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A Tide arrises......


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Initiative Roll will be included with everyone else.

--also note I'm not worried about rolls, so if you want to just roll & post your results that is fine by me, going by the honor system in this game)


Seeing that there is no threat. You make your way out of the pool, very cautiously. The faint glow of the magic bolt in your crossbow illuminating the area. As you get to the double doors to the south, still closed, as you've had no time to check inside, you lean up against the soggy wood, as you put your ear to the door, a loud "BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM" goes off, again to the west of your posistion. Startled & aiming your crossbow in that direction, you hear


"Saved yer @$$, again, dwarf!!" from a young male. You make your way up to the double set of doors, one hangs ajar. As you are about to step through,you briefly see a zombie thing rush into the doors across the room. Ducking behind the door quickly, you try & peek between the doors & suddenly you hear the sounds of screaming


"Aghhh, get em off me, Hele................ACK!!!" & then a loud "AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH........" which suddenly stops. The doors across the room are in the same state as this one, one hangs ajar. You make your way over to the set & take a peek into the room.


You see a group of people, a dwarf wielding a axe, a man in plain clothes, whose hands are glowing with a blackish glow, a human wielding a scimitar & a half-orc surrounded by 3 zombie things, thou one faces the dwarf. A young man lies dead near the doors, his shoulder & most of his face is a bloody mess, around him are 3 of the zombie things.

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Heleger hears Vieta's cry for help, but it is cut off before the dwarf can do anything about it. Too bad fer ya, lad. And Ah'll never get ta kick yer teeth in fer pooling yer goon oon me, he thinks with a wry smile as he dodges away from a zombie's claws.


He turns his full attention to the zombie still attacking him, and his face twists into a snarl of rage. Ah rilly hate me soom zoombie! His axe follows soon after the thought, its glittering arc ending in a spurt of crimson as he once again drives the blade home into yielding undead flesh.




Attack: 21 (16+5); Damage: 12 (7+5).

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With Vieta surely dying now, and Helegar raging like a crazed barbarian, and a seemingly endless supply of zombies waiting to close in on the ill-fated group, Anny thinks for one fleeing moment that she might have been better off if she had just left that dagger in old Ninefingers' corpse where she 'found' it. Nevertheless, such was the reward of being Arwin Anybodys.


"Arrr... 'ere it goes!", Anny scowls as she quickly reloads the light crossbow and draws down on the nearest zombie.





Light Crossbow (with Point Blank Shot): 24 (19 +5 mods)

Damage (with Point Blank Shot): 8 (7 +1 mod)



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NEW Initiative Order


ZOMBIES by the western door#7-#9 18

Yarrin 15

Kavik 13

Tolan 11

Heleger 9

Anny 7

Zombies by the eastern door#4-#6) 5



Round #5


Zombies #7, #8 & #9

The zombies by the western doors seeing the bloodied corpse of Vieta turn their attention to it instead of focusing on the party, there is something about the sight of the fresh blood that "brightens their day" so to speak. If they could smile, it would nice & wide. (#8 & #9 turn to feed on Vieta's corpse). One thou (#7) breaks free of the trance & rushes, Yarrin (moving 2 squares to B4). It tries to bite down on the druid, but misses. (Tolan, you may make a AofO on it)




Seeing the zombie thing rush you, you swing your scimitar at it in retaliation. Your blade slashes the thing across the chest, but something about the blow makes you feel like you didn't do as much damage as you think you did (4 pts)



You see the party fighting the zombie things, waiting for your actions.



You fire upon the creature that downed your friend, Vieta. Your blast does 4 pts of damage to it. You notice it doesn't faze the creature & it rips the remain half of Vieta's torn face off.




The might of your axe slices into the zombie thing, even with the resistance these things seem to have versus your weapon, you manage to lop off the things head. The heads hits the southern wall then falls to the floor, it's enlarged jaw snapping oddly, due to a muscle reflex. It's headless body falls to the ground, twitching a bit & then oozing a nasty liquid, your not sure if it's blood or what. (Note I just doubled your damage for the crit, makes up for the delay in my DM postings, :poke: )



You hear a wet thud behind you, as the head of a zombie smacks it. You sense that using the crossbow in melee with these things is the most smartest thing you've done, or at least not lately, but you take aim at one of the zombies (#5) & pull the trigger "TWIP" goes the newly strung string. The bolt strikes the thing in it's neck, but the force of the bolt goes through the undead skin & flies out the back of it head for 16 pts (like Heleger, I'm gonna give you the crit & just double your damage)! The thing clutches the wound, but drops to the ground, uttering it's last breath.


