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A Tide arrises......

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(actually if you wanted to take a dip, the water is still warm, Sasserine sits in a tropical area + is below or near the equator o Oearth, the time is around 600 pm but it's still pretty light out due to the season (mid-summer), Just thought you'd like to know)


As you make your way through Harbor Market, you begain to mingle with the rest of the citizens of Merchant District, some hurrying home with groceries for dinner, others with wares such as tack for a horse, or even a shiney new greatsword, among things you notice. Almost anything can be bought here, as this is where Merchant District does it's trade. Moving out of the Market area you make you way West along the shoreline, across a bridge & then turn South across anther bridge, down Pale Street, then moving West again, down a street with many guildhalls, such as the Barber Guildhall, the Potters Guidhall & also resdential buildings. You think to yourself how so much different Merchant District is to Shadowshore, you go relativly unnoticed down the street, barely a glance from a passerby, you reach the end of the street, & you come upon anther guildhall, this time it's the Scavenger's Guidhall, the slogan underneath catches your eye "you lose it, we find it!!!". As you cross anther bridge, this time there is gondola floating by, it appears to be an elven couple entwined with each other, out enjoying the evening. As you get to the top of the bridge (think Venice for the way the bridges are built), you catch a glimpse of tall white stone wall to the South, Vanderboren Manor. All you need to do is cross a small section of land & anther bridge & you'll be there, you catch a glimpse of the time (clocks seem to be more abundant here then Shadowshore, for obvious reasons) & it's 6.50.




You have no problems fitting in with the crowds that line the streets, Merchant District is afterall the melting pot of Sasserine, other then your rustic gear & the wild elf blood in you, you don't garner any add attention. As you make you way, you notice more non-humans then you did before the run-in, mostly elves & dwarves but occasionally you see a lizard-man & of all things a goblin, thou by the looks of it, he was running from humans, probably a cutpurse.


Your journey away from the merchant's store take you South across a bridge & around the Basketweaver's Guildhall as you head West across anther bridge, pass The Painted Vixen (a brothel), down Traveler's Street. You turn down Wagon Street & pass the Wheelwright's Guildhall when you notice your being followed, you decide that a building near a bridge would be a good place to observer your pursuer, you quickly move behind the building & wait for whoever or whatever it is that has taken an interest in you.


You wait a bit longer then you thought but coming to stop before the bridge is a familiar sight, the little girl that tried to help at the shop, has taken an interest in you. She puts her hands on her hips & scans the area, but she doesn't move.




The wound has clotted itself shut but the sheer pain of just touching it about knocks you down. You overlook the wound & see if anything might be affecting the wound like poison or similar substance, but the wounds appears to be a combat wound, you figure the halforc was more brawn then brains & probably wouldn't know what poison was or how to use it, thou he half-brother, Carston on the hand did. You find a alleyway close to the water, you notice the waters are pretty clear here, even for as much traffic the waterways see in Sasserine, you dip your bandana in the water & press it over the wound, ahh the water feels good, even just to cool the pain. You clean the wound out & wrap the fabric over it, to prevent anything else from getting in there + the cool fabric just feels good.


As you change your clothes & walk away, it's like you were even there. No one yells "There he is!!" or seems to care they just go about their buisness for the night, some just sitting outside their homes enjoying a puff from a pipe or other enjoying alcohol at a tavern, life goes on you guess.

You make your way North enough to be away from the shop & cross the last bridge on this particular island to anther all the while walking down Festive Street, you make you way all the way down the street to anther bridge & then you see the white walls that surround Vanderboren Manor in the distance.


You cross the bridge onto a small section of land & then cross anther bridge & walk up the main gates of the wall & you notice that one is open, also you notice someone walking across the bridge, he is wearing a salt crytal on a leather strap around his neck, he is singing a tune about Procan (one you actually know from your sailing days). He is has a scimitar at his side..

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Gil looks at the door. Thinking to himself,"Should I, no, I shouldn't. These are potential employers, then again maybe they'd not be too upset as I'm practicing what they're hiring for...I don't know....maybe just a quick looksy"


He checks the door to see if its trapped or locked. (Search check-17)

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Seeing the time and realising that he would not be dry by the time he reached the manor, Tolan opts not to take a quick dip. 'Perhaps later,' he thinks to himself. Figuring out the best way to get to the manor from where he is, Tolan sets off at a brisk pace, not wanting to keep his hosts any longer than he has to, although being a few minutes late would not bother him too much.

