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A Tide arrises......


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Anny listens as Tolan and Helegar both agree to help Shefton get his revenge.


"I'd been thinkin' after this last hitch I'd take all me gold an' set meself up over in Sunrise an' live off ther hog's-back...but.."


She pauses to make deliberate eye contact with Tolan and Helegar.


"Til then, might ye need some 'elp? It jest so 'appens I've been to Parrot Island.", Anny says, dismissing Shefton's supposition with a cocky grin. "I'm a goer if yer a goer."





You believe she's been to Parrot Island, don't you?

Bluff check: 12 (12+0 Mod)

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Heleger holds the half-orcs gaze for a second, then makes a decision.


"Aye, Ah reckon we could use annoother hand, at tha'. Yer welcoom ta coom wi' oos, lassie. We'll square it wi' oor emplooyer afterwards." He gives her a nod, then turns his attention to Vieta.


"An' yoo!" he says, his voice calm and menacing. "Keep tha' goddammed pistool in yer pants oontil Ah say soo or Ah'll take it away from ya. Fer fook's sake man, ya act like a goddammed child everytime ya meet soomeoon. Always poolin' i' oot an' wavin' i' aroon', shootin' 'Ah'll kill yas if'n Ah doon' get me way! Waaaaaa!'"


"Act like yer a prooffessioonal! Lern ta cootrool yerself! An' if Ah ever see ya shoot sommoon wi' tha thing that doon' daserve it, yer head'll coom ooff b'fore ya c'n take anoother think!"


The dwarf takes a breath and continues, in a somewhat more tolerant voice. "There's ways o' intimidatin' tha' doon' invoolve threats an' violence, lad. Tha way ya walk, an' present yerself, f'rinstance. My Da c'n clear a room by raisin' his fookin' eyebrows."


"Boot, tha's beside tha point. Tha point is, Ah didn't ask ta be elected leader, boot Ah was, an' Ah expect mah oorders ta be obeyed, goot it? Soo, stoop threatinin' foolk wi' tha' damn pistool. If'n yer gonna use it, use it."


With that bit of unpleasantness out of the way, he addresses the entire group. "Less git this oover with, alright? Shefton, take oos ta Parrot Island."

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Vieta looks down at Heleger. Whatever wisdom the dwarf might have, Vieta's pride quickly ensures it is neither heard nor given the proper understanding. But he does relent, and, releasing Shefton, gives the man a violent shove.


Turning to Heleger, he points the gun at the dwarf, although not in a particularly threatening manner.


"You're gonna come to learn, you condescending lil' man..." Vieta says to the dwarf, "That everybody deserves to be shot at some point in their lives."


With that, he stares silently at the dwarf, and suddenly, aims the gun at the dwarf's head. There is a silence.


"Bang..." he says, a joker's grin, a most wicked sneer, crossing his lips.


With a chuckle, he loosens the pistol's hammer, and holsters it.


"Let's get this show on the road then, mate." he says, downing the rest of his drink and walking out.

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"Let see yah without that pis'tal of yer in a fight & we'll see how yah do." Heleger says as he throws a couple of gold coins on the table "For yer troubles, missy." he says to the serving girl.



Shefton looks at you Anny & says "So you've been to Parrot Island, then you should know where the hidden ruins that the notorios pirate, Captain Belagos used while is used Sasserine as a hold is then?" he gives a look & then gives you a wink. Shefton obviously sees through your. "I didn't think so." he says as he runs his hands through his hair, trying to make it look decent.


"Alrighty then, I'm sure we can find a boat that'll take us over there. Ah yes, there is one." He points to a couple of rowboats moored on the long dock next to the 'Parrot. The party exits the Parrot out the bay door & walks down the dock, other then the ship that Anny was on, there is one other ship moored on it, there are however a couple of rowboats & sitting next to them are couple of old seadogs, a human & halfling. "Aye matey, yah need to go somewhere?" the halfling says.


"Yes, how much for a trip over to Parrot?" Shefton says


the old hafling looks over the group, seeing the gear & armor.Arrr, "Well ole Rasky thar isn't as strong as he used t' be & that looks like allot o' weight, hows 7 gold coins sound?" Aye


"How about 5, I mean we can go all day on the gondolas for 5 crowns, ole chap?" Shefton says in an attempt to drive the price down.


