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A Tide arrises......


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Hopefully the Lady has gotten the message and will arrive at the harbormaster's shortly'" Yarrin says. "I send a small friend to let her know that the ship has been recovered from those that were trying to aquire it. Perhaps you should send someone to the harbormaster's to await her arrival and to bring her out here to clarify things for everyone."

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"Yes, that would be good idea, actually, thou I know at the time of night, he'd rather not be disturbed. Might be able to find someone that has or can access the ship logs & stuff." the sgt says to you Yarrin. "Wait, you said small freind, there was anther member of your party?" the sgt says a bit surprised.


After a bit, "Well, I think I can trust you. Mykyls I need you to go back to shore & get a message up to Harbormaster's Office, records for this ship, the uhhh" the sgt is stumped a bit.


"Blue Nixie, Sgt & you can also look under Verik or Larrisa Vanderboren as well, since they are the rightful owners of this ship, I should know since I was an employee of their's before the tragedy that happened on these docks." Malrae speaks up when the sgt has no idea what the name is.


"Tragedy? these docks? Huh wha?" the sgt puzzled at all of this


"Jeesh, I was formally employed with the Vanderborens, thou I didn't know Lavina very well, more or less seen her sometimes when she came to the boats, anyways I was a dockworker, Verik valued my strength & hard work ethics that he gave me a job. I was helping load up the ship, the Wave Racer, Verik let Larrisa name it. Anyways, I was loading the ship along with other workers & I went back to get a crate & all of sudden the entire ship was engulfed into a erruption of flame. I barely escaped, thou not unharmed as you can see." Malrae shows the burned areas of skin that were singed by the explosion. "If not for being off the ship & the blast knocking me into the water, I'd probably been engulfed in flames that evening." Malrae pauses a bit, but then adds "I lost co-workers that I'd become close with & of course I lost Verik & Larrisa that night, the bastard that did that will pay, mark my words.


"Sir, I recall that night, it was about a month ago or so, huge fire on Pier #3. The ship was totally destroyed." one of the young gaurds says.


"Hmmm, month ago, I wasn't in town, I was in Cauldron, my sister had become deathly ill." Sgt Anderson says. "I'm sorry for your lost, but you have to see things in my point of view, I have a guy on shore claims he was attacked on his ship, I come over here after he tells me the exact location & then I find, dead men & a dead district guard as well. What am I to do in all of this." the sgt says, not in a angry tone but more or less a tiring tone.


"Look, I will send my man back to the shore, which reminds me, should you be gone by now Mykyls??


"Sorry sir, I was just getting all the information before leaving. On it now sir!" the guard starts to descend the ladders, but looks up. "Sir, what should I do about the man, this Rictur?"


"Hmmmm, have him detained until further notice from me, understand?"


"Yes, sir, on my way sir" & the guard hastily climbs down the ladder into the skiff & starts the journey back to the shore & eventually the guard post.


"Alright then, does that help smooth things over a bit? I still want to check that hold, mainly for official purposes." the sgt says, turning to Heleger "I'd apprecaite if you'd accompany my men & I down there." He asks kindly. Funny, about an hour to hour & half ago, the man was barking orders & now is a totally different person, a person that sounds more reasonable to get along with.


"I'll go." Malrae speaks up "After the creature was killed, I stayed in the hold a bit to free Cha'laa. Of course if you don't mind."



"Hmmmm......" the sgt rubbing his chin.

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Heleger chuckles at the elf's little joke, hiding his surprise at an elf speaking dwarvish. When the sergeant asks him for help in checking out the hold, the dwarf prince also adopts a new demeanor.


"Aye, cap'n ah'll go wi' yoo. There might be moor mean beasties doon there, an' ah'll not havya eaten b'foor this mess is straightened oot." He hefts his axe, readies his shield, and once again climbs down the steps into the belly of the ship.

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Zaak listening to the exchanges of words begins thinking to himself, "Well if ya want to match arrows I can stick you with one as well" looking directly at the sgt.


AsHelegar and the watch make their way down into the hold of the ship Zaak makes his way back into the shadows awaiting their return.

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"Ah, you must be a spellcaster then" the sgt says to Yarrin "From your dress, I'm ruling out a wizard.


"Alright, you can come with us" Sgt Anderson says to Malrae "To smooth things over a bit from our first encounter I'll just take one of my men with us, Tanner you come with us."


"Yes, sir" the young guard says & starts to climb down the ladder to the hold.


"Here some light" Malrae produces the sunrod, the light still shining from it, thou the rod has burned through about half of it's capacity.


"Good, no use for the lantern then, keep it up here. After you, then." the sgt gestures


Malrae, not wanting to start anything, decends the ladder into the hold.


"I'll be goin next, so I can keep a eye on yah, warf rat!" & with that the dwarf climbs back down the ladder, as he is decending, the group hears him mumbling about "& I thought I was done seeing that foul beastie!!"


Sgt Anderson starts his decent, but before his head is out of view he says "Look sharp men, but relax, this shouldn't take but a few minutes." & dissappears into the hold.


a few minutes turns into 40 minutes, as the sgt after seeing the dead Rhagodessa, makes his man & asks the 2 members of the party to help him search the crates. Other then the animals, the party finds other illegals items, such as pelts (not that these themselves are illegal, but there is no accompaining paperwork regarding sales in Sasserines's waters.) some powdery substances, drugs of some kind, but nothing the sgt has seen around here, not even in Shadowshore, & other items.


