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A Tide arrises......


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Tolan looks at Lavinia and says, "We are terribly sorry that you had to come out here ma'am. We had the ship under control, but one of Vark's men decided to cause even more trouble and brought the guard here. Vark met an untimely death at the hands, err..claws? of one of the animals he was smuggling into the city. The guard sergeant would like to have a word with you."

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"Ach, don' mention it, laddie," Heleger says to the sergeant with a grin. "Yoo didn' knoo what tha situation was, an' hannled it accordin' ta yer perceptions. Ah might have been a little overzealous meself, if ah was in yer place."


When Lady Vanderboren boards, the dwarf walks up to her and kneels. He holds both the papers and the ring up to her and says, "As yoo have asked, so we have doon, m'lady. Tha ship shud be yers ta do with as ye please, as soon as ya square ever'thin' away with tha harbormaster. And," he adds after a moment's pause, "With tha sergeant here."

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"Thank you Sir Heleger, you are like your father, I knew I could count on you." Lavinia says & takes the ring (overlooking it, just to make sure) & the papers.


"Chimera look what? Cyclops huh??" I have no idea what this says or means, but that is my father's handwriting, overlooking the rest of the papers. "Yes my parents were planning to leave for Farshore that month, but fate intervened."


"Ma'am, Sgt Lyles Anderson, Merchant District Harbor guard." the sgt says to Lavinia. "We are here investigating, a disturbence on this ship. A man saying he owned this vessel, came ashore a couple hours ago & said his vessel had been takin over &


"& so you came out here to investigate, from what my people say it sounds like you jumped to conclusions about my men, here. " Lavinia says


"Well ma'am, all I was goin on was what I had" the sgt says


"Please, don't interupt me while I'm trying to explain things.


"Yes, ma'am" the sgt says.


"If you & your men would have actually looked into this before, when I asked about it, then we wouldn't be here now would we.?" Lavinia says, laying ever so slightly into the sgt.


"I'm sorry ma'am I wasn't around when you inquired about this."


"All the same, funny when I want action, I get nothing, but all of a sudden here you are."


"Like I said, ma'am we are out here to follow up on man, Rictur Dunst is the name he gave us, but it seems like we were lead astray, with what I've gathered from everyone here & his story, but for the record, can I ask you to recall the events regarding your encounter with this Soller Vark character, who I concur is quite dead in the cargo hold of this vessel." the sgt says to Lavinia


"I've already went over this with your people, but I came down here to pay my harbor fees & Vark took my money, but when I came back he said, he knew of no exchange & that this vessel was locked down according to the laws of the habormaster." Lavinia says, ever so slightly ticked off at repeating the words.


"I was with her ladyship that day, Sgt Anderson. We came down to the docks to hire a crew, so we could fulfill my lord & lady's voyage to Farshore, as the supplies were needed at the colony." Kora says.


"All my efforts seem to go unoticed, the harbormaster office said they'd look into to it, just like the harbor guard said when I asked how the investigation on the death of my parents was going. It seems like this whole frickin city is tied up in red tape!!!" Finally Lavinia lets the anger out.


"I'm sorry for the death of your parents, ma'am, one of your men filled me on that information, I was out of town when that happened, you have my condolences." the sgt says to try & calm Lavinia down.


"Condolences won't bring my parents back, I just want answers now!!" Lavinia says, her anger slowly going away.


"When I get back to shore, I will look into that for you, & if the investigation has slowed or stop, I will restart it, you can count on that." the sgt says


"So is the ship mine again?" Lavinia says


"Well one of men has went off to the Harbormaster's offices to check records, but for all intensive purposes, she is your's." the sgt says.


"Good, thank you Sgt." Lavinia says.


"We just need to figure out what we are to do with the animals that are on deck here, seems like Soller Vark was into animal smuggling."


"Yes, you may leave them here until you can move them elsewhere. Just either contact me, or my assistant, Kora here in regards."


"Yes ma'am, we will get them off here as soon as we can. Also if no one can move the ship back to the docks, we can provide a helmsman for you, at no cost."


"Thank you sgt. I appreciate that."


"Well looks like we are done here, I'm sorry to upset you, Lady Vanderboren & I will look into that investigation for you, also if this Rictur is still at our post, do you wish to press charges against him?


"Yes, I'd like to do that."


"Ok, then until we meet again, you have a good day, also my man may come back here, please redirect him to our post." the sgt says & gives a bow to Lavinia


"I will, but we may not be here much longer thou."


"That will be ok, it standard procedure for us to return to post if everything is cleared up.Men! Gather up & let head back to shore. You, Darren? Are you coming to shore with us?" the sgt says


"In that little boat, well, I don't think I could make it." Darren says


"Oh come on, it's only what 100 feet to the shore, I think you can handle that."


"Alright then, I will go with you, but if I drown, I'll haunt you all! Do you have my rum by chance?" Darrin asks.


"I'm sure you will & no I don't we poured it out."




The sgt & his men & Darrin decend the ladder into the boats & start to row back to shore, all the while, Darren's pathetic whimpers & screams about the "water, I'm gonna drown!" can be heard the entire trip almost.


Lavinia turning to the group now


"Well this didn't turn out like I wanted to, as I said I didn't want to show up here, that is why I'm paying you all to do this, but I think everything will be ok in the end & the important thing is you did get my ship back & did recover the money I paid & of course my father's signet ring, for that I say thank you." she bows to you all


"Your ladyship, it was a honor to work for you, as it did to work for Verik & Larissa." Malrae says.


