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A Tide arrises......


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Gil, everyone informs you of what has transpired this morning, or afternoon & now the party is at the Vanderboren Manor discussing the employment & the next job.


"Good to hear, that everyone is agreement." Lavinia says.


Lavinia grabs a pack & what a rapier, "Don't know why I even bother carrying this, but I guess it might save my life one day, but then again that is why I have you all here, right?" she says with a smile. Kora decides to stay behind the home just in case someone might drop by + she says she really isn't built for exploring vaults or what not. Upon leaving the manor, a horse drawn coach is parked outside & a half-elf is standing by it. Upon seeing, Lavinia, he opens the door & drops a step "Where to Milady?" he says & takes her hand & helps her into the coach. "High Market, please." she says. "Yes Milady" the coachman says, he waits for everyone to get into the coach, before retracting the step & closes the door. He climbs up onto the front & with a crack of the reins, the coach moves out of the yard, through the main gate & down Blue Skink Lane, across a bridge & then anther bridge entering Sunrise District, then onto Crown Street & crosses anther bridge & heads North to Azure District & onto Spice Street.


The route the coach takes is eerily familiar to you Vieta, as it's the same you walked last night, the inn that you met the fiery woman, Rowyn Kellani comes into view, funny how the place looks like anther ordinary building as the coach passes by. The coach comes into East Market, the exotic smells of seafood & the sights of the market in full bloom are a sight to behold, on the left side the Azure Garrison comes into view as the coach passes through a gate & onto Whale Street & then turns onto Fisher's Lane & through a gate & into Noble District.


A long run of homes, all in some sorta regal manor comes into view, but what catches your eye is a red beam of light coming off a island in the bay, the tomb of Sasserine, herself. Lavinia sees some of you, looking at the pillar of light & says "Sasserine, her spirit is what this city is built upon. It was that very spot where she succumb to the fatal injuries she suffered from the claws of the black dragon, Zelkarune. It attacked her & the pilgrims that followed her here. She defeated him, but the victory came at a cost as it took her life, in a blow meant for Teraknian, she stepped inbetween him & that attack, but as she laid dieing on the ground, she called upon Wee Jas & a bolt of holy fire came down upon the sky, slaying the beast. Her lover, Teraknian built the tomb to honor her & had the wizards of the town construct the scarlet spire a few years later, it's light will always show no matter what."


The coach makes it way down Warlock's Run, passing the immense temple of one of the city patron deities Wee Jas, the huge temple dwarfing the other buldings around it. The coach makes it way past the Lidu Manor (the districts's noble representive). & then passes a bowl like building, the Sasserine Opera House & then into a open area. The High Market. The coach stops near the docks & the driver rushes to open the door & to retract the step. Upon letting everyone off, he takes a bow & "Enjoy your visit, milady" & then climbs aboard & drives the coach off.


The high market is similar to the Merchant District's Harbor Market, thou the dress of the people is a bit different, where the Harbor Market takes in about all of Sasserine's naval trade, High is more upscale & the like. The market area is busy with people haggling over silks or animals to people just talking with each other. Off in the distance, you see a couple of district guards (you can recognize them by the royal red tabbard with the Noble District's coat of arms on it) has a man on the ground & is binding his hands together. The man looks like a street rat of some sorts.


The coach pulled up near the ferry booth, where the citizens travel mostly by gondola when they want to cross the waters in the bay, for larger parties & such, ferries are also set up. After talking to a man, Lavinia exchanges a few coins & says "We board the next one", about 15 minutes later & small rowboat comes into view & docks. Getting aboard you see Castle Teraknian in the distance. The walls of the castle are 2 high, with a lower wall & then a higher wal surrounding actual castle. The towers & spires are capped with cones of a golden color which shine in the midday sun.


"The city doesn't have a true ruler anymore." Lavinia says on the trip over to the island. "Each district is governed by a seven noble families, offically known as the Dawn Council & each family hails from each district. Decisions are put to the vote of the citzens & then the results are then taken to the Dawn Council, which is what the castle is now a meeting hall for whatever city business. Also the Castle itself, isn't in any of the districts unlike Ancestor Island which is maintained by the Noble District, but in a sense it belongs to all of them. Underneath the Castle are the Crypts of Kings, the final resting places for the Teraknian line, all decendents of Teraknian himself, this area has been closed off, but also underneath the castle are the Noble's Vault, a place for each of the nobility to store items away from their estates."


The trip doesn't take long & the ferry drops the party off at the buildings that sit outside the castle. Walking up a short path to the castle itself you enter a foyer, inside a halfling clerk sits behind a desk with a quill & a stack of papers. "Good day lords & lady, how might assist you." he says


"My name is Lady Lavinia Vanderboren & I'd like access to my family's vault" she says boldly.


"Yes, may I see your signet ring please?" he says while going over to a bookshelf & hauls out a big book. He looks at the ring, that Heleger found last night. "Vanderboren, Vand, ahh yes here we are....let see Verick & Larrissa, head of the house" he says while putting a finger to the page.


