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A Tide arrises......


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You lean down toward your friend, Vieta. The man's entire face has been gnawed off by the undead creatures. If not for the familiar clothes on him, you'd not even know who this was. Your pretty sure Yarrin's words are true, as there is no heartbeat, & no signs of breathing from the young man. Searching through Vieta's gear you find the following items


a small steel mirror

full waterskin

a powderhorn with powder (enough for 10 shots)

a bag of bullets

a rapier (while Vieta held it in high regard it doesn't look extraordinary, probably market price, if not slightly below)


You find Vieta coin pouch, it holds the following in it


150 GP

126 SP

20 CP



You find Vieta pistol lying beside him. As you pick the weapon up & examine it, you see when it fell out of Vieta's hand, it must have landed on something delicate, as there appears to be something broken off it. Being your not to familiar with firearms, (really only encountering one other one & that was on the captain of a ship you were on--which you recall he used to "punish" a deckhand that didn't follow orders) your not sure if it can be fixed or not. The age of the weapon might be a factor too. It might be worth some coin to a collector thou.


Not surprisingly, the only "treasure" you find on the zombies is their rotting studded leather (the leather is in so bad shape that if used it would only act as padded leather, if it even lasts that long. Other then that not much.




Everyone has some sorta injuries due to the bites of the hybrid-zombie things, but you notice that Anny has taken the worst of the battle, even with her downing the heal potion, she doesn't seem to be herself (1 hp).

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Anny looks at her new bequeathal, turning it over and around in her hands a time or two trying to guess at just how crucial to its operation the missing bit might be. After a few moments she concludes that, while she herself has hardly any knowledge of what makes such things work, there are plenty of people out there who know far less, and might be stupid enough to pay her good money for a broken pistol. She contemplates adding it to her pack.


"Narr..it's good fer nawt but wackin' nails an' weighin' down me pack. Ye can 'ave it.", she informs Tolan.

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[visual] Kavik appears to be a currently dirty and wounded human about 5'9 and 190 lbs (less due to lack of food for a few days) wearing a shiny black leather armor that seems almost oily. There are raised edges along his gloves and forearms, and along his shin and knee guards. His tanned skin is streaked with dirt and his brown hair is currently matted in long, greasy clumps. His equipment looks well used and maintained, and like most of him, is rather dirty at this time. Probably the most unusual feature is the fact that he is actually carry a trident.[/visual]


Kavik plants his foot on the sternum of the zombie he felled and pulls the trident free, wincing from the action. A small grunt of pain escaping his lips. Returning his hand axe to its sheath on his belt, he picks up his crossbow and checks mechanism and string before slinging it over his shoulder. Gear secured, he looks up and acknowledges Anny.


"What I'm doing here? Got caught down here couple nights back and one of those things nearly tore my arm off at the shoulder. I've spent the last few days lying low and playing hide and seek with those things while I healed up. Got sick of it down here and decided to get the hell out when one of em caught me by surprise. Had to duck and cover quick. Next thing I knew, they were gone, and I am guessing you all were the reason."


Kavik rotates his damaged shoulder and winces. "Dammit, this had just scabbed over and was about healed." Realizing his injury is not nearly as severe as the loss of a companion, Kavik quickly adds, "Sorry bout your friend there. Least it was quick."

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"Caught, aye?", Anny asks the scruffy human. "Seems ter be the way o' this place. That Vandeeborn don't treat 'is 'ouseguests too kindly sez I. Howd'ja come in?"


Arwin halts her barrage of questions, fearing she may have said too much in mentioning Vanderboren.


"Know yer way around, ye say?"

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"Anny hold still a moment," Yarrin says trying to get the half-orc to pause in her dialogue and to ease the movements to keep things from ripping back open. "Procan, may your waters cleanse and heal." (cure light wounds :8)


As Yarrin contiues to see to Anny's wounds he looks up at Kavik, "Hold on a second and I'll take a look at that shoulder. The name's Yarrin, a humble servant of Procan and currently in the Vanderboren employ. Thank you for your concern about Vieta but we all knew that there could be danger here, not that there isn't danger everywhere these days."

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"'Friend' is a bit stroong ta discribe oor rilashoonship wi' Vieta," Heleger says. "'Coompanioon' be moor like it. Still, 'e was a brave lad, in 'is oon way, an' it's a shame tha' 'e's goon."


