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A Tide arrises......

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The party finds a room in the tunnels, while not the most comfortable or spacious quarters, you are able to rest enough to refresh yourselves. While the doors were not sealed in this room, you were able to salvage enough to make a makshift barricade. Setting up watches, the party sleeps but before that..........


Kavik, you make your way back to sea tunnels on the west side for a run out to the sea to get some food for everyone. As you enter Room P2 (the big one with the pillars & the pool of water), you think you see something move in the water, but nothing attacks, so you quickly move into the tunnels & out to sea you noticed thou for the first time that water level in the tunnels was a tad bit lower, relizing the water in the tunnels probably react to the tide. Something to keep in mind if party members couldn't swim. Bah!, you think to yourself, everyone knows how to swim!!.


You dive into the tunnel, which gets tight in some places. If not for your underwater breathing, your sure you'd probably drown, stuck in some tunnel that closes off quickly.


As you reach the edge of Parrot Isle & out into the bay, you can "smell the freshness" of the bay water, unlike what you've smelled the last couple days. It feels good & refreshing. You do some fishing & gather some plants that grow in the sea floor & make your way back to the tunnels.


As you make your way through P2 again, you sure something is there, again over in the water. As you leave the room, you hear a soft splash in the pool.


The party rests after eating the meal.





Heleger, as you are on your watch, which like Anny can be in total darkness of the tunnels due to your darkvision, you think you spot something move in the corridor, but you only see it's a rat or some kind of rodent, it sees you & scampers off. You wonder how the thing got down here? Can rats swim? You ponder these thoughts as you watch the entrances, protecting your friends & new allies. You also think to yourself about Gildindorf, the dwarfsmith crafting your new armor. You wonder if he'll drop it off at the Vanderboren Manor if your not there to pick it up




Yarrin, you take the last watch, as you'd like to pray for you spells before adventuring, as Anny tells you "there be nuthin, goin on." After you've settle in & decided that it's safe to start your prayers low unholy moan comes upon the stagnant air in the room. The moan is faint thou, as the party continues to sleep, but it sends a cold chill down your spine.




The next day.


Party members that can cast spelsl--gain daily allotment

every party member gains 2 hps back (1/level)

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Arwin had no trouble dropping off to sleep after dinner. During her watch, she kept her mind occupied as she often had by imagining exactly what she would do if she ever found herself in possession of ten-thousand gold pieces. She imagined how she might like to have an underground lair like the one she has found herself in now, but with less unfriendly inhabitants and perhaps not so damp and drippy. Or maybe she would reinvest her money in her own little imports-and-exports operation, or maybe just retire from seafaring and seek out some poor unsuspecting man who wishes to marry into money. The last notion made Arwin come to the important conclusion that her mind had become too groggy for keeping an effective watch, and so she woke the next person, betook herself to a quiet dry corner and resumed her slumber.


When Arwin awakes again, she feels refreshed and quite ready to see daylight and breathe free air again.


"G'mornin'.", she yawns, looking at those around her. "Sleep well did ye?".


Arwin is not entirely sure if it was her internal clock or some strange noise in the room that woke her. She wonders to herself if indeed a whole night has passed or if she just slept that well herself.

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When Heleger wakes, he grumbles and groans a bit as he stretches. "Ah slept like Ah was lyin' in a coold, dank, damp toonnel," he answers Arwin gruffly. He takes a swig from his water bottle, swishes it around in his mouth a bit, and spits.


"Tha's better," he grumbles, and starts donning his chain shirt. "Ah saw a rat last night," he says while settling the shirt correctly on his body. "Woonder hoow he goot in 'ere?"

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Arwin shrugs at the dwarf's question. "Couldda been a stow-away from me pack. Gads-truth ther Spring Tide 'ad so many rats on 'er it's a wonder she 'ad room fer anyfing else. But if ye ask me, yer rat come in 'ere same time as them ghouls. Prolly been eatin' ghoul-flesh ter keep its belly full. Wouldn't want it ter bite ye..else ye might turn ghoul yerself."


Arwin is fairly sure that sort of thing would not actually be the case, but far be it from her not to mention it just the same.


Then she thinks to ask, since Helegar did not mention.


"Was the rat a big'un? I mean like way bigger'n yer ord'nary wharf rat?"

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Yarrin nods to his companions then shifts and stands. "I think there may be more than just rats down here," he says stretching a bit. "I heard something that didn't come from any rat. It may be that here is at least one of these unrestful corpses wandering down here but I couldn't be sure. It was far enough away to be faint and rather than wake you or go exploring like an idiot I figured that I'd see if it got closer or if perhaps it was just my imagination."

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Kavik stretches, his back and neck cracking audibly as rises. Shaking the stiffness from his limbs he pulls on his boots and gloves, folds his blanket and stows it in his backpack, tying it down tightly to prevent water from getting in. His movements quick and precise from years of practice.