"Heck even if the man was right about you guys, I'd still take his hide in for all of this stuff!!" the sgt says. "Alright, first off we need to get those animals topside, they don't look so good.



While the search of the hold is goin on, for the rest of the party it's pretty dull, Yarrin you are leaning on the railing wondering if Tag made it to the Lady's house yet or not, quite aways for the little creature to swim & run, but you knew you could count on him/her (still can't recall,LOL).


Tolan, as you sit in the dark, you mind drifts off to a few weeks ago when you first learned of your true nature, thou now the darkness inside you doesn't feel so cold now, must be the new group of people that you've come to know, as you drift back to the present, you hope that for their sake, they know what they are doing.


Zaak, recalling the the words of Rictur about the meeting with the Scarlett Brotherhood later today or tonight actually, you think about the ambush that killed your parents & start to fiddle with the ring that rest in your pocket. Looking up at the stars, you think "Father I will avenge you, it may take some time to track down your killer, but he will pay."


The elf, Ereinion Tasartir says in elvish, "You seemed troubled wild-one?"


Gil, one of the guards has decided to strike up a conversation with you, it's more or less "so how are things?" that kinda talk, more or less to break the silence of the night & to keep himself awake as well.


After awhile the sgt yells up to the deck, "Someone open the cargo doors, we need to haul up some things!!"

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Zaak, recalling the the words of Rictur about the meeting with the Scarlett Brotherhood later today or tonight actually, you think about the ambush that killed your parents & start to fiddle with the ring that rest in your pocket.


Letting the ring roll in his hand Zaak begins to ponder to himself, "Hmmm scarelett brotherhood. D@#@'d them all! They will die by hands for what they did to my mother and father. I will need to get a better sense of this organization and find the ones responsible for the heinous act."


Drifting off in the darkness with his hood pulled over his head he continues, "Same with the guard. Worthless human scum ----- every one o' em. I think a few of em will also need ta feel a lil discomfort befor the end of my days in this town."

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Gil, one of the guards has decided to strike up a conversation with you, it's more or less "so how are things?" that kinda talk, more or less to break the silence of the night & to keep himself awake as well.


Gil takes up the hints at conversation. "So do guys have to come out in the harbor and board a vessle often? Believe it or not thais is my first time on a ship. Yep, lived in the city all my life and never set foot on a ship. Has there been much smuggling of "exotic" creatures into the city? Have you seen anthy else weird lately?"


Gil steps out of the way when the sgt. calls for help and keeps clear for others to help.

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"Well that felt good." the sgt says to you, Heleger. "I'm sorry I came off like a jerk earlier."


Even with the ship crane (not sure of the official terminology, more or less a rope, block & tackle & a crank wheel), the job of getting the animals out of the hold take over an hour, with everyone helping. What little remains of live animals that were stored inside the cargo hold of the Blue Nixie. All in total only the 2 monkeys, a white tiger, (thou as far as you can tell it is closer to death then being alive, but it moves when the cage is hoisted up, a good sign at least) & a couple of parrots are alive. Either the Rhagodessa killed the rest or they died of malnurisionment. The crew in the hold count at least 10 dead animals amongst the cages & cargo, not including the Rhagodessa.

(most of these conversastion are before the animals are extracted)



the guard says to you, "Well we aren't the only harbor guards, as there are stations set up around the shorelines here in Sasserine. Mostly set up here in Merchant District due to comings & going of vessels. If there is a problem in the harbor, then we are sent out to investigate. I love being out here on open water, so I try & go whenever I can."


"Hmm smuggling happens even if we stop it one day, somewhere it'll pop up again. Animal smuggling is nothing new, heck I seen the other day a woman, looked to be high class, had some sorta exotic looking cat with her on a leesh. Couldn't beleive that.


"Wierd, well not in the sense of wierd that you might see it but I did see a half-orc wizard the othe day....well I better help my sgt."




the elf sees you are in no mood to talk & leaves you to your thoughts, helping out with extracting the animal cages from the hold.


Yarrin & Tolan


As you & Tolan help settle the last of the cages, the one with the monkeys onto the deck & help push it towards the side to move it out the way, you catch a glimpse of two globs of light coming toward the ship, also a friendly chitter from water near the boat, Tag has come back to the ship. Tolan as the globs of light enter your field of daylight vision, you see they are coming from 2 lanterns mounted to a small boat, 2 men are rowing the boat, & sitting in the middle is Kora, the gnome that recruited you yesterday afternoon & Lady Lavinia Vanderboren.

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The little sea otter grabs that treat & then boldly dives back into the water, only to pop back out & on his back, eating the treat.


The small craft reaches the ship & all that are looking overboard, see that it is Lady Lavinia & Kora, her faithful servant, along with two dockworkers. Kora goes first of the ladder, then Lavinia, the workers say in the boat.


"I said I didn't want to come out here, that is why I hired you to do the job, but Kora says your pet was distraught." Lavinia says


Kora says "It was a good thing I couldn't sleep & was making my rounds around the house & heard scratching sounds at the door, upon opening it I see your little companion jumping up & down & make all kinds of commotion. I thought maybe something was up, so I woke her Ladyship & we followed the otter & he led us down here.


"Also a good thing I brought a few coins with me as well." Lavinia interupts Kora "So other then the job what is this all about? I see you've taken back the ship back,(she quickly scans the deck at the bodies) wait I don't see Vark, where is that despicable scum!?"


"Also, what is the harbor guard doing here as well & who the heck are you!" she says to kidnapped now free man.


"I'm Darren" he responds.

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