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Vieta, upon witnessing the singing man (and making sure he's not a guard), suddenly becomes more interested in the song rather than the man. Walking closer, he finds himself singing the tune softly to himself, humming exageratingly at the parts he forgot while mouthing the rest, a performance ultimately short of a broadway musical act in the middle of hte streets


Nearing the gates, Vieta stands leaning against the outer wall for a second, still humming, as if resting from a stroll. If the man should walk close, he will nod a greeting before going back to his silent observation of the surroundings. In the meantime, he glances up at the sky for the time and also at the waterways and canals and bridges. wishing he had a pipe to smoke and make his observations less obvious.


Nonetheless, he tries to look casual and cool, waiting outside the manor for a bit.


[spot Roll: 19]

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as you look around at the door for traps, you see there are none to be found, the door handle (it turns like a normal everyday knob) appears to be used as well, also the hinges are pretty well oiled as well. As you try the knob it turns fairly easy , as you pop open the door it creaks ever so slightly even with the oiled hinges, as soon as you get the door open, the sound of barking dogs is the first thing you hear & then the smell of many dogs. The room is dark thou with the exception of a lantern hanging on the wall.


(make a listen check)




As you watch the man approach you, he stops for second, looks around & then proceeds toward you & the open gate........ (Yarrin???)


Also something you noticed, as you were looking at the gate, the grounds of the manor don't seem to be kept up like they normally would, the grass is pretty long, the hedges are unkept, more or less doesn't seem like there are any groundspeople about for awile.


Anther thing you notice is anther person, a human, coming over the bridge, this person's dress is bit unkepted, but not to the point of a beggar or vagabond. He seems to be a fast pace due to he's a bit winded & his face is flustered.




You come over the bridge that connects to the area where the manor is & you see 2 people, both are human standing near the entrance to the manor. One appears to be waiting near the gate, he is dress more or less like a buccaneer or sailor & the other is comin up to him, his dress is more rustic looking.

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"Evenin' mate." Vieta says to the singing man (Yarrin?), nodding a greeting as he nears him.


"Ya got some pipe weed on ya, mate?"


Meanwhile, he keeps his eyes open for any other newcomers or guards, remaining leaning against the wall as casually as he could. Occasionally, he opens and closes the hand of his wounded arm, trying to dull the painful throb away.

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"Pipe weed? No." Yarrin says walking closer to the man. "But Procan has given me something far more benificial than that. It looks as though you are in pain and that I can take care of." (casting cure light wounds: Casting roll 18. Healed 9 points)

Yarrin gently touches the man's arm murmuring a prayer to Procan. "You should be a bit more careful with your flesh," He says smiling."My name is Yarrin."

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"What is she thinking??"


"What in the world does she want with me????"


Zaak sits tight hoping she will leave and be on her way again.


[Hide - 8 + mod(8) = 16]


As he is watching the little girl he also makes a mental note of the position of the sun in the sky because he realizes that his presence is needed for a meeting later on this evening. He does not wish to be late for the host has some questions that he would like to have answered.

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[my damage was 7, so I'm assuming heal 9 hp and I'm up to full strenght again ::): ]


Vieta cringes and flinches a bit as the man casts his spell and touches his arm, but, seeing that the pain at his arm healed, he touches the bandaged wound and is amazed to find it felt much better.


"Well, what do you know..." he mutters before looking back up at the man and nodding.


"Thank ye. I appreciate it, friend!" Vieta says, dusting his hand on his pants before taking Yarrin's in a handshake.


"Name's Vieta. Nice to meetcha..."


With a glance around, Vieta settles back into his lean and takes a deep breath, as if enjoying the fresh air (if it is even fresh).


"So what brings you around 'ere, mate?"

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At this Vieta winces as if thinking of the scab brought pain, even if it had healed.


"Ahhh, just a lil' scratch, mate. A lil' barfight down in at the Azure docks, ya know? Real rough crowd..." he says with a light smile.


[bluff roll.... 1 (+2)= 3] :(


"Yeah so... Vanderboren huh? Nice place. You got an invitation too, huh? Know if there's gonna be drinks at this lil' gathering, mate?" Vieta muses with Yarrin, still looking around for more newcomers.


Opening his carry bag, he produces a half-eaten morself of sea-soaked bread he had received from his last crewing job. Taking a bite out of it, he chews it as if for recreation while observing the entrance for anything interesting.


"Wanna a bite?" he asks, breaking a piece of the unsavory pastry and offering it to the man.


[OOC- Is Yarrin an elf?]

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[OOC - Yarrin is human]


"Thanks," Yarrin says taking the offered bread. "Has the taste of Procan's bounty and nothing could be finer. The crowds are always rough near the docks whether you're looking for trouble or not," he says with a smile seeing through Veita's story. "So it appears that we are here for the same reason then. I'm wondering just how many have recieved an invitation and just what that will mean for our futures. But the Vanderboren's have a reputation here in the district so no matter what I know the meal will be excellent."

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