As you release the bolt the remaining zombie tries to bite you (using it's AoO for this round) but you avoid the thing & it misses.


Zombie #6

The zombie frustrated that it didn't strike you, attacks with more ferocity this time & strikes!! It clamps down on to your arm with it's jaws doing 6 pts of damage (note it was only suppose be 6, hit 8 by mistake)!!


Awaiting for Kavik's actions, other then that Round #5 ends, Round #6 starts

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Arwin had alomst begun to believe that her luck was taking a turn for the better again. She had shot a bolt right through one zombie's throat, and had somehow dodged the gnashing teeth of another, but her brief moment of triumph ended quickly. The zombie bit at her a second time, but this time its attack found its purchase. Arwin could feel her own blood running down her arm.

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Spike--How I do hps 0 & below.


you have -10 +/- your CON bonus till you die.


For each round , you bleed for 1 hp, but you make a save each round, rolling a D10 +/- your bonus. If you match your current hit point, then you stop bleeding & are stablized.


Someone can use Heal skill & try to stablize you as well (with a successful heal check of course)


If you reach your limit, you die.


Also note, I typed 8 when it should have been 6 for damge, if that helps.

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Kavik winces at the vicious blow the halforc suffers at the maw of the zombie, but knows his shot will prove barely effective against a zombie, particularly if he has to worry about hitting a potential friendly target. Before the rest of the pack can spring at the party, he decides to ruin one of the creature's meal. Taking careful aim, Kavik launches a magical bolt at Zombie #9.


"Choke on that abomination!" snarls the ranger as he drops his crossbow to the ground and draws his trident and handaxe to face the zombies.


1d20 +5 +1 = 21 for potential 1d8 +1 = 9 damage


End round 5 action.

Edited by Qwyksilver
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Believing her arm to be at least temporarily incapacitated for any other purpose than bleeding and feeding zombies, Arwin tries to move as far away from danger as the circumstances will allow.




Randy, I have no idea where on the map anything is, so use your best judgment here.

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Round #5 cont.



(AoO attack) Seeing that you have the perfect shot lined up on the one(#7) that rushes past you & attacks Yarrin, you conjure a blast of eldritch fire & blast the thing for 6 pts of damage!!! The creature howls in pain as the arcane energies surge through it's undead flesh. (It turns in your direction as a result.)



You let loose the crossbow bolt at the zombie thing that is tearing into the human's body. With deadly accuracy the bolt sinks into the back of the things head for 9 points of damage. The thing howls in pain as the magical bolt sinks in, & in response the thing turns toward you, opening it's mouth wide (think of the Imhotep in the Mummy I & II movies :blink: ), rows upon rows of bloody teeth hiding behind a very large row of front teeth. You see faintly, the tip of your crossbow bolt protruding from the back of it's mouth, before the magical energies fade from the bolt.




the pain of the bite is too much for you to handle & you drop to the ground with a thud, the shock & sudden blood loss from the wound. You clutch the wound, trying to stop the blood from flowing but it's just to much to stop. Thankfully, you notice the creature now focuses on either the dwarf or druid, thou it does eyeball you. Not wanting to end up like the young fighter, Vieta, you start to crawl away from the battle. (Round #6 actions---Slightly disorientated, you start to crawl into the next room, hoping either someone can patch you or a miracle happens & you can stop the bleeding. Its a huge room with the 6 wooden pillars supporting a wooden ceiling that sags badly in most places. (P2) Where the 2nd group of zombies came from). With your darkvision, you see there is a large pool of water, from the smell, sea water. Thankfully there are no zombie things hiding in the dark in this room.You try to again stop the bleeding.)

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Heleger sees Anny take the massive wound, then crawl away into the other room. Ah'm noot goonna have anoother oone die oon me, he thinks, and he rushes after her, digging in his pouch as he does.


"'ere ya goo, lass," he says, handing her a potion vial. "Drink oop!"









(Cure Light Wounds potion, 1st level.)

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