of papers, but I did find most of the papers had this name on them Verik Vanderboren & the handwriting was pretty esquite." he hands a bunch over to the sgt.


"Hmmm, Verik, Verik, I've heard of that name before. Ring a bell, anyone?" the sgt says as he overlooks the papers by the lantern light.



"Also, I wanna check the hold out, just to be sure, Tanner & even you Grant come with me, also I'd like you, Heleger to accompany me as well down there." the sgt says to Heleger.


"Rest of my men, stay here & keep a sharp eye out for things."

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