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A Tide arrises......


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Vieta you load your pistol, while Heleger moves the pillar, "Six & move it to the left, Sir Heleger." she says....CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, CLICK, CLICK. The pillar moves & clicks to the 6 'eyed' statue, nothing happens. "Now to 1 & right"......"2 left"....."4 right" "& finally 2 left", with the last number clicked the room does....................................................NOTHING!!


"Oh SHOOT!" Lavinia says, but not that word :poke: "I thought that was it? Ok what other options do we have then?" she says looking at everyone.

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"Weel, mebbe tha door's nut noorth," Heleger says thoughtfully, stroking his beard. "Hmmmmm....." he closes his eyes and tries to get his bearings.








OOC: Heleger is using his stonecunning ability to intuit North underground.

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using your stonecunning you determine, that the way Vieta has thing is opposite from what it should be, the door is directly to the South, with North being 4th statue, the 2 headed giant humanoid, (which you've determine as a ettin, being that dwarves & giant-kin are sworn enemies) & East is right of the door & West is too the left. You also determine that your underground some 60 feet as well.



Using your new knowledge of the situation, you have Lady Vanderboren, repeat the code, as the you position the pillar-tumbler onto the last statue, the reddish stone dragon, there is a immense rumble as the entire room starts to shake, but you can see it is solid & not collapsing but the 5 of the statues (are rotating into the stone wall, revealing alcoves full of coffers & chests!


"You did it, Sir Heleger, you did it!!!" Lavinia says with glee & joy.


As the statues finally stop rotating, the room stops rumbling & everything is the way it was when you first entered the room, minus the 5 open alcoves of course. Lavinia rushes over to the closest one & kneels down in front of one of the chests, she steps onto something, a small glass bottle, now broken that was in front of the chest. She pays no attention to the broken bottle as she begins to lift a lid, "Well, here we go, I've always wanted to see what my mom & dad had in the vault." she says with anticipation in her voice. She lifts the lid......"Huh? What the?" she says, with a sudden disapointed tone in her voice, "It's empty!" she says as she leaves it open. "Well maybe they aren't all full?" She lifts anther one in the same alcove, again nothing, bare as the first one.


Lavinia searches the entire first alcove & every chest in it is empty, disappointed, she moves onto the next one. "Well maybe that one just was being used." She kneels down & lifts open a wooden chest, different material for the chest, but the same results inside. Nothing!


"I don't understand it, my parents always told me we had the family's wealth down here." she says with severe disappointment in her voice. She opens the next one & it reveals something! Inside is only 3 silver pieces & 3 copper pieces. The rest of the alcove is the same way, either the chest are bare or have very little coinage in them & mostly of the copper type. All total, maybe enough to pay one person that the Vanderboren family needs to pay off. The results in the 3rd & 4th alcoves are the same, as the first two, nothing but petty change. 20 chest in all, the fortune that Lavinia Vanderboren hope to find is not here.


"I don't get it, my family has always had wealth, we never needed to worry about what we spent or how it was spent, there was always the coin to pay for things." Lavinia says, now sitting on the floor. "Maybe that ended when my parents died in the harbor." she says as she puts her head in her arms. "I don't know if I even want to check that last alcove, I don't want to snuff out whatever slim chance of hope I have right now, but I must even it means that the way of life I know right now might change."


Lavinia stands up, brushes herself off & with dignity & stature of someone in her position walks into the 5th alcove. She knees down in front of a steel chest, flips up the latch & opens the chest to reveal.......................


Gold, silver, platinum & copper pieces inside, the entire chest is full of them!!! "Thank the gods!!" she shouts out, she moves to a second chest & flips it open quickly inside are some gold items like a vase & some gem encrusted goblets, that reflect the light she has been carrying with her. "Here is more!!", the 3rd chest in the alcove reveals small gems of all kinds of colors. "Finally!!! we have found something down here" she says to Heleger, she reaches the last chest in the alcove "Hmm I wonder what we might find in here?" she says with a bit of smile on her face, opening the chest reveals a stack of papers & a small iron coffer, full of ledgers & such.


Lavinia thumbs through the stack of papers, "Well now, it appears my parents are owed money by various people around town & abroad, I.O.Us. you might say." she says "My parents were always doing people favors but never collected, they were always happy to help out, well it appears that I will be collecting on those favors."


