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A Tide arrises......


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Vieta looks back and waits for the man to walk in front or past the cover he is hiding behind. If he spots the group interfering with the she-orc sailor's issues, he thinks:


What in the bloody blue hell are they doing? Those fools! What if the orc was following us too? Damn the tides!


Meanwhile, Vieta takes the opportunity and does things his way, having at least cornered the pursuer away from the busy, public streets where everyone can see a battle. He grabs his right hand with his left, and, positioning himself to spring forward, waits until the pursuing man appears, then jumps forward with elbow out to try to smash the man in the face or, at least, ram him into the alleyway wall.

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The man walks down the alley, no weapon is out. As he gets near you spring up & surprise the man (I'm not gonna roll). Your weight drives the man back against that wall. You have your forearm up to his chin, driving his head into the wall as well. Your other one is cocked back ready to strike that man.


"Please, good sir I mean you no ill!" he says, the words quitely spoken, as well as trembling as he speaks. "My name is Shefton Rosk. I know of Vanthus Vanderboren."




"Well now, the halfee has friends." the man says. "Look pal, this has nothing to do with you or you & you." the man says to Yarrin, then points at Tolan, then finally Heleger. "This is between me & the little laderrrr half-breed. She has something of mine, she stole it from me while we were at sea. I just want it back, that's all I wouldn't listen to her hollow pleas, she far from innocent." the mans says in a sly voice.


"Yah, she stole while we're sleepin, thief is what she is!" a tall & strong but also showing low intelligence man says to you.


"Just walk away, gents & forget you saw anything. Heck maybe we'll buy everyone a round later if we meet up again." the leader says.


He turns to Arwin & says, "Your move, "'little lady"." A toothy grin appears.

(everyone roll for initiative)

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Now that it seems she will not be alone up against the four thugs, Arwin decides to see just what her new dagger can do.




INT to attack nearest available thug: 8 (+3) = 11

Attack with +1 dagger: 11 (+3) = 14

Damage if successful - 3 (+2) = 5



I'm not sure how you handle initiave in posting, so she will jump the nearest available thug that is not already engaged in combat, or just the nearest if they all are already fighting somebody)

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"It's mah bizness innytime Ah see three against oone, yoo filth!" Heleger spits as he draws his axe. With a snarl of rage, he then attacks the nearest one.







Initiative: 7(+4)=11

Attack (using Power Attack): 5(+5)=10

Damage: 5(+5)=10

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Vieta, still holding on to Shefton, looks the man up and down for weapons. He turns Shefton around and, still pinning the man against the wall, Vieta disarms him of any of his weapons. Finally he draws his pistol and holds the gun up to the man's ear and clicks the hammer back slowly.


"You hear that, mate?" Vieta says.




"You hear that?" he repeats with a crazy grin on his face. "That be the sound of a beautiful specimen of gunpowder weaponry."


Vieta wraps his left arm around the Shefton's neck in a chock hold and, with his right hand, puts the gun against the small of the man's back.


"I'll assume I don't need to tell you what I will do if you cross us... right, mate?"


(Intimidate- 12)


"Now, let's take ya to meet the others."


With that, Vieta leads Shefton down the alley to where the rest of the party is.

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Tolan looks at the man that pointed at him and replies, "She may not be innocent, but then who of us really is? I think that in any situation where the odds are not quite right, someone needs to come and even those...if for no other reason than it would be interesting to see how it turned out!" With that, he unleashes a ball of energy at the thug.




(Init - 6+2 = 8)

(attack - 15 + 2 = 17)

(dmg - 5)

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Hearing the whispers of Procan as to the men's foul nature (sense motive), Yarrin follows in behind Tolan's spell (holding action until the spell goes off or making sure that no one gets to Tolan) and thrusts his scimitar at the thug.






Init: 7+2=9


Dmg:3+2=5 (10 if the crit hits)


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You turn the man around & push him against the wall. You find a short sword on him & toss that to the ground. He sees the pistol pointed at his head


"Please sir, I meant no ill harm to you. I just wanted to talk to you about Vanthus Vanderboren." he says as you finish searching him over.


You lead him out of the alley & onto Harbor Way where you see the following scene with your companions.





Arwin + Heleger @ 11 (high Dex score goes first)

Yarrin @ 9

Tolan @ 8

Thugs @ 7




With one quick fluid movement, you spin, release the dagger from it's sheath & strike a thug behind you that got a little too close, stabbing the man in the chest & dropping him, easily.