"Ah so who is this?" Cha'laa says in elven.


"Hello?" or should I say "Hello" Lavinia says to Cha'laa


"Ah you speak the tongue of the elves, magnificant!!" Cha'laa says to Lavinia

"yes my mother taught me, said it was good for business. I am Lady Lavinia Vanderboren."

"I am Cha'laa, of the Deepbranch tribe." Cha'laa says


"Wait, your a Phanaton? What are you doin here?" Lavinia says, puzzled.


"I am." Cha'laa says & retraces the steps on how he came to be here.

"I'm sorry for troubles, if you don't mind, you can stay at my manor, thou I'm sure it won't feel right to you."

"Yes, civilized huts that your people stay in, are not for me. I'd rather be in the open, where the trees touch the great sky & where I can feel my toes in the grass." Cha'laa says

"Well I'm not sure if the town leadership would, wait ah minute, I know someone that might be able to accommodate you on that request, if you will just come with us."


"I will, if Malrae trust you, then Cha'laa trusts you." Cha'laa says


"Now for the rest of you, as I said, you all did good tonight, please go to the Strumpet's Excuse & rest up. I will contact you later today or tomorrow for your reward & possiblities of further employment. Kora will contact you." Lavinia says to all of you. "For now I'd like to get some rest & I'm sure all of you need it as well."


"Goodbye & thank you. You did good" Kora says & she descends the ladder to the boat."


With that Lady Vanderboren, Kora, Cha'laa & the two sailors return to the shore, leaving you all on the ship.

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Vieta lays in bed, napping. The morning, ocean breeze from the window flaps the drapes and ruffles his clothes as he slowly wakes up and remains laying there, staring at the ceiling with his hands cupped behind his head.


[OOC- Btw, is this the same inn Malrae killed the assassin? God, I hope Vieta's not in that same room... :blink: ]

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(actually yes, according to the records downstairs, but Malrae's room is across the hallway)


The morning, (you slept for about 4 hours so it's around 10 am) is muggy, but the sea breeze that blows into the room is nice & calming. You could have swore you heard something in the room next door, but you also were dreaming as well, maybe the other returned this morning, your not sure.





the boat will probably hold 6 human sized persons in it, probably will keep afloat even with everyone in their armor & weapons & such. It appears to be a ship's rowboat, unlike the small fishing boat that you "borrowed" to get over.

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Malrae says "I'll take the oars. Little hard work doesn't bother me, plus I work out that little bit of anger I have still in me from our "encounter" with that guardsman."


With that, you all descend into the boat, Heleger taking a bit longer to get down the ladder, grumbling all the way about "dwarves, armor, water...." but still gets into the craft ok. Before decending, Tolan takes one last look around the deck, just to make sure nothing is amiss, nothing, & he too descends into the boat as well & gives push off the boat to help Malrae with the rowing.


Getting back to the shore, Heleger reaches for the pier & grabs ahold to steady the boat, so Gil can secure to the dock. You all get out, the craft now looks just like any other moored rowing boat.


"About time." Yarrin says with a grin on his face.


"Since I'm the only one to have been there, I'll lead." Malrae says & the group leaves the docks for the comfort of the Strumpet's Excuse.


"I'm sorry my friends, but there is something I must attend to, I'm not sure if I'll return, if I don't then it was a pleasure to make your acquintances. Also please give my thanks to Lady Vanderboren. Tell her I will pick up my reward if I return." Zak says & he takes off into the west, running a slight pace.


It only takes about 20 to 30 mins to get to the inn, Carl the innkeeper's son manning the desk half-asleep.


"Welcome to, oh hey Malrae, I see you've return & these must be the rest of your party. Good very good." Carl says as he hands you the ledger to sign. Upon signing the book, he gives each of you a key & tells you where to find the rooms & bids you a good night's rest, what little remains anyways.


The rooms are all practically the same; a bed, a couple of hooks to hang a cloak or jacket, a small chest to hold small gear (no armor or big weapons), also a small table with a small lamp & a small key (probably for the table), & a wooden chair in front of it. A small mirror hangs above the desk. There is also a rug on the floor.


Each of you are tired from the ordeal on the ship & decide to just get undressed & get some sleep, thou Malrae you are tired from the work with the oars, you still have that extra "house guest" the would be dead assassin.


FAST Forward to current time (everyone is now involved).




you are down in the common room, with a beverage in your hand. You came downstairs a couple hours ago, you asked the old innkeeper but he wasn't sure, so you'd figure you'd wait a bit to see if your companions did make it in last night. The time is about noon or so, when a familar female gnome dressed in noble finery enters the inn, with a man, you've never seen.


"Good afternoon Sir Vieta, since I didn't see you on the ship last night I'd take it you cleared up what you had to do with your family?" Kora says to you.


"Charles, please go & wake the others, please" Kora says to the man.


"Yes ma'am" Charles says & goes over to the innkeeper & asks what room they are in, with that he goes up the stairs...



KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK on each door.....

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Hearing the knocking on the door, Tolan regrettably wakes up, having slept in a bed for the first time in who knows how long and really enjoying the experience. Tugging on his clothes, he takes a moment to chant a foul sounding incantation and then answers the door.

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