As she thumbs through the papers, she noticed a small book, with a worn leather cover. "What do we have here?" she says curiously. She puts the papers back into the chest & grabs the book, she opens the first page, whoever is near her can see some writing in the book (whoever can read Elvish sees these words on the first page clearly

it reads the following- "The Ecology of the Isle of Dread, The Journal of Larissa Vanderboren)

. As Lavinia flips through the pages you see sketches of winged reptiles with long pointed beaks, birds with snake like necks, a creature that looks like Cha'laa, the furry big eyed being that was a prisoner on the Blue Nixie, something called a thunder lizard, as well as plants, tracks of creatures & other sketches, along with more fine elvish handwriting.


"Its my mother's journal of the Isle of Dread, hmmm why would it be in here?" Lavinia says

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Having had many restless nights where even the smallest sound could mean death, Tolan almost jumps out of his skin when Lavinia breaks the glass bottle. As she is searching through the other alcoves, he wanders over and inspects what is left of the bottle, trying to figure out what it was and if it had anything in it. He turns a bit when she finds the chests full of treasure, but does not pay a great deal of attention, merely happy to have gotten the job done.

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Vieta shrugs when the first attempts failed, but his attention is drawn when Heleger correctly spins the dial the other way. When the walls opens, his curiosity nearly bursts through as he notices the chest, but soon, he is as annoyed as Lavinia when each one proves to be empty.


However, when the filled one is opened, his eyes glitter, but he is careful not to let this show. He walks around, inspecting the content of each chest as if they mean nothing to him, and paces around the room, whistling to himself. When finally Lavinia opens a chest full of document, his curiosity switches from wealth to information, gossip and the likes. He approaches her and looks over her shoulder at the paperwork.


"Wonder if House Vieta owes ye anything, miss?" he says with a chuckle.

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Heleger, too, looks disappointed when the first of the chests opened are empty. He casts worried looks in the direction of Lady Vanderboren, hoping that their efforts weren't all in vain. His whole face lights up with a smile, however, when Lavinia opens the chests in the last alcove. This is the first time since beginning his employment with the lady that he has smiled a real smile, and it feels good.


"Thar ye goo, m'lady! Ah knoo yer mum an' da wooddn't leave ye wi' nuthin'! Good folks they were."


As the IOUs are revealed, and the lady says that she wishes to collect them, the dwarf replies, "Ah'll he'p ye wi' tha' if ye wish. Coolectin's one of mah specialties!"


The book is a mystery to the dwarf. Although he is fluid in the elven tongue, and can read what is on the cover, it is plain that he doesn't have the slightest idea what it means.

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Gil looks at the treasure with a bit of a smile, then at the book. "Perhaps your parents hid more treasure on the Isle?" he suggests. "Is the book simply ecology notes or is there more to the text?"


Gil will nudge in to try to read more of the book, even taking it from Lavinia, gently, if she allows it.

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"I'm not sure who all owes my family something, but I'll go through these notes & IOUs when we get back to the manor. Whoever is in here will be paying up." Lavinia says in response to Vieta.


"I'm not sure about treasure, I know they have something down on the Isle in the port town of Farshore, I need to do some research when I get back as well." Lavinia says to Gil. "Apparently my mother took some notes & such about the island itself, & this is her journal about it." She hands the book over to you Gil, so may look at it.


"I can speak elvish, but I'm not very good at reading it. If you can read elvish, then by all means please read the book & then let me know what you find in it."


Lavinia looks toward Heleger. "The thing that concerns me is, are those other chests I opened that were empty but they had something in them, why only put a coin or two in them, someone or something was down here before us. How they got in I don't know, maybe the desk clerk was here when that person(s) wanted access to my family's vault." she says.


After a bit she gathers up a the notes & the ledger, stuffs them in the sack she brought, along with a few hundred coins or so. The party leaves the vault behind. As the last person leaves, she closes the front vault door, as it shuts a bright bluish glow rings the door, she checks the handle & the door is locked, the magical lock again on the door. Going up the spiral staircase, the party approaches the front desk, the halfling still there writing something in a book.


"I take it everything is or was in order for you. Milady?" the halfling says.