Rushing into the thugs you get near one of the flunkies & swing at him & your axe comes down on his shoulder which easliy bites into the cloth shirt he is wearing & into the flesh, severing it. The man drops his sword & grabs the wound, but the sudden loss of blood puts the man into shock & he falls to the ground, twitching & screaming until he is silent.



Hesitating a bit before attacking, you still are quicker then one of the thugs & you slice him with a great swipe of your scimitar. The man is large but he screams as the blade opens up flesh, he drops to the ground, dead.


As your companions manage to down the the minions of the leader. You calll forth some hellfire & blast the man with it. The energy strikes the man in the chest. It lifts him into the air for a bit as he is thrown backwards. The hellish energies swirl around him as it eats away @ his life force. He tries to get up but falls back down & dies on the spot.





The remaining thug (the new one to Arwin), sees his companions go down in bloody heaps. "Hells, I didn't sign up for this!!" he shouts & runs easts from the battle. (AoO Arwin your closest to him or Tolan can take a shot at him if they'd like.)


A crowd has gathered to see what is goin on, but no one is calling out for law enforcement.

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"Alright, mate. Talk you want to, talk you shall." Vieta responds, pushing the man forth down the alley.


Having not seen what has occurred, Vieta stares in confusion as he exist the alley with the man and witnesses his fellow comrades slaughter a hapless band of men.


"What in the seven tides..." he mutters, but does not proceed forward. He merely keeps his clutch on the man that followed him and holds the pistol to the man's head.


Watching the other man run, he merely stares, then turns to his mates.


"What the hell are you doing?" he asks everybody in general.

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Arwin does not try to stop the one remaining thug. Afterward, she surveys the carnage. "Done 'em up good, aye?", she laughs as she resheathes her dagger and stands over the body of the thug leader. "Sed 'e was gonna buy yer next round did 'e? Looks ter me like 'e's skivin' on the bargain now."


About that time, a person emerges from the alley and is holding another man at pistol-point. "What the hell are you doing?", he asks nobody in particular.


"We was 'avin' a game of ducky-goose... an' these blaggers lost." she says to the newcomer. Then turning back to the magic user, she offers her gratitude.


"Come on then, . Round's on me. The Parrot's waitin' to take all me money, Let the watch or the muckman clean this up."

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Yarrin cleans his blade on the tunic of one of the thugs as he offers up a prayer of thanks to Procan. Then turning towards the half-orc he says, "Well met lady, I'll take you up on that offer of the first round if you wouldn't mind sharing as to why these," kicking one of the corpses, "men, were so interested in making your day interesting?"


"Aah Vieta, it looks like you get to talk to your friend after all. Will he be joining us for a drink as well?" Yarrin says giving a small grin.

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"'LIke 'e sed, 'e was after me dagger..", Arwin says with a shrug. "Me an' 'im was on ther Spring Tide fer a job.. an 'e ses I nicked it when 'e was sleepin'. Load o' bully! "E weren't sleepin'. E' was kneewalkin' blind drunk when 'e giave it ter ole Ninefingers-McGill...an' ole Ninefigers was dead when I pulled it outter his belly. So the way I sees it, it's me inheritance."


Arwin grins smugly. "Ye don't look like one of Ninefingers' longlost kin.", she says as she looks over the people gathered around her. "You look fresh off ther ferry. Only two kinds of people round 'ere... them that's got trouble, an' them that's lookin' for more. You look like ther first kind."

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"Trouble?" Yarrin begins. "Well who don't have troubles in this city? But I think you'll find that we end up in the second category more often then not but it seems that the trouble finds us whether we are searching for it or not."



"As to me being any relation to a Ninefingers I'd have have to deny that one so it looks like there's no worries from me as to claiming an inheritance to that blade of yours so I believe there's a round of drinks awaiting us."

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Heleger's axe comes loose from the corpse's shoulder with a wet sucking sound, and the dwarf slings the blood off the blade with a quick flick of his wrist. He laughs out loud at the half-breed's 'ducky-goose' comment as bends down to check the pockets of the man he just killed. He pockets any money he finds, then offers his hand to the half-orc.


"Name's Heleger. Heleger Unglefsson. An' Ah'll take ye oop on tha offer ofa drink. Lead tha way," he says.

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"I am not one to refuse free drinks, but..." he said pushing his captive forward, "Might there be a place a bit more private for a lil'... question-askin'?"


"This scallywag says he knows about Vanthus." he says, turning to stare at the man. "Well... what do you want to tell us?"

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