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A Tide arrises......

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After getting a good look at the door, Anny goes back to the others to report what she has found.


"Won't take much to bust in ther door, but sumfin' on ther other side smells enuff ter knock a buzzard offa gut-wagon."


With Vieta's cutlass sitll in tow, Anny approaches its owner, who is just now getting to his feet. "Yer lucky it din't land on me 'ead, else it mighta broke in 'alf.", she says to him with a laugh as she returns him his weapon.

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"Well, that's good it didn't, then, mate... This be a pretty expensive sword, this one." he lies with a grin, but, regardless, carefully inspects its edge, making sure it is not damaged. To him, Vieta's weapons have always been his best friends, although never his only friends. There are times he wonders if friends and weapons (or perhaps, tools) are of the same nature.


His mood, being of a chaotic nature, shifts, and he proceeds to stand.


"Well... let's find us a way out of here, then, now that I can see. Gotta make sure I get out of here and poke some holes in our friend Vanthus."


Vieta approaches the door and does the same thing Anny did earlier, inspecting the door for himself.

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The impact on Heleger's chainmail & then the floor, your cutlass is no worse then what it was before. You make your way down the passage (I'm assuming Yarrin goes with you as he has the light). When you get there, you see the same thing as Anny did, a wooden door that has swollen "up" due to the moist tropical air. With the right amount of force, you can probably bash it down.


You also smell something from the air that comes from the bottom of the door, a slightly musty rotten smell. You can't place what it might be thou.


Heleger approaches the door & says "Well whoses gonnah bash it down? I got my axe, probably better then that 'lass of yer's"

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Anny readies her light crossbow again and waits as Helegar (or whomever) goes to work on the door.


Pointing at the crack at the bottom of the door, Anny tells the others, "I din't see nawt but more tunnel when I looked under. Kinda wide fer a tunnel too...dunno how long though."

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The way the door sits in the passage, Anny has to stand off at a angle to fire her crossbow at anything (if anything is there of course). She'll be pointing towards the left corner. Heleger takes out his axe & with one mighty swing "THUNKS" into the door. The door gives way with the blow & comes crashing down, split in two right were Heleger hit it. As the door comes down the air, while still moist has more of that rotten smell to it now then before.


Anyone can make a Listen Check


There is nothing by the door. As Heleger steps inside to scan the area, 3 humanoid shapes, shamble towards him from the East(right side). They look like humans, probably pirates or smugglers due to their clothing (or what little is left of it). Their flesh is very pale & they are gaunt-looking figures. Their eyes glow bright in your darkvision, Zombies!! Thou they look a little different, their jaws are oversize, revealing sharp teeth. They see you & start to move towards you, moaning "Flllleeeshhhh!!


There are 2 sets of double doors on each end of the passage, but neither set is locked as the doors hang ajar on their hinges





& everyone roll for initiative!!

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Anny tries not to breathe through her nose in order not to subject herself to quite so much of the smell. She turns a keen ear toward the darkened far-end of the passage.




Listen Check: 22 (17 +5 Mod)

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Listen Check SUCCESS: As the doors fall to the ground & the dust settles, you hear in the distance, to the west(left) what sounds like a faint sounds of a rushing water, or maybe a surf.


As Heleger steps you & peek around the corner & see the same thing as he does.

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(sorry you must've added more since my post)


Initiative: 7 (4 +3 Mod)


Anny steals a glance around the corner as Helegar enters the corridor. The three zombies seem to have taken notice of the party's intrusion; a circumstance Anny usually prefers to avoid. Nevertheless, she takes aim on the one nearest to she and her friends.

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Listen Check- 5


Vieta enters the chamber, seeing only what the dim glow of the torch allows him to see. He stands and leans against the wall, waiting for the rest of the group.


"What in hells is that smell?" he asks, frowning but sniffing, trying to identify it.


Then, the zombies reveal themselves and Vieta freaks.


"SON OF A B*TCH!" he shouts, drawing his cutlass.

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Yarrin is deeply concentraing on the smeel trying to discern what the source could possibly be (Listen check- 7:2+5 ) As he turns the corner he looks up and sees the walking dead coming towards them.


"By Procan's waves return to the grave, creatures." (Initiative - 15:13+2)

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