"Yes, thank you for your time. Also has there been anyone else wanting access to the Vanderboren vault recently?" Lavinia doesn't tell the clerk about the disappearance of the treasure.


"hmmm, Vanderboren, ah yes a young man, Mathus, Ashton....ah yes Vanthus has came here several times over the last month or so."


"Thank you." Lavinia says


"If he comes again, shall I inform you?" the clerk says.


"Yes, please do so." Lavinia says in response.


You all leave the Castle grounds. Lavinia not saying much after hearing her own brother is the one that has stolen from the vault. You all return to the manor house & she thanks all of you for defeating the vault guardian & for helping her solve the puzzle lock. She will keep in touch. You all return to the Strumpet's Excuse.


The next week go by without a word from Lady Vanderboren, even thou you are being paid by the noble, the days have been boring to say the least, when Kora appears at the inn one day saying that Lavinia would like to speak with you all.


The coach is waiting outside for all of you & Kora, it makes it way back to the manor. Kora ushers you into the dining hall, where a meal has been prepared. Jared has return from his trip with good news, that Lavinia Aunt & Uncle will help financially until Lavinia can get back on her feet. The treasure in the vault & the various IOUs will help her get out of debt & will keep her noble station. Jared says Lavinia will join everyone in a bit but please to help yourself to the meal. As you are all talking & eating, the young woman enters the room, wearing a red velvet dress, her hair is tied up in a bun, to keep her cool.


"Thank you for coming, I've look over the notes & such & have been getting the money owed to my family back the last few days, one reason why I haven't been in contact with you. I've also been thinkin about my brother, Vanthus. We have always been close, our parents were adventures & we were left alone allot, so we got into trouble allot together. I recall the days of playing hide & seek in the manor, even when we were in our early teens. It was when we decided to put several elixirs of love into a water tower here in town, when our childhoods ended for us. I was sent to the Thenalar Academy to live for 5 years & Vanthus was sent off to a local plantation to work. Now I'm not bitter at my parents for sending me off to the Academy, as I think I benefited from it, but Vanthus I think changed. He wasn't the same jolly person I knew. He had no time for me, even for small talk. He slept most of the day & stayed out all night with "associates of doubtful character" if you know what I mean. He was a different person all together."


"After a argument over what we were gonna have for dinner one day, he struck me across the cheek, we were both shocked that it happened. Eventually, he moved out of the manor entirely, the last couple days I seen him here, as he was gathering some belongs, there was a woman on his arm. I believe they took up residence in the Azure district, but other then that I have no idea what has happen to him."


"I'd like for you track him down & bring him back here. I don't want you to hurt him, just bring him back to see if he is in some sorta trouble. Even thou his attitude & emotions have changed, I still think he is a good person & I'd like one last chance to try & convince of that."


The tone of Lavinia voice goes from happy that the bills are being paid to one of sorrow & sadness over the "loss" of her brother.

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Vieta sits listening intently on Lavinia and Vanthus's history. He is amazed at how closely related Vanthus's past was to his own, as he too had endured childhood problems and had been separated from the noble life. He was sure that being forced to work on a plantation was just as bad as the life at sea, but, at least in his case, he brought it upon himself by choice. His escape from nobility was sparked by his own free will. He was not sure if this was the case with Vanthus.


Should be an interesting person to meet...


"Might I ask, ma'lady, what this Vanthus looks like?" Vieta asks.


"The Azure district is like my second home... or third, if you count the ocean. Or is a dock count as ocean too? Whatever, I know my way around that district. Shouldn't be too hard to track him down. Maybe if I hit up a few sailor waterin' holes down there, I can scrounge up some information on this scallywag Vanthus." he says.

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"Vieta, this is what my brother looks like." Lavinia points up to the painting of a man (the same picture she stood under the first time you met her)




"I'm pretty sure he still looks like this, even now, as this painting is only a couple years old. Vanthus was one for appearance."


"Yes, it would be best to check out the areas where questionable characters gather, as Vanthus was in their company allot the last few times I seen him here."

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as Yarrin (note OS is too busy right now to post, so I will assume his character till he can return)


"Lady Vanderboren, I will comb the districts by myself if I have to find your brother. Hopefully we can get to him before something bad happens to him"



"Thank you Yarrin, I knew I could count on you & Vieta." Lavinia says.

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