"They are desceased" Lavinia says


"Yes, children, Vanthus & Lavinia..."


"That is I" Lavinia says


"& these other people with you?"


"Bodyguards, you never these days. Epically with coming from the Castle"


"Yes, I understand. Alright looks like everything is in order, please follow me. The halfling grabs a lantern before going over to staircase that decsends into the floor. The spiral staircase take you down quite a bit, along the way stopping at various floors with darkened hallways radiating from the staircase. Heleger with your darkvision, you see that each hallway is 10 feet long & ends in a single iron door, the Vaults.


Going down 4 floors the clerks steps off the staircase & walks over to a hallwayr. He stops & turns around. "Vanderboren family Vault"


"Thank you." Lavinia says


"Good day ma'am" he says & leaves the area, taking the lantern with him. Lavinia reaches into her own pack & produces a small lantern, in which she lights up. "Thought it might come in handy" she says.


The short passageway ends at a solid-looking iron door. The portal is emblazoned with a simple rune--an eight-pointed star. Above the door, inscribed in flowing script on a polished silver plaque is the name "Vanderboren" A single handle protrudes from the door, just below a circular depression bearing the mark of the Vanderboren signet.

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Following the party closely, Tolan mutters a small incantation, and a moment later his eyes seem to take on a reddish tinge. He seems to take in a bit more of the area than Heleger, but with the lantern it does not make much difference in this small area. "Lead on milady," Tolan calls.

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Staying mostly in the back of the expedition and letting the others do the talking, Vieta takes the lead as the party enter Castle Teraknian.


"So, mates..." he says, addressing the group.


"What happened last night? I hope I didn't miss any excitements..." he says, knowing full well that, from his own encounters, he didn't.

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yes, with your Devil's Sight (or whatever it's called, been awhile since I looked at the book) in effect the area of effect is like daylight. You can see the spiral staircase is carved stone that descends down into the ground at least 4 floors (as you stop on this one), but you see it goes down even more, at least 2, but the rest is shrouded in darkness. Like a giant wheel with the spokes being the hallways to the vaults, each hallway is 5 feet across & 10 feet long, all ending in a iron door.




the rune catches your eye, the shape of it & being on a door recalls the days when you were being trained by a master rogue. "Runes can be bad if just taken lightly" he said, thou he should have taken his own advice as as your master died from a exploding one while trying to get into one of these vaults actually, something you keep to yourself of course.


Also your not sure if there are any traps on the door, thou being a iron door to a noble's vault, your pretty sure there is. Care to check it?




Everyone who sees the rune make a Knowledge Check (local), go ahead & just roll like we have been, I'll setup a Invisible Castle account for this campaign in a couple of days.


Lavinia see the runes & says "I have no idea what that is, I never have seen it before till today. My parents had nothing like it in the house, so I'm lost about it."

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"Yah... it was peaceful, mate." Vieta answers Yarrin with a grin.


He walks ahead and gazes at the door, scratching his head.


"What are we supposed to be lookin' for down here, again?" he asks.


Disregarding Gil's order, Vieta approaches the door and stands behind Gil, looking over his shoulder.


"Sure be pretty runes there, mate. Hope they don't go boom..." he comments cheerfully.

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To all that make the or succeed on the Knowledge check (local)



The Rune is a eight pointed star symbol for Seekers. They have a local headquarters located western edge in the Merchant's District. The Seekers are a world-spanning group of adventurers & treasure hunters.





Searching the door, you don't think there is a trap, but also the door doesn't appear to be a normal type of door, only the depression below the handle being the only other object on the door.


"Ok, if you say it's safe, but if your wrong.....I'm docking your pay" Lavinia says with a smile on her face.


She makes a fist & presses the ring into the depression, a couple seconds later a bright bluish-white flash of light rings the door & it slowly swings inward on creaky hinges.


"Well now." Lavinia says as she peers into the room. She decides to step into the room, if anyone joins her, you see that floor has changed to polished green marble. Two fifteen feet-foot wide alcoves have lower ceilings & feature marble pillars carved to resemble coiling snakes. In the center of the room, five similar pillars are embedded into the walls, rising up thirty feet to a dome overhead. Looking up, the dome bears a huge representation of the same eight pointed star that was engraved on the door to the south.

note-each square is 5 feet



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"Nice place you have here," Tolan says as he steps into the room. "I wonder if the snakes mean anything or are just for decoration. Gil, can you tell us if anything is odd about this room?" As he says that, Tolan peers around the room looking for anything that stands out to him

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Vieta winces as the door flashes, half-expecting it to blow and be the last thing he sees in this world. When it opens, he is slightly relieved and chuckles to himself.


He walks into the room, alongside Lavinia, his hands clutching his belt-strap as he gazes at the room. An awed whistle lets others know he was impressed at the sight.


"So, what are we lookin' for?" he asks.


Vieta gazes around the room to see if there is any valuable or interesting trinket within sight. Something small that no one might notice if he pockets it.

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