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A Tide arrises......


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Heleger rushes to the front of the group, noting to remind everyone who they have placed in charge at a later date. "My lady, I wish yoo woodn't take sooch chances," he says. "There coodve been meraudoors inside." He looks about the room, mindful of any trouble.






Search check: 1d20(12) +2 =14.

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Lavinia looking at Heleger


"Yes, your right, Sir Heleger. I'm just excited to see what my family's vault may have. I'm just tired of the bill collectors & other money grabbing officials after me. I will let you & your party take things first in the future."


Lavinia looking at Tolan & others regarding the room contents


"This is the first time I've ever been in here, heck stepping onto the staircase was a first for me as well, so I'm in awe & wonder as the rest of you. The symbol must mean something to be so prominent inside here & on the door. When we get out of here, I'll have to look around my house, maybe I'll find something on it. Maybe Kora might have some information about it.


Looking around the room, you see there isn't really nothing in here in regards to a vault; no chests, no safes or any other common items associated with vaults.




As you are checking around the room, something catches your eye, the Northern pillar (as noted on the map by the half circle), you noticed it's a bit recessed into the wall & the snake patterns on this pillar are different then those of the other pillars. Do you check if further (if you do make anther Search check)?




You do notice a single coin, a gold piece laying on the ground near the door.



With your sight, you see there are alcoves on the walls behind the 2 pillars. There appears to be something in the eastern alcove, but your not sure what it is, thou.


Also does anyone close the "front door"?


Where is everyone on the map?


Lavinia is checking the pillar on the Western side of the map.

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Vieta kneels by the door, and opens his carrying bag to look through his belongings.


"Anyone gotta torch?" he asks.


Meanwhile, his hand slips subtly to the floor and he tries to palm the gold coin before closing his bag and slinging it over his shoulder again.


[sleight of Hand roll: 16 ]


(Vieta is by the door, his attention attracted by the single gold coin lying on the floor)

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You are able to pocket the coin with no one looking at you, of if they did no one says anything, Lavinia is checking the pillar & has her back to you.


Gil & Tolan



You almost put your finger on a button while you are searching, as you hand pushes the button in the patterns on the pillar unlatch & "slither" away from the center of the pillar, a doorway has formed leading into anther chamber.



You reach the space, just as Gil is opening the secret door, suddenly a unnatural hissing sound comes from the alcove, with lighting reflexes the "thing" strikes from the alcove.


Everyone roll for initiative!!


When the thing shows itself, it appears to be a snake, a cobra from the looks of it, but what is odd about is it has no scales but rings of metal connected together.It's hood flaps open, revealing the same 8 pt star symbol that is so prominent in the chamber, as does the mouth revealing needle pointed fangs, to sharp to be natural & it's eyes softly glow with a red light. It is around 3 feet long.

Where is everyone in the chamber?


Gil is by the northern pillar, Veita is by the door, Lavinia is by the western pillar, & Tolan is by the eastern pillar. thus leaving Heleger & Yarrin to be placed.

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[initiative Roll: 14 (no bonus added yet) ]


Vieta holds up the coin and, not really caring if people saw him take it , he plays with it, flipping it between his fingers. He turns, whistling, oblivious to the threat until he sees it.


Wide-eyed and frozen in his place, Vieta blinks at the snake-like creature but finally, his hands reaches for his sword and pistol just as his mouth shouts the words: "Holy hell!"


Going on one knee, Vieta aims his pistol and tries to line up the shot with the creature's glowing red eyes, hoping he hits it in the head when he fires.

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"Stand behind me, yer Ladyship!!" Heleger says as his voices raises in anticipation of combat with the creature


(DM acting as Heleger--- INT-- 14)


(Need Gil's roll) Thanks!!




Yarrin 21


Vieta 17 (+3 due to Dex, I'll get your sheet out to yah later today)


Tolan 16


Tied (thou Cobra goes first due to it's quicker)

Cobra 14

Heleger 14


Lavinia 13


Gil 9

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