"Noow, as fer gettin' oot a this place, Ah haven't a cloo. Mebbe we c'n goo oot tha way yoo came in," he says to the newcomer.


"'Scoose me, Ah'm foorgettin' mah manners. Name's Heleger. Heleger Unglefsson, at yer service."

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Yarrin to Anny


Chanting a short prayer to Procan, your hands glow a soft blue & you touch Anny's shoulder, healing for for 8 pts of damage.



The name Procan is very familiar to you,


Procan - The Storm Lord, Sailor of Sea and Sky


(Seas, Sea Life, Salt, Sea Weather, Navigation)


Procan (PROH-kan) is the father of Oeridian wind gods (Atroa, Sotillion, Telchur and Wenta) and the sky god Velnius. He usually ignores other gods save those who rival his control of the sea (Osprem and Xerbo). Typically worshipped for his aquatic aspect, a few inland peoples revere him as a weather god. He is greedy, tempestuous and mercurial, rarely keeping the same mood for more than an hour. His trident Undertow is made of coral and gold and finds sunken treasure; this weapon over a cresting wave is his holy symbol.


He was a rival to Aventus, but overall they weren't enemies.


As the party heals up & gets to know each other a little bit. Kavik you recall there are only a couple places in these caverns you haven't been in, the area behind the set of doors to the east (the doors that you were near when Vieta's gun went off) & there was a passageway that went extended to the west from where you arrived into the tunnels.

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At the mention of the name van der Boren, Kavik stiffens and steps away from the 3 surviving adventurers, knuckles whitening on the hand gripping his trident. Kavik stays near the doorway, limiting their ability to rush him from multiple sides, but far enough that he can run away if necessary. The hand axe appears in his other hand as he steps. The violent action causes fresh blood to seep from the gaping wound in his shoulder.


"You serve Procan, of that I have no doubt. Unfortunately not all who follow the Storm Lord's path are of sound mind. So I am forced to question your choice of employers. Which of the van der Boren line do you serve?"

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Anny quietly thanks Yarrin for the healing. "Yer even deeper in me debt, good sir."


Meanwhile, the newcomer's reaction to the mention of Vanderboren does not escape her attention.


"I ain't in nobody's employment 'cept these 'ere.", she responds with a sweeping gesture of her hand toward Helegar, Yarrin and Tolan. "Me name's Arwin Anybodys an' I never had no dealins with a Vandeeborn 'til terday when that sonovahoor Vanthus locekd us up in 'ere."


Recalling a detail that might shed more light on the subject, she adds "It was some elf git called Sheffton that asked us to come 'ere after Vanthus. If ye wanna ask 'im wot 'e knows, ye can find 'im down that tunnel yonder wif' a broke neck. "E prolly won't 'ave much ter say sez I."

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"I will overlook your words because you are obviously in pain and that has done far wose to people's attitudes than suggesting we might be a bit offkilter," Yarrin says looking at Kavik. "The one that is our 'employer' if you will is the Lady Lavinia Vanderboren. From what I've seen you may have a good reason to question the motives of some of that family."

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"Aye," Heleger says as he nods in agreement with Yarrin. "It were tha Lady Lavinia tha' hired oos, an' her rootten stinkin' cooward oof a broother tha' loocked oos doon here. Soo, if'n yer a friend o' his, then we might have a few prooblems b'tween oos."

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Kavik spits on the floor at the name of Vanthus and grins almost ferally. "You'll have to wait in line to get your hands on Vanthus."


"I'll promise you this. I will be more than happy to turn over whatever scraps of him are left when I am finished with that black hearted fiend. I almost pity his little sister, having to claim him as blood. I bear that child no ill will for her brother's crimes."


"Not to sound too callous, but it seems to me you are a man down, and we all share a common source of enmity. It seems that we're sailing on the same winds for the time being. If you're willing, perhaps we can travel together until we reach our next port.


"I didn't come to these caverns by the same means as you. So there is at least one other means of exiting this place. I am not sure if you would be able to follow me by that route, although perhaps the Storm Lord may grant you a boon to journey with me into the deep waters. If you happen to come across any more of these beasts, look for some water. They seem unwilling to pursue their prey into the depths."


Seeing that this group does not appear to be in the employ of Vanthus, Kavik seems to relax his stance. His injuries catching up to him as his resolve fades, Kavik sinks to the ground, sitting on his heels and leaning heavily against the door frame Kavik closes his eyes and lets out a weary sigh.

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