"Ayyyye, but do any o' them fancy gondolas go o'er Parrot Island? Me didn't think so, 7 crowns, take it or lea'e it. Gar." the old halfling says as he spits something in the water.


"Alrighty, you drive a hard bargin, but my friends are itchin to get over there for some reason. Oh, will you look at that, I'm out of coin. Good sir, can you pay the man?" Shefton says to Heleger as he pats his pants.


"Grrr, if you weren't needed so badly." Heleger reaches into a coin pouch & pulls the 7 gold crowns out & hands them to the halfling.


"Ahh good to be doin biz with yah, mate." as he pockets the coin


"Rasky, we got customers!!" the old halfling says.


"Aye, Capt'n" the old man says as he gets into the boat & readies the oars. As the party get settled in the boat, the halfing helps push it off & "Rasky" starts rowing towards the island. It's only 200 feet or so to the island & Rasky's age apparently isn't as old as it appears, as he gets the boat over in a timely fashion.


Rasky says with a couple teeth in his mouth. "You want me to stay? If so that'll cost yah, when we get back to the dock."


"Depends on my friends want, as it's their trip over here." Shefton says.


"Well I for one don't or can't swim the water back with my armor, he can stay, I'll pay him when we get back." Heleger says.


Parrot Island, the island is a narrow natural isle, that is little more then a rocky outcropping surrounded by 30 foot high cliffs, save from the eastern end, which is a narrow beach. This is where Rasky landed the boat & of course he stays. He sits on the beach or gets up & looks around on the beach, occasionally kneeling down to pick something out the sand.)[/color]. The isle is thickly vegetated, the trees above serving to remind why Parrot Island is called that, as you enter the trees, you catch a glimpse of white feather bird, a cockatoo. Then a bright red Macaw & more as you go deeper into the trees, also the constant squawking of the birds is constant reminder of the why it's called Parrot Island. As most natives of Sasserine know (a DC 10 Local knowlege check) the island was a hideout for pirates to use as holds for stolen goods before leaving the area for other lands or just to be sold in Sasserine herself. Underneath the island is a vast network of tunnels & such, where the pirates did their business, now abandon of course. As the party stops, someone sees (DC 12 Survival Check, one of you can make it but with that low of a number, I'll just assume). a partially overgrown trail leading up from the beach to a small clearing at the center of the island.


"Ah there it is." Shefton says as (whoever finds the trail). The trip takes about 20 minutes to the clearing, mostly due to moving stray branches & such. During the trip, Shefton says, "Don't worry there isn't anything on this isle that'll attack yah, just birds, well maybe Vanthus, depending on his mood, you never know." You arrive at the clearing, a open patch of long bladed grass & a few dense bushes. "Let see, where is that trapdoor? he looks around the clearing. "Ah here it is." he says as he comes up to a patch of grass, he reaches down & pulls up on a ring, a 5 foot square patch of grass comes up, underneath it is a wooden hidden door (ie the grass & door are one item). You see a a pitch black shaft. Your not sure how far it goes down, thou you see a heavy rope tied off on a ring on the wall.


"There it is. So whose first, not me it's been a few days since Vanthus kicked me out, I'm don't want to risk what he might have down there with him now, being a noble with connections & such? Plus, I'm not much of a fighter, business is my game." Shefton says.


"Well I've can see in the dark, just like it wasn't, so I'll go, besides I can handle whatever ole Vanthus might have as a guard." Heleger says confidently & leans over the side, turns around & grabs the rope. It's a strong rope, but it creaks as the heavy dwarf descends. (DC 5 Climb check, unless you roll badly, anyone that climbs down using the rope, makes it.).

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Using your dwarven stonecunning, you can tell that the descent is 30 feet straight down. Your feet hit ground before you let go of the rope. As you release your axe you take a quick look around.The room is line in bricks & is a 10 ft square room. The shaft with the ceiling trapdoor is in the NW corner, & on below it is a brick lined tunnel with a curved roof leads to the west.


The bricks appear to be dry at first, but they glisten from what little light comes from the shaft, but the air is damp & humid. After careful examination, you see that the bricks are actually covered with moisture & are slimy to touch. There is nothing threatening in the room.

