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A Tide arrises......


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After eating the rest of the leftovers from last nights meal, the party makes it way out of the room they stayed in for the night? day? Your not exactly sure what time of day it is, at least some of you know.(Kavik being the one to see daylight & breath fresh air recently).


(Does anyone light a torch or other light source?).


(This description is for a person bearing a light source, if not then only the ones with darkvision see this.)


The ones with darkvision lead the way, heading eastward & through a small passage & entering a large room. It has 2 wooden pillars in the middle . They are in the same shape as the room with the water in the corner. The roof is the same shape as that one as well, sagging in some places but holding for now. You make your way through the broken double doors on the eastern wall & are now in the long passageway, staring at the double doors. They are swollen shut like the others.

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His gear properly stowed and secured, Kavik performs a final check on his weapons, ensuring they are easily available and the peace knots removed before preparing his crossbow.


Kavik pulls an everburning torch out of his bolt case and snaps it into a pair of leather loops along the underside of his Crossbow and removes the cover, illuminating the area immediately around him. Gripping the stock firmly in his hand, he cranks back the lever with an audible grunt retracting the incredibly stiff wire, thicker than you've seen on most crossbows, and setting the triggering device with a 'CLACK'. Kavik slides a bolt into the channel of the crossbow and looks down the sites, ensuring nothing was damaged in the previous battle.


Satisfied that he is ready to proceed, Kavik moves to the double doors and presses an ear against the swollen wood, waving a hand for silence as he listens carefully. [Listen check: 16+7 = 23]

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While Kavik listens at the swollen door, Arwin examines the door's frame to see whether it opens into the room she is in or outward. She also takes time to have a look upward at the sagging roof


(Is the roof of vaulted stonework or maybe some other material?)


Quietly, so as not to disturb Kavik's listening, she readies her bow and waits.

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Kavik's listen check


As you press your ear to the swollen wood, you smell the old wood, it has that musty wet smell to it. You hear nothing but the breaths of your new companions & your own heartbeat.




The ceilings are flat & are made of the same material as the walls & floor (the stone that is on the island, only the huge rooms appear to be made of different materials, no sag in any of the corridors). (Think of the corridor a giant rectangle with the floor/walls & ceiling). It is also wet & slightly slimy from the humdity, which of course makes it feel like the room & everyone is standing next to each other (think of everyone outside "enjoying" the day at ReaperCon after a rainstorm & the weather heating up!!).


There are rings on the doors, so the doors would swing outward. The door appears to be the in the same shape as the door that the group initially encountered in the first room-corridor. The wood is swollen, probably could be bashed in wth the same results as before if it comes down to that.

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"WAIT!" hisses Kavik and he tries to halt Heleger's swing.


[if Heleger is able to halt his swing]

"Just because we don't hear anything doesn't mean the room isn't inhabited. These doors are swollen from the humidity and the hinges are on this side. I doubt the door is barred on the other side, because all it would take is to remove the hinge pins to bypass the door from this side. Let's see if we can just open the door first, working together, before we turn it into splinters. The noise alone could bring more of those zombies down on us, and then we wouldn't have a door to barricade if we have to retreat."


"I have rope. We can loop it through the ring of one of these doors and try to pull it open, from a distance. Two of us can cover the doorway while the other 3 try and pull it open."


[if not]

Kavik steps back 4 paces and aims his crossbow at the door, just over Heleger's shoulder in the event something lunges through the created opening. Readied Action to fire at the first visible threat]

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Kavik your warning is too late as Heleger steps in & swings his axe at the double doors. The wood while swollen from the moisture in the air is old & the axe smashes through it, as the hinges give away. One door falls, the other a bit after it. The door land on the floor with a loud clatter, the iron rings on the other side clanking in the still underground air, dust chokes the air.




As the dust clears & the the party gets a clearer view, Kavik sweeps the area with his crossbow-light. You see 3 wooden pillars support a sagging roof, thou this room doesn't appear to be in as bad of condition as the rest. The walls & floors are like the rest of the tunnels, slightly wet. There are 4 alcoves, nothing is in any of them.


As Kavik sweep the light it's radius comes to a robed figure with it's hood looking downward. It is standing in the rear western corner (not in the alcove). Anny & Heleger see it right away with their darkvision (some 25 feet from the double doors). The robe is dark, a umber or even faded black color. It is also tattered in spots & you can see a chainmail shirt underneath, thou it appears to be mostly rusted. As the light flashes over it, it raises it's head, you see inside the cowl a skull. It's empty eye sockets stare out at you. Hanging from it's neck on a simple chain is a 2 toned gold grinning face or possibly a costume mask symbol.


(this is the symbol just in different colors)




It has nothing in it's skeletal hands, which are at it's side.



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Arwin sees the threat through the darkness before the dust finishes settling. Its empty hands and cowled head warn her that this is no ordinary walking-dead.


Having readied her crossbow beforehand, she has a moment more, or so it seems, to take careful aim. She releases a breath as her finger begins to squeeze the crossbow's release.


Initiative: 20 (17+3)

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[Readied Action]

A silvery bolt flies through the air at the robed figure the second that Kavik's torch illuminates its yellowed skull.


[17+6 = 23 to hit, 6+1 = 7 for damage; +1 bolt]



[First round of combat]

Kavik reloads his crossbow, the light from the torch shifting wildly for a second as he cranks the lever to reset the trigger mechanism. Swinging the crossbow back into line with the target as he sets the bolt, Kavik launches another shot at the robed figure.


[13+6 = 19 to hit, 7+1 = 8 for damage, +1 bolt]

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Initiative Order


Kavik 23

Anny 20

Heleger 15

creature 14

Tolan 13

Yarrin 12


Readied action (Kavik) --


As the light flashes across the figure, you send the bolt at it. It strikes the creature into it's chest. The bolt slams home causing 7 pts of damage! The creature lets out of deathly scream, you see it's eyesockets now glow or burn more accurately a sick greenish glow. Your not sure if the bolt did any damage to it, but you sure got it's attention.

First round of combat




Seeing that bolt found it's mark, you strike again, pulling back the cable on your crossbow & letting anther one fly at it. This time the bolt sinks into it's shoulder for 8 points of damage. Again your not sure you damage it more or just pissed it off even more. It fixes it's gaze on you.



(waiting actions)




You see the creature almost immediately after the door falls but your delay somwhat getting around the pillar & to it, but your there & you take a swing at it! (Go ahead & roll for attack). As you get near it, it exposes it's boney hands & forearms as it's prepares to strike you.



Heleger, you notice that it's boney fingers are more like claws, & there is something on them, a slime or ooze which flows over it's entire hand & forearms. The creature screams out in a almost human voice "Aye, "a'ast ye, come int' me lair, you shall join my deadman's crew!, shiver me timbers!" & it tries to strike you with it's claws. You avoid one of the slashing hands, but as you avoid that, one comes down on the side of your face, causing only 2 points of damage, but make a save vs CHR




(awaiting action)




As the dust clears & Kavik's light picks up the creature, the golden symbol around his neck comes into focus. You've seen this before, while not a member of clerical churches, you do know this is the symbol of Olidammara.


Olidammara is one of the more eccentric gods of Oerth. The Laughing Rogue is often involved in good-natured schemes involving the other gods (less good-natured for the more evil deities), with repercussions that can make life difficult for his faithful. He has few proper priests, but is held in high regard in almost all non-evil regions of the Flanaess.


Game terms--- Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Portfolio: Music, Revels, Wine, Rogues, Humor, Tricks

Clerical Domains: Chaos, Luck, Trickery

Round 1 will end upon actions of those mentioned

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