"Well, Arwin, it could very likely be a rat down here. They are excellent swimmers. As I mentioned, there are tunnels that pass through to the tide pools outside. And we don't know if there isn't some smaller tunnels they could have squeezed through."


Kavik pads over to the remains of dinner and helps himself to some of the leftovers. "There's enough here for all of us. I can't imagine it will last beyond today, so you might as well all have your fill while it's still good."


Kavik pauses when he hears Yarrin's comments about the other noises. "Interesting. When I swam out to gather our food I thought I heard and saw something, but nothing bothered me, and I didn't really see anything out of sorts. Perhaps this thing is what is keeping the zombies out of the water. But I think you chose wisely in not exploring further. Let's not chum the waters when the shark may be about."


"I didn't notice a single thing during my watch. So do we check out the moaning Yarrin heard, or do we explore one of these tunnels we haven't gone down yet."

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Heleger hunkers down beside Kavik and begins to eat some breakfast. "Well," he says around a mouthful of food, "Ah think we shood try an' get ootta here a soon as poosible. Keep oor eyes, an' ears, peeled fer whatever did tha moonin', too, acoorse."

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"For getting out of here, when I went through the tunnels, I did notice the water levels were a bit lower, giving you some spaces to breath, when the tides are low. You all would need to be excellent swimmers though, because the spaces are rather far apart."


"I don't recommend it unless our lives are depending on it. It's too easy to get turned around in there, and I'm pretty sure something is in those waters."


While the group is breaking their fast and camp, Kavik decides to appease some of Yarrin's curiosity about why he hates Vanthus so much.


"Tell me Storm Father, before you started your service to the Lady van der Boren, you ever hear of a merchant whaler by the name of The Brazen Sirene?”

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Yarrin squints for a moment while gathering his things together trying to recall if he had heard the ship's name before, "Yes, I think I've heard her mentioned, Kavik. But then again there are quiet few merchant ships in and out of the harbors. I take it you have a bit more of an intimate experience with this one?"


As he listens to Kavik, Yarrin goes about checking how everyones wounds are healing and making sure they are cleaned and dressed properly paying particular attention to any of the bite wounds.

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"If Heleger hasn't eaten it all there might be," Yarrin says with a laugh. "Well it looks like we're fit enough to make it back out of here. I know that the way we came in isn't an option and not everyone here can swim like Kavik so it makes me wonder what's behind these doors. I wouldn't mind an easier way out of here if Procan allows."

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Finishing his story to Yarrin...

[After a brief delay due to seeking suitable habitation in another realm]


"Well, more likely than not, you may've heard of the Sirene because she mysteriously went down, with all hands lost, while anchored in the harbor about 3 months ago. It had been a stormy night, and rather than risk trying to make dock and damage the Sirene or another ship, The Captain opted to drop anchor before we made port. Apparently the storm wasn't too bad for some, because during the witching hour, she was boarded. Most of the crew were slain, and those that could not be killed outright, were slowly herded into the hold where they were locked in. The Sirene, she was stripped of all her cargo, and scuttled, with her surviving crew left to drown."


Kavik pauses, while choking back tears an rage.


"I had to watch my brothers and sisters trapped in there with me gasp their last breaths as the ocean claimed them. Adventernus watched over his child, but sadly, the rest of my family were not of his line. While The Captain and crew were not related by blood, we were a family, dysfunctional at times, but we always had each other's backs.


"I was able to make free of the wreckage after a week trapped down there, the bloated bodies of my family floating beside me, food for the crabs. I swam to the Shadow Shore, and found myself a cheap room, and began my hunt for those that sank the Sirene. In the Azure District, I heard talk that maybe we had affronted Procan and he sent the storm as a warning to others who might seek to spite him. But I know the truth of it. It was not the wrath of a god, but mortal pirates.


"It took a couple months, but I was able to follow the trail here to Parrot Island. And I learned that the van der Boren spawn was behind the sinking of the Sirene, and several other ships which have disappeared during the night. Unfortunately, he has too much money and too many connections. None would hear me. Most accused me of drink and lunacy. I was even forced to spend a week in a cell 'for my protection'.


"When I find him, he will suffer the same fate my family has. A slow, agonizing death, with the pressure of the sea hammering in your chest, and the cold waters filling his lungs, and then he will feel the pain as the crabs and other scavengers pick his bones clean."


Kavik sighs and straightens. "Thank you Padre for allowing me to share this with you. I have held that in for too long, and the weight has been an anchor about my neck. While I still bear its burden, least I know if I die, someone else now knows the truth of The Brazen Sirene."


Kavik readies his spartan supplies and moves towards the double doors.


"Let's move on. The sooner we can find him, the sooner I can give the spirits of my family peace."

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"You have my thanks for sharing that bit of your life with me my friend. Procan will see it through have no doubt. He takes care of those who honor him and keep his realm as it should be. He also will be avenged against any who defile his waters in a manner like that. Perhaps that is why you are here with us now. Who knows the full will of the Ocean?"

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