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While Helegar begins his descent, Arwin takes a moment to reconfigure her gear. First, she checks her crossbow and quiver to see that both are in ready order, then she removes her backpack and takes a quick but discreet look through it, removing only a coil of silken rope and a piece of chalk. Satisfied with the rest of the pack's contents, she closes it and shoulders it again. She then loops the loose coil of rope over her shoulder and across her chest like a bandoleer. The chalk she stowes in a small pouch on her belt.


Once it seems the dwarf has had plenty of time to descend the shaft, Arwin sizes up the task. "This'll be piss-easy!", she quips smugly, but soon enough wishes she had just started down quietly.




Climb check - 4 (2 + 2 modifier) not Anny's lucky day is it.

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Yarrin moves up to the rope and decends carefully seeing that the climb down might not be as easy as expected given Anny's performance. Once reaching the bottom he draws his scimitar and readies a torch but does not light it yet.





Climb check 6: 5 +1

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Vieta, unlike the rest, does not climb down the rope. Instead, and still highly suspicious of this helper the group has acquired, Vieta walks up to Shefton.


"Alright mate! You're goin' to find one hell of a party here! Stick around to see that Vanthus bleed and humiliated and all, eh?" he asks Shefton with a suspicious good-humored tone.


His tone change as unexpectedly as it had come. He puts a hand on his pistol's grip.


"Climb down." he orders the man.

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You repel the rope like you've done it dozen of times before, with your devil's sight, you see the walls are moist & slimy due to the humidity in the air. As you reach the bottom you see both Heleger & Anny, the half-orc. They are waiting for you & the rest of the party.




You start your climb down, you heard Anny yell something, your not sure but it sounded like "Oh Spit." but you see that she grabs the rope & steadies herself again & make it down, disappearing into the darkness of the hole. You also have a difficult time with the rope, either the humidity of the underground room has soaked into the rope or what, your not sure, but you do get down it. You unleash your weapon & the unlit torch. The room is pitch dark to you.




"Nuthin down here, son." You hear the familiar voice of the dwarf in the darkness, say to you Yarrin. "I checked out the tunnel & all it leads to is a door." "I came back as soon as I heard somethin, sounded like trouble. You ok?" Heleger says to Anny. "How about you Tolan?" After a bit Heleger looks around, "Who we mis, ah yah, crap, we left those two alone." (those that can see in the darkness, see Heleger look up at the open hole.)




"Now look, I said I did want revenge on that bastard, but I also said I'm not a fighter. I want my revenge out in the open. In public!!" Shefton says with a frighten tone in his voice as reach for your pistol. "Hell, you can have whatever you want down in there. I recall that Vanthus had a tremendous amount of coins in a chest, being a noble in all. I'm sure he'll have more as well." As you put the pistol away he continues. "How's this, you can have my share of whatever is there. Even thou I'd like a few coins to get a meal & roof over my head for a few days & such."


You notice that Shefton straightens up a bit & boldly says "I don't feel like climbing today."


Make a Listen check

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Anny update ( I FUBARED THAT ONE, why I thought it was auto fail ie fall was beyond me).


Anny's climb - You lean over the side & start to climb down, as you put hand over hand, you feel one hand start to slip, as you try to brace yourself with your strength with the other, that too starts to slip, you slide down the rope about 10 feet before being able to grab ahold of the rope firmly & you stop your ascent. Your right palm, is bleeding from rope burn, but you continue to hold the rope as you steady yourself (if you use your right hand to attack, you get a -1 to attack, till you get it healed.). You slowly make your way a down, as your eyes adjust to darkvision, you see the dwarf is no where in sight. You see the same room as what I described to Heleger.


As you land, you bind the wound on your hand with some scrap cloth, you were carrying (never know when it might come in handy during your "borrowing" job). As you wrap the wound, you feel the sting of the injury, but your no worse then wear. As you finish, Heleger emerges from the tunnel.


"Nuthin but a door, we're pretty clear for now." he says. "Let's wait for the others thou. Somethin don't feel right about this..." Heleger says.



You just smile at the half-elf & start to kick him in, when suddenly, a weighted blow comes across the back of your head. (Doing 14 pts of nonlethal damage. ROLL FOR INITIATIVE!!)

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