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A Tide arrises......


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Anny manages to get a shot at the creature before Helegar rushes in. Because of the creature's robes and undead nature, she is not completely sure of the bolt's effectiveness, but it at least seems to have struck where the creature appears to be standing. She watches to see how it reacts..or if it reacts.


Light Crossbow with Point Blank Bonus: 20 ( 15+5 )

Damage with Point Blank bonus: 9 ( 8+1 )

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Anny's actions



You line up the creature with your crossbow, & with a clear shot of the creature, you squeeze the trigger. Suddenly the bolt flies toward it & hit the mark! To much your disappointment you see the bolt has no effect on the thing, as it continues moving forward, with the bolt sticking into it right shoulder. (no damage. You aim was true but somehow no damage was caused by it)


Tolan's actions


With your devil's sight you see the creature quicker then both Heleger & Anny, but being in the back causes a delay in your action. As the party spreads into the room, you start to get a clearer shot of the creature, seizing an oppurtunity as it locks in melee with your dwarven friend you fire, hoping to catch it off-gaurd. As you aim your blast, you fail to see the debris left from the smashed door & it causes your blast to miss & the energies impact & dissapate on the wall behind it.

Yarrin's actions


As you size up the creature, you move behind Heleger to engage the creature in melee combat. As the creature "locks horns" with Heleger, you take the oppurtunity to strike the creature, but you swing is way wide & you miss it completely.

Heleger's Save result (which btw isn't CHA is CON)


As the ooze covered claws strike your flesh, you feel a strong burning feeling as it digs into your flesh, which continues to burn as the creature pulls it's boney hand away.



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Kavik tries to keep the light focused on the skeleton, as much as possible, as he cranks the lever to reset his crossbow. Sliding another bolt into the channel, Kavik draws a bead on the skeleton and fires into the wild melee scrum, carefully trying to avoid his companions.


[To hit: 15 = 13 +6 -4; Damage: 7 = 6 +1]

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Arwin decides that her mundane arrows are likely not going to be able to affect this unnatural foe, so she takes a chance on the as-yet-unknown properties of her new dagger. 'Has'ter be magic, else nobody'd been willin' ter die ter steal it back from me.'


If there is an opening in the melee, Anny steps up and takes a stab with her (magical?) dagger at the robed skeletal creature.


Attack 16 (13 +3)

Damage 3 (1 +2)

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You fire your crossbow at the thing, but the bolt goes wide & clatters against the wall behind it.




You drop your crossbow & make your way into melee with the creature. You try to position yourself to stab at it's vitals, but then you realize, it probably doesn't have the vitals necessary to carry out a attack like that. You instead just focus on giving yourself &/or someone else a tactical advantage. You stab at the creature, but your attack is wide. You do give Yarrin the flanking advantage now.



The side of your face burns with whatever the creature struck you with, but you take a swing with your axe & strike the creature in the shoulder. Doing 13 pts of damage! Your pretty sure it didn't do that much due to some resistance the creature possesses. Also Yarrin gives you the flanking advantage.


The creature


Seeing that you've damage it, Heleger, it says a unknown couple of words & then points a boney finder at you. It does a frightening laugh afterwards. Make a save vs WILL.



With the group around the creature now, you now have to carefully aim your shot. Your blast goes wide right of it.




With Anny now giving you a slight advantage on the creature, you slash at it, hoping that you can damage the undead creature. Your scimitar strikes!!! You damage it for 8 points but you see the blade only slashes the tattered robe it is wearing. Again, not getting through whatever resistance the creature possesses. (Depending on what Heleger does with his save--the creature will turn to you if he fails, if not then it faces Heleger.)




(I had to save this into notepad this afternoon due to the server maintenance today, ha ha.)

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Though it seems that her attack is not doing much on its own merit, Arwin figures at least she is giving the creature one more thing to worry about while others with more powerful weapons make their attacks. Being that it's her style, she tries to gain a position behind the creature's back if possible.


Attack 13 (10 +3)

Damage 3 (1 +2)




Sorry about the delay of post. My computer was sick for a day or two.

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Tolan grunts in frustration about the lack of room, but then shrugs and thinks, "At least if I can't get to it, it can't get to me!" He then instantly regrets thinking that, knowing that the odds are always stacked against him thanks to the curse of his birthright.


Shrugging, he launches another blast at the creature, hoping to find an opening to exploit.

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